Dear Music Webmasters,

Through a recent partnership with Excedra Solutions, Philadelphia’s Streetline Records has initiated a promotional effort to find ambitious web developers who are currently in need of web space for use in the music industry. We are looking to build partnerships with online music communities in order to promote our future (and current) music, by offering massive free web space and bandwidth to qualified applicants. If you believe you have an idea or web site that can sustain an acceptable traffic load, and would like to take advantage of our offer, please review the qualifications below, and send an email with all of your ideas to [email protected]. The promotion ends April 29th, 2005, therefore anyone interested must act quickly. Please review the requirements below before applying.

1. Must have basic knowledge of HTML,

2. Must have the ability to perform the frequent maintenance needed to sustain site traffic.

3. Must have your own means of site promotion and marketing*.

4. Must be at least 13 years of age.


Matthew Dunleavy
Chief Executive Officer
Streetline Records, LLC.