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  • Clearin Tha Air.........

    YO.To every body who has beef wit me.look i have no beef wit any of u.I jus wanna Battle Sarcazm.All of the following i have no beef wit:EMIN3M,MIZZ THANG,XPLICIT,and ANYONE THATS NOT SARCAZM I HAVE ABSOLUTLY NO BEEF WIT.JUS HOLLA BACK AT ME IF U WANNA DROP THA BEEF TOO.
    the ***** known to burn otha *****z in spittin....Prominent.


    "im like Elvis i got tha blocks rockin and rollin while cops patrollin,money gettin made and folded."
    Oschino of RocaFella

    ''Bet u never even felt tha heat,till i put tha M-1 next to ya waves and melt da grease''
    JadaKiss of Ruff Ryders

    ''The only key that i see to defeat u,would be for me to remove both of these ADIDAS and beat u.''
    Eminem of D-12

    ''Im too hot to handle,too cold to hold,My gunz is like Janet Jackson cus ~They Outta Control~
    Oshcino of RocaFella

    ''Crystal Meth manufactua,stole yo moms Acura,Wrecked it, and sold it back to her''
    Eminem of D-12

    ''crossova spin and dunk like Larry Hughes,all thugs all gunz never Scary dudes''
    Beanie Sigel of RocaFella

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    Beef = STILL ON


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      Sorry but when you dissin' sarcazm and seeing as X is still beefing Im gonna stick wid them cause they are cool dirty heads whereas your just a dirty asshole


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        hey i apologize about all the thing s I said I think me & u can still be buds tho.

        Bleek's Bedroom Buddies
        Sour Bleek
        Sweet Bleek
        Mild Bleek

        Coming soon, Sleep Over Party!!!!! THE FIRST BLEEK'S BEDROOM BUDDIES ALBUM!


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          Going on too long......

          Ok. Heres the truth to yall. Some of yall on the Battle board have accused me, Eyerone-- The Prophet, to be the same person as Prominent. Well the fact is...............WE ARENT THE SAME PERSON. BUT.......we DO know each other. We didnt dickride each other's rhymes tho. Fact is....he is really good at freestylin. AMAZINGLY as we have come to realize (both me and Prominent), that people on these boards like rhymers that sound like Eminem or resemble D12 styles, which is something we stray from both doing. I GUARANTEE, me and Prominent are prolly the best on these boards VERSE FOR VERSE.

          Heres some quotes that we have used from our battles:

          "I'm like a tree kid, a source thats renewable/ the only PURPLE PILLS u pop are dimatapp chewables"--Eyerone

          "u gonna die a Gruesome death to none other
          after u there will be ya cousin,uncle,and brother
          and mabye i mite have a little foreplay wit ya mother
          Cus this ***** is From VA
          dont come around here thinkin that we play
          otherwise u be lyin in tha *Chesapeake Bay* "--Prominent

          "You say you're only one of a kind
          Bury u so ya hard to find
          Put 80 bullets to ya spine and make u sign on the dotted line"--Eyerone

          "dont ever step to me wit bullshit
          cus soon enuff yul find out who u fooled wit
          cus my name is prominent also known as dominent
          cus when i grab tha mike i attack it
          Ill send 357 slugs thru ya *first down* jacket
          cus when i hit u ull be tha *first one down*
          U hear firin from all Directions cus i create Surrond Sound"--Prominent

          I mean, its ridiculous how good we actually are, but we dont get the respect for it. When Prominent called out SARCAZM....he called out SARCAZM. He didnt call out no one else. He wanted to battle SARCAZM so he called his ass out. He didnt write a rhyme and call his ass out, he went straight to the point. Then, he wuz attacked by like 60 other people tellin him how much he sux and shit....but the truth is, he WANTED TO BATTLE SARCAZM. He didnt do it like a bitch would....and to take one from SARCAZM, im gonna quote Eminem on this one. In "I Remember" Eminem said "If u gonna call me out, say my fuckin name--dont be subliminal about it". And Prominent did juss that. So once yall started attacking him, he put on the defense and told off everyone else, which cause him to be BANNED from the D12World Message boards. YES...PROMINENT DID GET BANNED FROM THE D12 MESSAGE BOARDS. So, for yall to "defend" Sarcazm, would be as bad as DJ Lethal saying that Everlast would beat up Eminem in real life........and that is about as hypocritical as y'all can be. Cause im sure that when DJ Lethal said that, y'all were like "O shit....Eminem's gonna respond wit some crazy shit". And thats what Prominent did. AND HERES ANOTHER QUOTE......"I'dda never involved u, but u had to add ya 2 pennies.....now i gotta go grab my shit list and add some new enemies". So, as of RIGHT NOW, i am involved in this because some of yall heds are some true hypocrites. And if yall wanna talk shit to me too, bring it to the battle boards, cause on 7.25.01........i will return. hoLLa at that!--------and dont forget.............say my fuckin name if u gotta problem wit me.........later
          Rhyme & Reason
          Follow me on Twitter: @Eyerone
          Check out my newest freestyle: Eyerone "Can't Tell Me Nothin" http://bln.kr/14VV/


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            bah don't read this

            just testin some functions... [PHP]penis[/PHP]
            "Say you rollin on dubs, I'll roll over ya shit in a tank/
            I'm th greatest rapper since _____, fill in th blank/"


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              why u even botherin 2 get Sarcs arse anyway? Tha Yung Wun only juz turned 16!
              "Only GoD can Judge Me" - 2Pac


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