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    What’s everyone’s thoughts and opinion on this case. Basically, Terry Schiavo is a helpless women who is being kept alive through a feeding tube. Her wacko husband, who has a family separate from Terry, wants to kill her by removing her feeding tube and so she starves to death.

    You would get thrown in jail if you starved an animal to death, yet the courts just said that its ok for Terry to die that way. Terry's mom and dad and her family want to keep her alive. Terry is no in a coma and she can react to her mother. She has been getting better in the last year, yet her "husband" wants to kill her.

    I cant understand why the courts would rule this. Governor Bush was fighting hard to stop this ruling but the activist judges ruled that its ok for Terry Schiavo to die. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

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    The point is that you need to have your wishes known and legally documented before you get in a similar position or worse.
    My question is that if her husband is sooooo damn worried about fulfilling her wishes, why the hell did he wait 7 years to do it? Seems a bit hinky to me.
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      The dude has a family outside of Terry. Im glad the congress is stepping in to stop this assisted suicide, but they should keep her alive. Any other thoughts on this?


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        I say if there is no hope for her condition. And she honestly wanted this wish fulfilled. Then why not allow it to happen. Why do the sick need to be tortured to death, instead of dieing a peaceful, honorable death?
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          Glenn Beck, who has invested a lot of time on this, is discussing it right now on his show. Lot's of info there. If you want to catch it, there's a free weekend on his website www.glennbeck.com
          It starts in the second hour.
          How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin. -Reagan


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            Here is my opinion.

            Terry is in a vegitative state. Every Doctor has insisted she has no chance of improving much at all. When married, your 'spouse' has legal custody of you. There are laws that allow your spouse to make this decision when it is not in your will.

            #1. Her husband is not 'killing her', her husband is preventing modern technologies that didn't exist long ago and aren't natural - to keep her alive. That is a decision he needs to make. Personally, I can understand if someone they once loved more then anyone in the world.. was in such a hopeless and degrading state... and you wanted them to 'rest in peace'.

            #2. He is the only one who can make this decision, as the courts continously have ruled - despite 'emergency laws' enacted by Jeb Bush (which, without argument, I feel is illegal).

            #3. The only part of Terry's brain that works properly is her Brain stem, which is why she can breathe and blink but not eat. Only non-voluntary actions that the brain stem controls will work.

            #4. Terry's parents no longer have a say in her medical care. The moment Terry got married, her husband has full control of her under the law. Her parents are the ones interfering illegally. Personally, everyone is going to get ansy about a 'murder' that is in reality natural.

            #5. Someone commented about the "7 years" he waited. It is understandable to give this woman a chance. She has been in this state since 1990 - 15 years! She has no chance of improving. Theoretically, she could live to be a hundred.. another 60 years... and kept alive solely by machines. Personally, I find that idea awful.

            I support the removing of the tube because it is a decision the husband made. I would support his decision if he chose to keep the tube in. It is his responsibility to make the choice: Does he want her to rest in peace, or be kept alive indefinetly by modern machines?
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              Terri Schiavo's feeding tube has been removed

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                ^finally, let her move onto the next life in peace please
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                  Doctors say it could take Mrs Schiavo a week or more to die...

                  So they are going to let her die a slow and painfull death by letting her starve to death?


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                    Why does everyone think its a slow and painful death? She's brainDEAD. Hence she doesn't feel anything. She would have died years ago if that tube wasn't in her. And on the news tonite they had some conservate congressmen talking about her and they knew competely nothing about braindead people. An expert on the news said that there are close to 100,000 people every year that get their feeding tubes removed who are braindead. One republican congressmen said he didn't know of any case where a feeding tube has been removed before. But not to make this a political debate, would you want to be in her shoes right now? I mean she's not even there anymore. To me it seems like torture to leave her on the tube. Even more torture than letting her "starve" to death by taking the feeding tube away.
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                      Oh she does still feel!

                      Look at the video "Terri responds to touch"


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                        The sooner humans abandon the notion that death is evil and to be avoided by any means..............The better.


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                          Just out of curiosity, Bri, what's the harm in divorcing her and letting her family do what they will? Evidently he didn't love her as much as he claimed. It's been shown that he was already seeing someone else shortly after she got this way. Even while he was on the stand during the lawsuit swearing under oath that he loved her and needed the money to take care of her forever, he was seeing another woman. Then all of a sudden when they get the money, he remembers that she mentioned, while watching a movie, that she wouldn't want to live that way.
                          In my mind, he divorced her a long time ago, so why doesn't he make it official and wash his hands of the whole situation? Sure he comes out looking like a total dick if he does, but as far as I see, he couldn't look worse than he does now.
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                            TERRI SCHIAVO SAYS SHE WANTS TO LIVE!
                            By The Empire Journal

                            For more than 10 years, Michael Schiavo has said that his neurologically impaired wife, Terri Schinder-Schiavo would not want to be kept alive by artificial life support.

                            On Friday afternoon, less than a hour after probate court judge George W. Greer ignored federal subpoenas and ordered that Michael Schiavo remove the feeding tube from Terri which will cause her death by starvation, Terri Schiavo before multiple witnesses indicated that she wanted to live.

                            According to attorney Barbara Weller, one of the attorneys representing Terri’s parents, Mary and Bob Schindler Sr., when her parents and attorneys visited Terri at the Woodside Hospice where she resides to tell her they were going to remove her feeding tube, Terri began to cry and tried to say “I want to live”

                            Attorney Weller said she had a difficult time calming Terri down.

                            Greer, Schiavo and his attorney, George Felos, have consistently maintained that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state and is not cognizant or alert.

                            The actions by Terri Friday afternoon clearly indicate that that is not true.

                            Earlier federal marshals had served Terri and other principals in the case with federal subpoenas to appear before a Congressional committee on March 28 to testify in the case. However, Greer refused to honor the federal subpoenas and ordered that his death order be executed immediately, withdrawing her nutrition and hydration.

                            Terri, 41, sustained serious brain damage in 1990 under mysterious circumstances. After her husband, Michael received some $2 million in insurance money, after telling a jury under oath that he would take care of Terri “for the rest of my life”, he then ordered that she not be provided any therapy or rehabilitative services and petitioned the court for her death.

                            She left no living will. After receiving the money, Michael Schiavo suddenly remembered that she had stated previously that she would not want to be kept alive by artificial means.

                            Congress was continuing to work to find a resolution to keep Terri alive. Terri supporters were being asked to surround the hospice in protest of Judge Greer’s ruling to override the federal subpoena and cause her death.

                            Greer has refused to allow independent counsel to represent Terri and has himself acted in the prohibited dual role of judge and guardian ad litem. Although Florida Statutes require that as guardian he personally visit the ward, Greer has NEVER personally visited Terri Schiavo and has never attempted to ask her himself if she wants to live.

                            Those who cannot go to Florida are asked to call their U.S. senators.

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                              This life would've been gone in Jesus's time, so I can't understand why anyone would want her to still be here.


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