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  • New Salam Wreck Interview

    Thats a Interview me and my sister did. Thanks Salam

    Thanks for taking the time to answer some Questions.

    Question: First off, introduce yourself.

    DJ Salam Wreck: My Name is Salam Wreck.....I DJ For Hip Hop...and All the homies down with D12, Obie Trice

    Question: Salam, you are one of the hottest DJ, have you ever won any Awards?

    DJ Salam Wreck: My awards don't come in the shape of trophies...my awards are the money that goes in my bank Account and the Plaques on my walls...but most of all the fans who bang my shit on a daily basis....that is the award of all awards.

    Question: You were on the Road with the Anger Management Tour 3 last summer, what projects have you done after finishing the Tour?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Well, i really been spending time in the studio working on Beats....I just did a song for B-Real from Cypress Hill, he has a solo album coming out, i did a joint for the FatKillaz new album, i got like 6 songs on Swifty Mc Vay Solo LP, I even produced a couple R&B songs for this kid named SHOW....he's a new artists who is signed to Mateen Cleaves (NBA basketball player) new record label. so i've been keeping busy on the MPC.....

    Question: What can we expect from you in the future?

    DJ Salam Wreck: I got my mixtape coming out in May it's Called Trouble Soon....it's crazy from start to end... it's basically a highlighting all the artists that you should look out for...hence the title Trouble Soon! I'm also half way in between finishing mixtapes with Kuniva of D12 and Marv Won of the FatKillaz....those 2 tapes will be fire as well...so be on the Look Out!!!!

    Question: What do you think would you do now, if you wouldnt have become a DJ?

    DJ Salam Wreck: i would be in LAW School finishing up getting my law degree.....that was the path i was on before i got on that tour bus and started DJing for Shady!

    Question: Do you and your brother Fred work together?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Yeah, my brother is a crazy musician ....Self taught on his own..i had him play guitars on "Mom and Dad" (M.A.D) the second single on Proof-S4JG lp, Great song!

    Question: What feeling is it for you to be on Stage?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Like Having Sex with 35,000 people at the same-time....when I'm on that stage and Marshall, Proof, Obie, 50 and all the guys are up there taking turns rocking the hell out of all those people...there's not a feeling in the World that can compare to it.

    Question: What was the craziest thing that ever happened when you were on Stage?

    DJ Salam Wreck: There are sooo many crazy stories....i'll give you one that comes to mind. We were doing Madison Square Garden in NYC it was the show that they did the Showtime taping for. Well on the last song, which was "Lose Your Self"....we all come out on stage and do the Encore with Em...and at the same time throw out Towels and promo shit to the crowd. Well at this show i was to Em's right when all of a sudden some kid jumped up on stage past ALL the security there....Which to me was fucking impossible. If you ever been to the Garden for a show you know that their security guards don't play...I seen Foxy Brown get kicked out the Backstage there and that's Foxy Brown...everybody knows her....anyways...so this kid run up all the way next to Marshall and was rocking with him for about .5 sec... everybody on stage was like who the fuck is that! Man, i ran over there and snatched that dude up off the stage and took him to the first guard i could find....it was Lil Jon's security...he was behind the house on stage looking out for Jon...he's not supposed to leave his post but the kid had to go. I remember throwing the kid to Jon's security and the kid was saying to him...Please don't hurt me the minute security put their hand on him. It was all cut out of the Showtime recording, but definitely a crazy stage story.

    Question: You are the DJ of Obie Trice. How did you hear about him being shot and what kind of feeling was that for you?

    DJ Salam Wreck: It Was crazy...i was in LA at Fredwreck's house sleeping...and my phone started blowing up early as hell.....People, news reporters, everybody was calling me like "Is Obie OK...i heard he got shot in the Head".....Reporters leaving me messages about it ....so i played it off like yeah right obie shot...that must be a rumor. NOT! I got up and started watching the CNN like i do every morning i wake up...and all of a sudden it says Detroit Rapper Obie Trice Shot in the head...i was Scared cuz that's my Dawg. I called the homies and they told me he was ok in the hospital...but i didn't feel good until i talked to Obie himself. about 2 days later i got in touch with Obie on the Phone. I finally saw him like a 3 weeks later at his house we went out and played pool..he was walking around with a bullet in his Head...still to this day. It's a fucking Miricle he gave me a big long hug n shit and even made me feel the back of his head where the bullet went in...it was kinda gross. Thank Allah that he's still here....Allah wasn't ready for O.Trice yet.

    Question: At what age did you start as a DJ?

    DJ Salam Wreck: i was sneaking in the garage playing with mybrothers shit at about 10 -11 years old...but i didn't start DJing seriously till about 1993-1994

    Question: You went to College, right? Do you think its a gift or a curse to have a good education when you want to go into the Hip Hop Business?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Defintly a gift...these people in the music industry are mostly sharks...if your not up on your Education..they will fuck you every which way they can.

    Question: Who do you like working with the most?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Myself....just kidding....Mr. Porter...really good teacher, My Brother Fred, real amazing to watch...he makes it look so easy. but Segal...he's an engineer who help make the Chronic 2001 with Dre, Marshall Mathers LP, and i did the whole Proof Solo with him....he is the truth in the studio. The Fucking Best Engineer in the Game HANDS DOWN!

    Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 Years from now?

    DJ Salam Wreck: I wanna have a A&R job at one of these major's.....just sitting back and putting projects together....i'm good at that, helping artists get there vision down so that the masses can relate to them.

    Question: Any last words to your Fans?

    DJ Salam Wreck: Buy my shit! Visit My Site www.Salamwreck.com or D12world.com for info. If i'm DJing in your town come to the show cuz it's going to be off the hook. i'm on Myspace so look me up. and just keep supporting me cuz the fans is where i get my fuel to bang out hot shit. And any fans who Play Socom 2 or Socom 3 check me out SalamWreck, NWH is the clan...I don't mind whoopin yo ass on a everyday basis.
    Bless it
    Respect isnt something that is given, you have to earn it.

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    It's a good interview
    Rest In Peace Big Proof


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      thanx! Amazing how he remains inspired with constantly making beats...wikid!


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