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  • Episode 8

    (bck knocks on the door, con answers)
    con: uh.. who in the hell are you?
    bck: I got an invitation in the mail to your party.. see? (he show con his "invitation", which orginally was meant for blkprincess)
    con: oh... then I guess nico must've inivted you... come on in
    bck: EEEXXXCEEELENNNTT..... hehehehehe
    con:damn... it smells like raw, unwashed ass, where the hell is that coming from?
    bck: It must be your upper lip, MONKEY!! (bck runs away to the punch bowl)
    con: what a weird guy.. I can't believe nico would ever hang out with him.... Oh well

    (ssgirl and ddbabe are in ddbabe's car on their way to the party, chatting)
    ssgirl: man, I feel bad for blk. We usually do things toghether
    ddbabe: Do you think maybe we should've stayed home? We always have fun togheter anyway.
    ssgirl: I think we should go to the party first, then find out why she wasn't invited. After that, stay for a few minutes, and go back home.
    ddbabe: Yeah.. I just can't wait to see if it's true about psycho and mizzthang... that'd definitely be a first
    ssgirl: Well, I know this is stupid, but today while I was at the mall, BINGY! came up to me and said that he saw them in the park, and they were all over eachother
    ddbabe: no way.. who the hell takes what BINGY! says seriously?
    ssgirl: yeah, I know. He then proceeded to say that they stripped naked and started to "go at it"
    ddbabe: at a public place?
    ssgirl: that's nothing.. as if he could'nt bullshit enough.... he then said that psycho purposed to her, she said yes, and they went behind the bushes and continued
    ddbabe: BINGY! really needs to review his stories before he lies. What did you tell him?
    ssgirl: I said "you need a friend." Then he shut up
    ddbabe: HAHAHA
    (the girls reach con's place)
    ssgirl: where the hell are we going to park?
    ddbabe: look at that empty space right there
    ssgirl: That's a fire lane!
    ddbabe: It's aight. People park there all the time, don't worry
    ssgirl: Well, if you insist....
    (the girls park, enter the home. Meanwhile, in the house, bck is trying everything he can possibly do to sabatoge the party)
    bck: (takes out a greenish-yellow liquid from pocket) My special "faint" formula... will teach these homos not to mess with me! (he then slips some into the punch) Now, on to the bedrooms, I put stinkbombs in there, so nobody will have a place to freak! And finally...my C4s.... hahaha
    (as this is going on, bck overhears psycho and mizzthang talking)
    mizzthang: damn! you're a really good dancer
    psycho: well... what can I say?
    mizzthang: all this dancing has made me exhausted..... Let's go get some drinks

    bck: hahaha, now's my chance! better watch psychopathic wannabe and mizz slut both go to ER!!!
    (bck hides behind the table. Psycho and Mizzthang both get their drinks, but nothing happens)
    (as bck hides behind the table thinking of another plan, psycho and mizzthang start to talking)
    psycho: You know, this has been a really fun night
    mizzthang: yeah. I made a really smart desicion to go with you. You're a good guy. You may blow up things and shoot at people, but you're a good guy
    psycho: Yeah.. i have my occasional lapses
    mizzthang: yeah, but don't we all?
    psycho: yeah, but you can't always help it....
    (psycho and mizzthang start getting closer, about to kiss, when suddenly The slick jesus appears out of nowhere)
    tsj: WHAT'S CRACKIN, BITCHES!?!?!?
    psycho: (playin off anything) uh...um.. nothin tsj... how have you been hangin?
    tsj: I've been good. Nico is going to be a porn star, with bbbabe, isn't that great?
    psycho: yeah, tell her I said congrats
    tsj: Ok... hey mizzthang, you've been quite silent, haven't you?
    mizzthang: you just came here, what the hell was I supposed to say?
    tsj: Maybe "oh psycho! oh It feels soo good, oh, stick it in all the way!"
    mizzthang: Is everything a joke to you?
    tsj: Unfortunately, yes
    mizzthang: Figures. Well, anyway, so what you wanna tell us?
    tsj: Oh yeah, uh, con and eyerone and prom and ak47 wanted me to tell psycho to get on the turntables and start getting ready to d.j.
    psycho: oh, uh. ok
    tsj: Yeah, so i'll tell him you're getting ready. And don't give mizzthang no psychotic babies, aight?
    (tsj leaves, psycho talks to mizzthang)
    psycho: Ok, i'll check you later, aight?
    mizzthang: aight. Do your shit

