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    post more reavelaing chat convos here like the one u did about that whore luverde

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    ...ALLES IS KUNST...

    Today there will be no remorse at all,
    Come what may.....!


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      LuvVerde: Hi
      FunkyDeeSigns: how are you
      FunkyDeeSigns: did you get your vet status back??
      LuvVerde: No
      FunkyDeeSigns: why not
      LuvVerde: I donít know
      LuvVerde: I asked for it though

      FunkyDeeSigns: noooooooooo really
      LuvVerde: How do you know everything?
      LuvVerde: I really canít stand that!

      FunkyDeeSigns: why not
      FunkyDeeSigns: you canít stand me, you mean
      LuvVerde: Yes! You are what I want to be.
      FunkyDeeSigns: why?
      LuvVerde: Because, well you got all those people around you
      LuvVerde: Have friends, everywhere, I really hate you
      LuvVerde: Anyways ... And I hate the fact that Iím no mod anymore 
      LuvVerde: I even called Jason

      FunkyDeeSigns: youíre a dumb kiddie
      LuvVerde: STFU
      FunkyDeeSigns: thats mean
      LuvVerde: Are you banned ?
      LuvVerde: can you read the board ?

      FunkyDeeSigns: no
      LuvVerde: You cant ?
      FunkyDeeSigns: no
      LuvVerde: Log off and you will can
      LuvVerde: I mean .. IP never mind

      FunkyDeeSigns: I can't, cause I'm banned
      LuvVerde wants to directly connect.
      LuvVerde is now directly connected.
      LuvVerde: There is a thread
      LuvVerde: In General
      LuvVerde: "photoshop material"

      FunkyDeeSigns: I don't see anything
      FunkyDeeSigns: still can't
      FunkyDeeSigns: my AIM is fucked up
      LuvVerde: OH
      LuvVerde: I have made a picture of you, and I think I am the best in it

      FunkyDeeSigns: Are you a little obsessed, my dear
      LuvVerde: I donít know what you mean?
      LuvVerde: I just canít stand it that you are more popular then me

      FunkyDeeSigns: but that is just stupid, little one
      LuvVerde: How come you are so popular?
      FunkyDeeSigns: I donít spread my legs infront of cams 
      LuvVerde: I dont know how to make gifs
      FunkyDeeSigns: you donít know more things, preppy
      LuvVerde: Oh ... yeah
      FunkyDeeSigns: ooo yeah
      LuvVerde: I know everything, Iím the smartest on that stupid board
      FunkyDeeSigns: thatís sad, you are delusional
      LuvVerde: I was being sarcastic
      FunkyDeeSigns: really.......
      LuvVerde: No, I was talking the truth!
      LuvVerde: All the stupid guys who talk to me are dumb

      FunkyDeeSigns: boooooooooooooring
      FunkyDeeSigns: don't spend so much behind that webcam
      LuvVerde: I wasnt even webcaming today
      FunkyDeeSigns: serious.....
      LuvVerde: Im way to much on webcam anyway
      FunkyDeeSigns: we all know that, little attention whore
      LuvVerde: Said ms "I know it all"
      FunkyDeeSigns: thatís right!!!
      LuvVerde: Im out
      LuvVerde: Youíre also annoying

      FunkyDeeSigns: I KNOW
      LuvVerde: I think I can go to sleep
      FunkyDeeSigns: you think??
      FunkyDeeSigns: wow
      LuvVerde: Im going to do my best to look you like a stupid girl
      LuvVerde: Im jealous at you, and my parents are not crackheads!!

      FunkyDeeSigns: great to know
      FunkyDeeSigns: well bye honey
      FunkyDeeSigns: don't forget to shave you mustache in the morning
      LuvVerde: How did you know that?
      LuvVerde: I only told that to a few people

      FunkyDeeSigns: I have my connections
      FunkyDeeSigns: but truth is hard, like your fake ego selfish person
      LuvVerde: AgainÖ. I hate you!!
      FunkyDeeSigns: try to accept you for who you are
      LuvVerde: ????
      LuvVerde: I love myself in case you havent noticed
      LuvVerde: I think Im the best of all

      FunkyDeeSigns: well, missy, you arent
      FunkyDeeSigns: we all are curious who is behind that big ego, kiddie
      LuvVerde signed off at 8:26:52.

      oowh btw, I could read the board as guest
      ...ALLES IS KUNST...

