For 2010, I will make the following recommendations for myself so that I may learn, love, and grow more; so that I may reach my potential as an individual, an individual capable of loving and caring for the whole of life which to me is living love. If in any way these recommendations I here make to myself are in parallel with recommendations that you would like to make to yourself, I invite you to join me in 2010 in my continued process of healing, learning, and loving myself fully enough that life is a great joy, something worth doing again.

First I will honor myself with regular, high quality meals and clean water.

Second I will make my exercise time sacred, an offering of worship, an honoring of the fact that I am a temple of the divine and that great spirit can get no closer to me than I can get to myself.

Third I will honor and respect the beautiful, delicate relationships in nature, knowing full well that those very relationships are essential to both my survival and the survival of nature herself and her beauty.

Forth, I will not engage socially or professionally when in truth. I need to be quiet and/or alone.

Fifth, I will take responsibility for my own inner peace and good will. I will give myself empathy and compassion when Ive made mistakes and will seek to be conscious enough not to make the same mistakes again.

Sixth, in 2010 I will be more open and honest in sharing my love and wisdom with any and all who ask for my help, while always being aware of the point at which my love could potentially become a band aid for the other. I seek to offer love as a means of helping others learn to love and become healthfully independent.

Seventh, in 2010 I will remember to be constantly aware that people lose their lives completely unexpectedly, every minute of every day. With that awareness, I seek to honor life so fully that should for any reason mine come to an end, I will pass through the gate leaving ego perception to arrive at cosmic consciousness fully awake and happy to watch the seeds of love Ive planted in the earthly garden grow, sprouting, flowering, and sharing love everywhere. I will live in love so fully that should I leave the body mind to become one again, I will not need to return to hug, hold, guide, and support those I did not love openly and honestly out of my own fear, but instead will have created a heart connection adequately to convey my love and consciousness from any reality that I may visit to this one that has served the flowering of my own awareness of the truth of myself so well.

I wish all of you, your family, your pets, your gardens, and your dreams optimal growth, peace, and play in 2010. It is my dream that all live so fully that death has no hold on us. For once one has become aware of the fact that they can create life out of love; there is nothing for death to hold on to. Let us all learn to create love and life together, and in so doing, things like fear of 2012 have no grasp on us. For one learns in due time that the past and future spring from the present, the now. So as Ram Das so beautifully says, Be here now. Life is not lived yesterday or tomorrow. For the past is an import, and the future is an export from the seed of now. May we all leave the garden a little more beautiful than when we came.

Happy 2010!

I send you my love and my chi for I know that in nature, in truth, in love, we are one. May Great Spirit be ever present with you.


It is done, it is done, it is done.

Peace be with you.

Paul Chek