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Interview with the gruopie Part 3 (Millerboy)

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  • Interview with the gruopie Part 3 (Millerboy)

    MycFeind101: Hi. Are you there?
    MycFeind101: Why do you hate homosexuals, knowing damn well that you like cock yourself?
    opp310: dude, stupid faggots deserve to die
    opp310: Eminem said so
    MycFeind101: lol
    MycFeind101: Do you agree with everything Eminem says?
    opp310: yeah
    opp310: He's my idol
    MycFeind101: Why is that?
    opp310: because he hates the same things that I hate
    opp310: and he went through the same stuff that I went through
    MycFeind101: No
    opp310: did you read my post in "The Eminem Show" thread? It's title is: Eminem is the coolest guy ever!
    MycFeind101: Yeas,I did.
    MycFeind101: Stan, care if i call you Stan?
    opp310: yeah I do care
    opp310: dude, why are you so politically correct?
    opp310: "most republicans?'
    MycFeind101: lol
    opp310: that's like more than half the population of America.
    MycFeind101: ...So?
    opp310: wtf is that
    opp310: Are you ***ish?
    MycFeind101: FYI: Eminem dosn't mean half the shit he says, he does it to piss people off...but people like you take his shit literally.
    MycFeind101: And I'm a quarter ***ish, yes
    opp310: I see
    MycFeind101: What do you see?
    opp310: nothing
    opp310: nevermind
    MycFeind101: You don;t have a personallity, you just think and beleve what Eminem says.
    opp310: well, what if Eminem and I relate to each other? then I do have a personality
    opp310: I don't believe in everythign he says, just 99% of it
    MycFeind101: That's everything
    opp310: not really, I ignore his drug songs, and his "I'm so poor" songs.
    MycFeind101: lol
    opp310: I can't relate to that
    MycFeind101: I know.
    MycFeind101: Because your rich.
    MycFeind101: And don't know shit about Hip-Hop
    opp310: I'm just an average suburban white kid
    MycFeind101: duh
    MycFeind101: lol
    opp310: Most of hip-hop is just 5 types of songs, just like benzino said in his Source Magazine
    MycFeind101: lol
    opp310: the bling-bling song, the club song, the gangster song, and the girl song, and the player/pimp song
    opp310: it'
    opp310: It's stupid kind of
    MycFeind101: That's far from the truth
    opp310: the old hip-hop was better
    MycFeind101: How would you know?
    opp310: well, I used to have black friends and I listened to hip-hop for a long time
    opp310: I just never got this into it until Eminem.
    MycFeind101: lmao
    opp310: I even left hip-hop and then came back to it
    opp310: after Eminem
    opp310: like I started to grow up and notice that I have black friends, when I'm not black
    opp310: so I made new friends
    opp310: and then when this cat Eminem came out,
    opp310: I got back into hip-hop
    MycFeind101: ...
    opp310: but when I came back, hip-hop was in teh gutter, 50 cent is cool, but he's not helping the industry much
    opp310: We need to go back to the roots of hip=hop, like tupac and B.I.G.
    MycFeind101: lol
    MycFeind101: You don't know shit about hip-hop
    MycFeind101: Just jack off to Eminem
    opp310: what other race are you? other than ***ish?
    MycFeind101: Theres a big difrence
    MycFeind101: Does it matter?
    MycFeind101: To you..cause your a racist
    MycFeind101: and a homophboe
    opp310: it doesn't matter
    opp310: dude
    opp310: wtf
    MycFeind101: lol.
    opp310: just asking,
    opp310: god,
    MycFeind101: yes?
    MycFeind101: lol I'm white, but it dosn't matter.
    opp310: and you're from like New york or something?
    MycFeind101: Seattle
    opp310: oh ok
    MycFeind101: Your from California.
    opp310: how do you know that?
    MycFeind101: I have magic powers.
    opp310: ?
    opp310: lol
    MycFeind101: Don't laugh
    opp310: how do you know that though?
    MycFeind101: MycFeind101: I have magic powers.
    opp310: dude, come on
    opp310: nm then
    opp310: If Eminem didn't believe in the same shit that I did, I wouldn't listen to his music...
    opp310: I don't ride his cock, I'm not a groupie
    MycFeind101: Yes you are
    MycFeind101: Basically you are riding his cock
    opp310: did you know that Eminem won a Country Music Award for Country singer of the year?
    opp310: it was in 2000 for his Marshall Mathers album
    MycFeind101: Take his shit literally...your a gruopie
    MycFeind101: ps. your not a conservitive..your rich as fuck parents are...you just packback what they tell you and your sister.
    opp310: fine then, whatever, I'm happy to have someone from my background be on top... I wouldn't buy his CD's if his name wasn't Marshall Mathers...
    MycFeind101: ROFLMAO
    MycFeind101: You are not from his backround
    opp310: or George Bush
    opp310: just kidding
    MycFeind101: ?
    opp310: dude, I am from his background
    opp310: He's an Anglo-Saxon
    opp310: Scottish roots
    opp310: northern Europe
    opp310: just like Germany, England, etc.
    MycFeind101: Damn...what is this word:
    MycFeind101: S-T-A-L-K-E-R
    opp310: whatever, I hate your type, people who live on the west coast or east coast are really brainwashed.
    MycFeind101: What type am I?
    MycFeind101: lol @ you calling me brainwashed
    opp310: You watch TV and read the daily newspapers and shit like that, and listen to radio... media whore.... hehehe
    MycFeind101: Thats you
    opp310: I never watch TV ever, and I never read any media, I just get all my information from the internet.. like news and shit, on Google and Yahoo.
    MycFeind101: I fucking hate Radio
    opp310: I don't even watch the award shows that Eminem is on
    opp310: so I don't have to see that bullshit Janet Jackson breasts
    opp310: I'm conservative, I don't like that shit to be on national TV, it corrupts children's minds.
    MycFeind101: lmao!!!
    opp310: and I hate all the sex and liberal shit on TV
    opp310: so I just turned it off, and never turned it back on....
    MycFeind101: Then you shouldn;'t like Eminem then
    opp310: Eminem isn't liberal, his views are conservative. except for the drugs...
    MycFeind101: No, he isn't
    opp310: he doens't like sluts
    opp310: he doesn't like homosexuals
    MycFeind101: He dosn't mind them
    opp310: he's into bitch-slapping, bar-fighting, the whole do-it-youself attitude (that's very common in the middle of America)
    MycFeind101: you idioit...quit backpacking what you parents tell you...you don't know shit about hip-hop or politics...your just a giant hypocrite who dosn't know what the hell he's saying.
    MycFeind101: Shut up!
    MycFeind101: Shut the fuck up!!!!!!