      Today there will be no remorse at all,
      Come what may.....!


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        FunkyDeeSigns: so so
        LuvVerde: Ok, what do you want ?
        FunkyDeeSigns: I just wanna talk, is that a crime???
        LuvVerde: No
        FunkyDeeSigns: you're not that fast here as you are at the board!
        LuvVerde: Join this
        FunkyDeeSigns: funny you can't talk by yourself
        LuvVerde: I can, but they support me
        FunkyDeeSigns: so what do you have to say about yourself?
        LuvVerde: WTF ?
        LuvVerde: You ask me to talk to you about me
        LuvVerde: I have nothing to tell you about me
        LuvVerde: Whore

        FunkyDeeSigns: says the one with the open legs infront of her cam
        FunkyDeeSigns: and please tell that to the one who puts the food on the table in your homecountry
        LuvVerde: I am bored of you
        LuvVerde: My mom is no whore, we are very rich
        LuvVerde: We have a hospital and I got a car from my dad, so beat that!

        FunkyDeeSigns: well I'm bored of you, why do you keep IMíing me???
        LuvVerde: Because I want to show my self off
        LuvVerde: Im so much better then you and everybody!

        FunkyDeeSigns: keep thinking that, the higher the horse the harder the fall!!
        FunkyDeeSigns: youíre no different then anybody else, yeah maybe a bit.
        LuvVerde: How do you know I am not different ?
        LuvVerde: Im different, Im much better, better then you and all the other girls on the board

        FunkyDeeSigns: Keep dreaming, youngín, youíre the same as every attention whore
        FunkyDeeSigns: why are you backstabbing ALOT of ppl
        LuvVerde: Backstabbing? Because I like that, it gives me power
        LuvVerde: And then Im popular again, all people love me, and you, they hate

        LuvVerde: And I want that, I want to be better then everybody
        FunkyDeeSigns: you're sad
        LuvVerde: I am sad
        LuvVerde: I miss home

        FunkyDeeSigns: aawh
        FunkyDeeSigns: is that why you are mean to ppl
        LuvVerde: I am mean bc I dont give a shit about the people who post in the dirty pics section
        LuvVerde: Show me posts of me being mean other than there and stuff related to that

        FunkyDeeSigns: so you dont give a shit about yourself neither
        LuvVerde: What do you mean?
        FunkyDeeSigns: baby, you just told that you don't give a shit about all the ppl in the dirty pics section
        FunkyDeeSigns: and yet you posted their your tits
        LuvVerde: I dont give a shit about what they post there
        FunkyDeeSigns: hmmmm
        LuvVerde: If you know what I mean
        LuvVerde: I post stuff to create biff
        LuvVerde: *beef

        FunkyDeeSigns: why?? do you need the attention?
        LuvVerde: Yes
        LuvVerde: I like the attention

        FunkyDeeSigns: you like the attention?? Sad kid, go home
        LuvVerde: You are mad because I get need the attention
        LuvVerde: And that I talk to the boss of the board and call him
        LuvVerde: So stfu
        LuvVerde: Bye

        FunkyDeeSigns: i'm not mad
        FunkyDeeSigns: i'm laidback
        LuvVerde: Yeaaaaaaah right
        LuvVerde: thats why you talk to me