    (ssgirl, purple lils, luvslim-h8kim, ddbabe, and nico are all talking)
    lils: hey guys? wattup?
    ddbabe: we're cool, you?
    lshk: we're doing aight. We got here a little late, but.
    nico: Well, first off, let me thank all of you guys for coming. I'm so happy this turned out the way it did, everybody is here... almost everybody. Hey ddbabe and ssgirl, why didn't blk decide to come?
    ssgirl: huh? what are you talking about?
    nico: you all are good friends. Why did she stay home?
    ddbabe: she wasn't invited
    nico: yeah she was!
    ssgirl: she was? she said she didn't get an invitation
    lshk: If you want me to call her and tell her to come, I will
    nico: Yes, could you please do that lshk?
    (lshk calls up blk princess, the girls continue talking)
    lils: I hear there is a big annoucement that you have to make nico!
    nico: yep... me and bbbabe have gotten quite lucky...
    ssgirl: Well, what is it?
    nico: That is a surprise... some people already know it
    ddbabe: Did you win the lottery?
    nico: Not really... but I got pretty lucky... I gotta owe it to x-plicit tho
    lils: did he get you a car?
    nico: you'll find out! trust me!
    lils: if it's something like you landed a job at 7-11....
    (the girls are interuptted by eyerone, who happens to be on the mic)
    eyerone: HEY YALL? WHAT UP? first off, on behalf of my man con, I gotta thank yall for comin out tonight. You guys having a good time?
    eyerone: Cool, cool. Well, we have some shit for you tonight. We got my man prominant who's gonna bust a freestlye for you all in a moment, yorec and ak47 have something planned, and we got psycho on the 1's and 2's. But first... Would miss Nico-123 please come up here?
    (nico struts up to the stage)
    ssgirl: look at her go
    lils: yeah girl! you do your thang!
    eyerone: Now, It looks like nico has something to tell us. This party is in her honor, and there is something else that she would like to say. Girl, here you go
    (eyerone hands the mic over to nico)
    nico: well guys, hey
    nico: The other day, Me, the slick jesus, and blingblingbabe all went to visit our good friend x-plicit on the set of his new adult-rated movie, "My love stick"
    (there are murmurs in the crowd)
    nico: Well, I met somebody there. A director. His name was daniel, he has an associate by the name of tommy. I'm going to be working with tommy for a little while.
    (more murmurs in the crowd)
    nico: Look, I've landed a starring role in a new movie entitled, "orgasms galore!"
    (silence at first.... then applauds and cheers)
    (the crowd starts to chant her name. Just then, everything is interuptted by a loud explosion, followed by shrieks and petrified screams.................)

    the end of episode 8



    " And I was already on fish and spaghetti"

    G-Dep "Let's get it"

    R.I.P. AALIYAH!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!

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    That is so awesome!!!!!!!! "My l0ve stick"hehehehe. I am rolling on the ground right now, "orgasms galore"hahahahahahaha. This is to good.
    U make me cum-
    U make me cumplete-
    U make me cumpletely miserable.
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      LMFAO, this is great, good job girl.
      Peace 5 and 92, you're missed.


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        I must've said time and time again but it just neva gets old.....blk you got talent.
        Shady by name, Shady by Nature...

        SHOUT OUTS:
        ~*blkprincess*~ (The girl's got creativity)
        Mentira (The girl's got class)
        Whizzman (I love this guy's honesty)
        Lil mi$$ Piranha (She's a strong minded young lady and not afraid to show it)
        The Slick Jesus (The funniest guy on da boards, no doubt)
        Lil_els2000 (Remember, if you ever need anything, you know you got all the love in the world right here on da boards.)
        Purple lils (One cool gurl to chat with)
        Hayley_Shady (A real sweetie)
        Psycho69 (Call him Teth Teddy bear, that'll get you on his right side, lol)
        MC_R_Ac_H (A girl who's never afraid to ask, lol)
        Steph_Shady (She's a real honey and a sweet girl)

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          YAY!! IM IN IT!! YAY!!! THanx
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            "My Love Stick" ?!?! LMFAO...it just keeps getting better, BLK. Will Psycho go soft? Or do I detect the next Bonnie-n-Clyde? I love this!


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              C'mon now I need some action. I wanna get laid in this too, I should be hittin all the ladies in this. I am the H.W.O.T.B. ya know. LOL
              Peace 5 and 92, you're missed.


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                .....but INVINCE is in EPISODE 9 right?
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                  It shld be us chanting ur name Blk u got serious class... sooooo goood


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                    Dat was tyte girl......damn i cant wait till everyone is part of this?...and add some romance i mean damn!! lol
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                      Hey! this is cool! FAT BASTARD IS HAPPY. this site is getting better thats a really good idea. FAT BASTARD WANTS A PLACE!!! yea well im new as hell but cmon im fat! theres gotta b a roll 4 a humongously large fat bastard in it?.......awwww well it waz worht a shot, but anyway good shit
                      TUB-O lard never looked this good


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