    "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell

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    Part 2

    opp310: what's your problem?
    MycFeind101: Nothing.
    MycFeind101: lol your a stupid faggot...so you want yourself to die?
    MycFeind101: opp310: dude, stupid faggots deserve to die
    opp310: I'm not a faggot
    MycFeind101: Yes you are
    MycFeind101: Just admit it
    opp310: dude, forget this conversation, I don't even know why you I-Med me. peace
    MycFeind101: lol
    MycFeind101: I'm trying to knock some sence into your empty brain
    MycFeind101: How old are you?
    opp310: just turned 19
    opp310: u?
    MycFeind101: No,really?
    opp310: what about you?
    MycFeind101: Does it matter?
    opp310: yeah
    opp310: duide, you asked me first
    opp310: lol
    MycFeind101: I'm 13...
    opp310: ....
    MycFeind101: But dosn't change the fact I have more knoledge then you.
    opp310: I can't believe you're so political at this age... it goes to show how brainwashed you are.
    MycFeind101: lmao
    MycFeind101: You're on to talk.
    opp310: at 13, you shouldn't even know about politics
    opp310: wtf is taht
    opp310: dude
    MycFeind101: At 19, you shouldn't be stupid.
    opp310: I'm getting pissed off at your political views when you're like 13 years old
    opp310: WTF
    opp310: dude
    MycFeind101: You shouldn't be brainwashed by your rich parents
    MycFeind101: You should have your own mind at you age
    opp310: man, this is getting me pissed off.... why are you so young and you already have these fuckin weird views.
    MycFeind101: Because you touch yourself at night
    MycFeind101: I have weird veiws?
    opp310: You've been reading my posts on D12world board? how long you've been reading them?
    opp310: dude,
    opp310: can you stop fuckin talking about masturbation, it's a sin
    MycFeind101: llmao
    opp310: I'm Protestant
    MycFeind101: I'm nothing
    opp310: people who jack off are going to hell
    opp310: God smites them.
    MycFeind101: Hell, you are going below hell
    MycFeind101: God, to my understanding, loves everyone...you have the most twisted views...is your father Pat Robertson by any chance
    opp310: I'm not going to hell, I'm Christian.
    opp310: he's not pat robertson
    MycFeind101: And I'm a babatized Protestant. FYI
    MycFeind101: Jerry Fawell then?
    opp310: man, why do you listen to Eminem when you defend homosexuals? you should be protesting at his concerts, for GLAAD, Gay and Lesbian Alliance
    MycFeind101: lol
    MycFeind101: I accept people for who they are
    MycFeind101: And I love to piss people off at the same time
    MycFeind101: I'm open minded, unlike your Jesus freak, dumb ass
    opp310: People are stupid. Being open-minded is like contributing to the downfall of humanity.
    MycFeind101: And i'm pro-freedom of speech
    opp310: there's a point where words such as open-minded and homophobic are twisted to the benefit of the media and being correct.
    opp310: I could say that all the gays are heterophobic
    opp310: or the people who are against abortions, anti-abortionists
    opp310: instead, I like to call them pro-life
    opp310: which is better
    MycFeind101: Religon....is one of the worst things to happen to this world...cause there are people like you who are really dumb..don't know what there talking about...and tell people not not do what ever the fuck they want.
    opp310: the media has pushed so much junk and twisted views down our throats that I don't even watch TV anymore
    MycFeind101: I'm pro-choice
    MycFeind101: lmao
    opp310: no you're the one that's telling me to NOT do whatever I want.
    MycFeind101: Why do you listen to Eminem then?
    opp310: beacuse he's conservative
    MycFeind101: Nope
    opp310: yeah he is
    MycFeind101: Wrong, asshole
    opp310: I'm right.
    opp310: who cares about his damn manager.
    MycFeind101: Right wing lunitic is more like it
    opp310: pro-choice is stupid