        FunkyDeeSigns: yeah, I like that, just to annoy you, are you already mad???
        FunkyDeeSigns: your done with talking allready?
        LuvVerde: With you ? Yeah, I HATE YOU
        FunkyDeeSigns: why, don't you love me, LOL
        LuvVerde: What can I talk to you ?
        FunkyDeeSigns: say what???
        LuvVerde: LMAO @ you
        FunkyDeeSigns: Oooowh is that right
        LuvVerde: Yeah, Im so much better then you and everyone
        FunkyDeeSigns: riiiiiiiight
        LuvVerde: I'm AM
        LuvVerde: My parents are rich, Im beautifull, smarter then all of you, and all the boys want me on the board
        FunkyDeeSigns: Your ego is too big girlie, Why are you thinking that your better then everyone?
        LuvVerde: Ok , here I tell youÖÖI JUST AM!
        FunkyDeeSigns: Also in school
        LuvVerde: Yeah Iím the greatest there!
        LuvVerde: Like always

        FunkyDeeSigns: always???
        LuvVerde: Yes
        FunkyDeeSigns: that can't, you think that maybe, but your just a sad girl
        FunkyDeeSigns: A little sad girlie, far far away from her trailer 
        LuvVerde: I DONíT LIVE IN A TRAILER
        FunkyDeeSigns: for how long will you stay in The States?
        LuvVerde: I dont know, I think I will marry a rich guy here, and stay here forever
        FunkyDeeSigns: Don't you wanna go home after school
        FunkyDeeSigns: and then, youíre married, then what???
        LuvVerde: Then I can do what I want, bc he will be filthy rich
        LuvVerde: I donít wanna be on my own, I canít handle that

        FunkyDeeSigns: why not
        LuvVerde: Well first I need attention, a lot
        LuvVerde: Second, I donít wanna go back to my home country, its poor and nasty

        FunkyDeeSigns: how do you go handle that, finding a rich man
        LuvVerde: I just show myself off, they all want be
        LuvVerde: You can see that on the board, they are all over me

        FunkyDeeSigns: LOL, yeah cause you spread your legs and show your goodies
        LuvVerde: No!
        LuvVerde: Guys here are scared of me

        FunkyDeeSigns: in what way then
        FunkyDeeSigns: lol
        FunkyDeeSigns: why are they scared
        FunkyDeeSigns: Never have showed your goodies on school
        LuvVerde: I have a powerfull character
        FunkyDeeSigns: you have a powerfull character, LMFAO
        FunkyDeeSigns: so what makes your character so powerfull
        FunkyDeeSigns: hello, still there, or busy with other things
        LuvVerde: I am showing Jason my titties like always
        FunkyDeeSigns: Thought so
        FunkyDeeSigns: answer my Q
        FunkyDeeSigns: btw, those are your words
        LuvVerde: I wasnít being sarcastic
        FunkyDeeSigns: are you serious......nasty little kid, thatís childporn
        FunkyDeeSigns: but answer my Q
        FunkyDeeSigns: or can't you do that, cause you just don't know?
        LuvVerde: I am just to smart for American boys
        FunkyDeeSigns: so all american boys/guys/men are stupid
        FunkyDeeSigns: So why would you marry one, if they are all stupid?
        FunkyDeeSigns: how come you are smarter then them
        LuvVerde: They like blonde girls who give them blowjobs because its cool to do that
        LuvVerde: And who are always after their asses

        LuvVerde: I am not like that
        FunkyDeeSigns: don't you wanna be like that
        FunkyDeeSigns: cause you can dye your hair blonde
        FunkyDeeSigns: showing of your tits and ass you allready do
        FunkyDeeSigns: so whats the difference between you and American girls?
        LuvVerde: I just told you
        FunkyDeeSigns: but you showing you ass on the e-enet
        FunkyDeeSigns: so isn't that the same
        FunkyDeeSigns: and don't forget the titties
        FunkyDeeSigns: while you're 16!
        LuvVerde: So, what you mean?
        LuvVerde: I donít get it?

