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First round of battles in #battleworld

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  • First round of battles in #battleworld

    #battleworld is on Efnet (juss like #d12world). It's basically a room where we have tournaments of a bunch of people text-battling. Ima post today's matches.

    Battle 1

    ugh ugh ugh yea, Mike, I remember the first time I read your posts
    I knew right then you'd be one of my foes
    then later on I saw one of your pics
    you fat fuck, you must be eatin some bricks
    All the folks on the board, they always be clownin you
    I don't blame em dog, look like you got attacked by a hound or two
    Livin in Canada you know what they say
    Canada is known for 2 things syrup and gays

    Listen as I disperse an ill written verse
    unlike you my style and topics can be diverse
    donít try and talk shit if you cant back it up
    Iím a grown wolf man, you still just a pup
    fat fuck and Iím eating some bricks?
    shit man i'm the one who's getting chicks
    you riding my dick wanting to give it a lick?
    A few of the kids be trying to clown on me
    but donít you see they never really faze me
    so whatcu doing now jumpin on the bandwagon
    while u come up with a diss ill give your mom a shaggin
    so shut the fuck up and get off IRC
    whether you like it or not you canít be me

    Winner: Tim_D

  • #2
    Battle 2

    shit I havenít seen worse.
    u should be dead for spittin that bad verse,
    ill kill u twice have u sittin in a black hearse.
    man your rhyme sucks I suggest u quit rappin,
    my shit is hot so they are chromosome mappin.
    fuck wit me and you'll get mugged and raided,
    all my crimes are drug related.
    iím quick to beat u ***** like an old rug,
    if not ill pull a trigga till u leak blood.
    pull your feet out from underneath u till u fall off,
    talk shit ill tear your jaw off.
    iv been doin this for a year and been insane since,
    fuck around and get your brain pinched.
    my trigga finger itches,
    donít hate I obliterate bitches.
    my swift fists are like lightnin,
    u seen what happened to the last man iight then.

    weed, don't make me break your back legs arms like Christopher reeves, your name is fitting, youíll be green with envy, after you see these verses I write from within me. I write these rhymes to joke you, better yet, I write this shit to smoke you. I think you should change your name to bitch dawg you discracin the green, lucky you on that computer hidin behind that screen. if you wasn't dog I'd hafta clap you, and if I didn't have a gun

    Winner: Tim_D


    • #3
      Battle 3

      Untld dog, I don't know you, but I know this much, kneenah?
      she wouldn't blow you.
      talkin to these internet girls like you a geek.
      just knowin that, I can tell your rhymes are weak.
      I'm new to this rap scene and already takin the crown.
      so when this is said and done you might as well bow down.
      actin like you hard in D12world, I'm done with this shit, you've just been girled

      just another battle, just another round
      internet girls? man u donít know the half of what I got underground
      I could get bitches just like I got more rhymes than my dick got inches
      a battle wit me??... what were u thinking?
      imma have u down like lewis on tyson, get it right son
      I wonít have u on the ground bloody and beaten.
      better yet Iíll have u fuckin dead... blood still seepin
      I swarm your mind with my brainstorm your blind, typhlotic to my way and what I have to say my cerebral vortex rips and erects when I infest, and drop my magnificent manifest
      my lyricism leaves incisions in your petty acronyms
      now that I've left u to decay, demons prey above u like they vultures
      anytime u ready to go I will take u out like conflicting cultures...
      my battle raps leave u blinded like cataracts stranded within the metaphorical oratorical curves that I shape with my own hands
      spittin shit like a bird on exlax
      now do u really wanna test that?
      didnít think so....

      Winner: UntldDrama


      • #4
        Final Battle

        here we go again, how the fuck u ever beat me once... u spit saliva.. I spit venom
        I donít need rhyme help I have an alliance wit myself it causes spiritual violence breakin u down in microscopic fragments
        you lil fuckin bitch, u think u rock tha mic? All u do is fan it while I rock the mic and the ground like its granite
        my many hypnotical regions are transcendental while you take e-ons to write a simple phrase u cant match me iím a phenom
        I hold my device tight, cause bitch its time we set off this mic fight
        your fuckin NOTHING, and you wanna battle a fucking mic Christ?
        I got more power than gotti, and Iíve never rocked a shotti
        I slash u up like iím holding a chainsaw, my fuckin brains raw
        my rhymes are untouchable like elliot ness
        that means they cant be touched... unlike you, but u just got punched
        do I got you that shook?... your minds interface is acrylic through the cover like a book
        I donít even got to know u, I know u a big pussy, get a hard on and... u fuck yourself
        I bust raw poems some of em only found buried beneath tombs
        iím pullin science from catacombs, so fast your still pickin up your limbs and lookin for your limphnodes
        bitch u just got knocked the fuck out... like that kid on Friday... this is my day
        now the shits been unfurrled
        so as you were sayin last time, maybe u won the war but 'son' I just conquered your whole world

        lol its a fuckin novel
        untld wanted a rematch cuz he thought he had a chance/
        but he has no chance, like him tryin to get in girls pants/
        it just ain't gonna happen, cuz i'm just too swift/
        the only thing u should be rappin, is birthday gifts/
        cuz i'm like a lion and your just a mouse/
        i'm eatin you like fat Joe at a steak house/
        your rhymes are plain, as a sugar cookie/
        as i said before, quit rap you're a rookie/
        u suck and i win, so give up now/
        cuz i unleash a growl and like a pussy u meow/
        u ain't hard, u bout as soft as a bear cub/
        dude i think i seen you in the Mickey mouse club/
        this battle is over, i know that i won/
        so take some tips from the champ son/
        first donít come up with you bubble gum shit/
        if your gonna spit, at least spit wit some vengeance/
        cuz u too weak, to defeat me, i hope u noticed/
        cuz i'm the best, and only the best wrote this

        Winner: Muk


        • #5
          The overall champ was Muk (Keigan on the board). We will have a tourney every night at 9:30 est.


          • #6
            weed 0wned tim


            • #7
              :: I'm battling tomorrow

              Jess vs. Tim_D

              Jess vs UntldDrma ; )
              .. Jess-A-Fella Records.. ::



              • #8
                hes most hated most def, but hes most def one of the most def wit exception of Mos Def, correction hes most def one of the most with depth, but most slept, cause he prolly went over most heads"


                • #9
                  bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
                  "Why would I save a world, I no longer have any stake in?"


                  • #10
                    UntldDrma for life


                    • #11
                      M2D..... aka UntldDrma


                      • #12
                        lol YA SO


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