    opp310: it's a twisted word
    opp310: It's more like pro-death
    MycFeind101: lmao
    opp310: or abortion
    MycFeind101: Fetal Tissue?
    opp310: pro-=abortion
    opp310: yeah
    MycFeind101: lol
    opp310: It's a human being
    opp310: that's fucked up
    MycFeind101: Not yet
    opp310: at what point do we call it not a human?
    MycFeind101: It's a womans right
    opp310: It's not fetal tissue when it's like 6-8 months in
    MycFeind101: I know
    opp310: That's what pro-choice people want though
    opp310: they want abortion up until the 9th month
    opp310: which is fuckin gross
    opp310: do you know what they do to the baby? thedoctor takes a metal spike and shoves it into the fetus's head, and pulls it out of the woman.
    opp310: that's gross
    opp310: It's the woman's right to be a slut,
    MycFeind101: you survived you abortain
    opp310: rofl
    MycFeind101: *your
    opp310: So you're saying that all women should be sluts?
    opp310: yeah great, so every girl is a slut, is that what you want?
    opp310: It's already like that in America
    MycFeind101: lol your mom wanted an abortain cause she didn't want a child like you, dipshit!
    MycFeind101: haha
    opp310: thank god, it's only Western culture and some stupid middle east countries and Japan that follows us.
    opp310: shut up
    opp310: dude, you're so sick
    MycFeind101: You're one to talk
    opp310: dude, do you want your children to grow up to be sluts and whores?
    MycFeind101: Your a poster boy for why people hate the religon, gruopies and rich kids
    opp310: a girl's womb to turn into a tomb?
    opp310: dude, I'm just saying my point, I don't care what you think... I'm all for free speech
    opp310: I don't know
    opp310: forget this,
    opp310: bye
    MycFeind101: Where are you going?
    opp310: no where
    opp310: I don't want to talk anymore
    opp310: this is getting me angry, I don't need this shit to ruin my day
    MycFeind101: Ok, but before you go..do this
    opp310: go away
    MycFeind101: Tell your sister to stop changing her lipsitck...my dick looks like a rainbow.
    MycFeind101: :-D
    opp310: dude, you're preaching freedom of speech, but you hate people who say whatever is on her mind.
    opp310: dude, shut up
    opp310: you fuckin kike
    MycFeind101: No need to bring slurs into this, Jesus freak.
    MycFeind101: Alright man what ever
    MycFeind101: We'll talk later.
    opp310: shut up, hymie. go away.
    opp310: no we won't.this is our last conversation
    MycFeind101: We'll debate later?
    opp310: no
    opp310: I've never met a ***ish person who's not liberal.
    MycFeind101: lmao
    opp310: I guess you guys are really open-minded
    opp310: huh?
    MycFeind101: Common sence
    opp310: you always believe in the same bullshit
    MycFeind101: Not prejudeced
    opp310: like a fuckin group mentality.
    MycFeind101: Stero typing? Another side of hunger
    opp310: fuckin idiots
    MycFeind101: Yup, that's you
    opp310: It's true, I've done a survey.... it's been going on for a long time. I've never met anyone who's ***ish and a liberal.
    opp310: in my whole life.
    opp310: I'll be happy when I meet one perosn
    opp310: *person
    opp310: even 1/4 ***ish
    opp310: or 1/10
    opp310: lol
    opp310: I guess when you get a tiny amount of ***ish blood, your brain gets fucked up into some liberal hippy.
    MycFeind101: hey
    opp310: and legalizing marijuana, abortions, and sluts
    opp310: and everything else
    MycFeind101: Watch your mouth.
    MycFeind101: Least my sister isn't a slut
    opp310: wtf is that,
    opp310: and you don't even seem like you're 13
    opp310: now you do
    opp310: when you spout those stupid insults
    MycFeind101: I'm smart for my age, unlike you
    opp310: I'm glad that Hitler killed 6 million ***s.
    MycFeind101: You backpack what Eminem says and what your Parents tell you
    opp310: he should've killed them all
    MycFeind101: Ok thats it