        LuvVerde: I am, well I thinkÖÖ
        LuvVerde: Plus ... Iím not a blonde

        FunkyDeeSigns: teasing = asking for attention
        LuvVerde: Teasing = fucking boy's balls up
        FunkyDeeSigns: = asking for attention
        FunkyDeeSigns: it comes all down to that in the end
        LuvVerde: Stop trying to set me up as an attention whore
        FunkyDeeSigns: I don't do that
        FunkyDeeSigns: I just say how it is
        LuvVerde: How it is ?
        LuvVerde: That not how it is, Iím smarter then blonde girls, + all the girls here in America

        FunkyDeeSigns: riiight
        FunkyDeeSigns: how it is, kiddie
        LuvVerde: Kiddie
        LuvVerde: Im 16, no kiddie

        FunkyDeeSigns: In the end is lacking of attention and 16 = KIDDIE
        LuvVerde: No, you donít know me
        FunkyDeeSigns: thats why you're a tease
        FunkyDeeSigns: so you get the attention
        FunkyDeeSigns: get my point?? (bet not, with that bi-polar personality from you)
        LuvVerde: Ok I have a question
        FunkyDeeSigns: sure fire away
        LuvVerde: If it was like you say it is
        LuvVerde: Is there something wrong with getting attention ?

        FunkyDeeSigns: depends how you ask for it
        LuvVerde: I have all the attention I want
        LuvVerde: teasing is just a lot of fun, I love the attention

        FunkyDeeSigns: not enough tho, otherwise you wouldn't show your ass
        LuvVerde: Getting boy's attention and then cut them off ... feels good
        FunkyDeeSigns: and you said boys are scared of you
        FunkyDeeSigns: do you have bi-polar
        LuvVerde: bi-polar ?
        FunkyDeeSigns: yeah bi-polar, look it up
        LuvVerde: I know what it means
        FunkyDeeSigns: cause you seem to be one
        LuvVerde: But wtf do you mean ?
        FunkyDeeSigns: well, you're hykel and hide
        LuvVerde: maybe you mean bi-polar ... like two faced
        LuvVerde: (I was thinking about mental ill)
        LuvVerde: which I am not
        LuvVerde: You take things way to serious

        FunkyDeeSigns: maybeÖ.LOL
        FunkyDeeSigns: I was thinking mental ill
        FunkyDeeSigns: cause you contradict yourself all the time
        LuvVerde: Do you even know what the symptoms are ?
        LuvVerde: Look it up

        FunkyDeeSigns: yeah I know
        FunkyDeeSigns: I think you should look it up and read it good
        LuvVerde: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/bipolar.cfm#bp1
        LuvVerde: Yeah .... you know me
        LuvVerde: Take me to the hospital
        LuvVerde: I am ill

        FunkyDeeSigns: I'm to busy, sorry
        LuvVerde: WTF!!
        FunkyDeeSigns: again.....I AM BUSY!!
        LuvVerde: This is the only one who fits ,e
        LuvVerde: *me

        FunkyDeeSigns: I didn't read, don't feel like it
        LuvVerde: WTV
        LuvVerde: I wanna go to bed now

        FunkyDeeSigns: vuck???
        LuvVerde: I had a game today
        and school
        LuvVerde: I am tired

        FunkyDeeSigns: aaawh
        FunkyDeeSigns: well log of then
        FunkyDeeSigns: nite nite, ill one
        LuvVerde: I never log off
        LuvVerde: My laptop is always open
        FunkyDeeSigns: great to know
        Originally Posted by j0hn
        Hell would be having FunkyDee's face tattooed to the back of your eyelids

        FunkyDeeSigns: lmao
        FunkyDeeSigns: to who is he saying this
        FunkyDeeSigns: funny, when I even aren't there, you ppl keep talking about me
        LuvVerde: Its been 4 days .... people are still celebrating
        FunkyDeeSigns: wow, so without showing my ass and tits, I was hella importend to the sad ones
        LuvVerde: Trumatizing
        FunkyDeeSigns: so did you provide the pics from FAG
        LuvVerde: YEAH
        FunkyDeeSigns: I knew it!!
        FunkyDeeSigns: Youíre so transparent
        FunkyDeeSigns: a little birdie told me
        FunkyDeeSigns: told me alot of stuff about you
        LuvVerde: OH WOW
        LuvVerde: BALZTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        FunkyDeeSigns: nope
        LuvVerde: I know that guy to well already
        LuvVerde: NOPE ?
        LuvVerde: Yeah right