    (warned him, he warned me, then he blocked me)
    "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell


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      You know damn well that was you, Liar.
      "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell


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        "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell


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          uh interesting thread
          ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


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            Originally posted by MiLLeRBoY
            You have fuckin over 2,500 posts in less than 8.5 months... That means that you post about 300 posts per day.
            Ok, math lesson here. 8 x 30 = 240, so 8 months is about 240 days, i am ignoring the .5 of a month because just the 8 months will show just how fucking dumb you are. 240 x 300 = 72,000. That means if your "calculations" were correct, Mycall would now have posted 72,000 times. Enough said.


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              Anyone else find it funny that Mycall, 12 years old, thinks he knows about Politics and Hip Hop? 5 months ago you didn't know who Canibus was, and many other big names in "Hip Hop". And just because you've read a brief summary on politics doesn't mean shit, you are a retard that needs to learn the difference between "your" and "you're".


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                Originally posted by | K Y L E |
                Anyone else find it funny that Mycall, 12 years old, thinks he knows about Politics and Hip Hop? 5 months ago you didn't know who Canibus was, and many other big names in "Hip Hop". And just because you've read a brief summary on politics doesn't mean shit, you are a retard that needs to learn the difference between "your" and "you're".
                Yeah it is pretty funny. Mycall is always trying too hard. I've tried giving him this advice but hes yet to heed it.
                "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." - Poe


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                  Both of you showed interest in your little conversation.


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                    No one will read all that.

                    The only funny thing in this thread is Miller posting that pic he drew in paint in hopes to be taken seriously.
                    Now let the night be dark for all of me.
                    Let the night be too dark for me to see
                    Into the future. Let what will be, be.'


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                      Originally posted by Amarett
                      Yeah it is pretty funny. Mycall is always trying too hard. I've tried giving him this advice but hes yet to heed it.


                      FYI: KYLE, I did know who Canibus was.

                      I'm not trying hard when I'm saying I'm into this stuff. That's me.

                      So what if I'm intrested in Hip-Hop and Politics?
                      "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell


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                        Mycall...heres the thing

                        Yeah I'm a suburban white boy. Yeah, I get what I want sometimes. And Yeah, I like rap. See, I like what I like, it just comes natural to me. I don't care what people think of my music tastes, and I don't see why I should.

                        But you...You do care what people think. I remember a thread where you claimed Canibis was the worst rapper ever, and when you got flamed, you downloaded some of his shit and claimed he was one of the best. I think you listen to hip-hop that other people on this board listen to, just so you could "fit in". Act your age, man. Politics interest you because you want to fit in with older people, and thats obvious.

                        Well, you don't fit in. It just makes you look like a fool.


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                          Exactly, 12 year olds shouldn't give a shit about Politics. That's why you're not allowed to vote. Shifty makes a good point that he's trying to fit in, and people like Revdaalkolik, DJ Butter, and other 30 year-olds should not be talking to this kid. It's depreiving his childhood. Mycall should be out playing football(to loose all the fatness he's got), smashing windows, getting chased off grown ups, fun shit like that. Not telling us he's a "socialist" or whatever he thinks hes aligned with.

                          What has Mycall shown us about his political opinion? He hates George Bush?

                          Seriously kid, enjoy your childhood, it won't be long before you have to start studying and / or working, and you'll wish you could of fucked about in your youth years instead if talking about politics and fucking hip hop.

                          Anyway, don't you have parents? I know for sure if I was 12 on a computer all day talking to 30 year olds, my parents would be worried.


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                            1.I'm not a Democrat.

                            2. I'm "Chubby" , not obesse

                            3. No, I don't do it to fit in. I do it because I've always been a hip-hop head. Sure I was a gruopie back then. But that was back then. Anyways......fine, think what you want. I know what I'm into.

                            And that's good enough for me.
                            "To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true." - Bertrand Russell


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                              1. I couldn't give a shit. I doubt you even know what you are, how the fuck is a 12 year old going to know what affects him. You wish you could vote for the party that offers free-fatening-food at middle school lunch.

                              2. You are obese, kid. It's pretty fucking obvious. I don't care what your neglecting mother tells you.

                              3. For a start kid, you said you had 200 "Hip Hop" cd's that got stolen last year. Tell me, if you were a "gruopie" back then, what artists made up that list? I'm sure Eminem and his band don't have that many cd's. Plus you said you listening to 50 cent when he was "underground". When you grow older, you'll learn how to lie right.

                              4. Why didn't you have a come back for talking to grown men, who should know better then to talk to kids on the internet.


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