        FunkyDeeSigns: I bearly talk to him
        LuvVerde: nobody else knows stuff about me
        FunkyDeeSigns: well, honey, hate to burst your bubble
        FunkyDeeSigns: but YES there are ppl who know ALOT about you
        LuvVerde: I can know a lot about people
        LuvVerde: but know unimportant things
        LuvVerde: and false shit

        FunkyDeeSigns: that sentence didn't make sense "I can know a lot about people"
        LuvVerde: I can SAY I know a lot about people
        LuvVerde: better ? Broken english

        FunkyDeeSigns: yeah better
        LuvVerde: ALOT = A Lot
        LuvVerde: two words

        FunkyDeeSigns: dunno = I don't know = 3 words
        FunkyDeeSigns: slang = e-net langauge = faster
        LuvVerde: ONE SPACE = doesnt save you time
        FunkyDeeSigns: well sometimes it does
        LuvVerde: many people make that mistake
        LuvVerde: ALOT

        FunkyDeeSigns: so who cares
        LuvVerde: I care
        FunkyDeeSigns: so and, that must mean something to me???
        LuvVerde: But you are ignorant ad you think you know everything
        FunkyDeeSigns: do you think I care?
        FunkyDeeSigns: Again, I donít know everything, like did you wore my clothes back in the days
        FunkyDeeSigns: or, eat my food, when we had to support your country
        FunkyDeeSigns: Well, any answersÖÖ..
        LuvVerde signed off at 7:52:45.
        guess not
        ...ALLES IS KUNST...

        Today there will be no remorse at all,
        Come what may.....!


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          This is way too long but lol @ her callin Jason! :D
          Welcome To The Family


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            Funky, it looks like you wrote that shit (if you did, that's sad) but at some points, Verde's grammar seems extremely similiar to yours.
            I'm pre-disastrous, I fuck shit up before it happens
            Like blown engines of Airplanes with snorin' captains


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              FunkyDeeSigns: funny, when I even aren't there, you ppl keep talking about me

              My other aliases:
              On The Shelf

              Originally posted by Nasen
              i seeth for a minute
              Originally posted by Derty JaSoN
              i have no clue who was de-re whatever


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                Jason gets too many calls from these ladies on the D12 board. TSK TSK.
                A Whole Piece Down Your Esophagus, What An Accomplishment.


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                  Originally posted by FunkyDee

                  LuvVerde: BALZTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
                  damn...screaming my name! lol


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                    so luvverde thinks she's better than all the girls on this board ?? right!!
                    and she thinks , she is the most beautiful girl on this board , right!!!!???
                    and she thinks she's better than anyone else on this board , right???

                    woman are just really woman , goddamn they act the same fucking way , on a goddamn message board as they fucking do in real life .
                    HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU THINK YOUR ALL THAT , !!!
                    teenage little girls ha ha ha ha theyr so funny.


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                      Unfortunately, I dont have the time to read the entire chat, but who would? Read a little bit of it, LMAO @ Her calling Jason.


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                        "being luvverde malkovich" starring the pathetic fat sack, funkydee, as the miserable, dogface monstrosity who lives through the eyes of the person she wants to be.


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                          ^ God damn, give dusty a fucking gold medal.


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                            Im confused about weather of not that is real.

                            If it is...I am mad @ this:

                            LuvVerde: They like blonde girls who give them blowjobs because its cool to do that
                            LuvVerde: And who are always after their asses
                            LuvVerde: I am not like that
                            FunkyDeeSigns: THAT YOUíRE NO DIFFERENT THEN THOSE BLONDE GIRLS!!!!!
                            LuvVerde: Plus ... Iím not a blonde
                            LuvVerde: That not how it is, Iím smarter then blonde girls, + all the girls here in America
                            The sky darkens, my life flashes
                            The plane I was supposed to be on crashes
                            and falls to ashes


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                              LuvVerde: I heard TheWestIsBack has a huge cock.
                              FunkyDee: I think so, look at his post. Geez-us!
                              LuvVerde: I'm going to call him so I can fuck him.

                              You ladies disgust me.
                              My other aliases:
                              On The Shelf


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