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  • 'Fade to Black'


    This movie looks amazing!
    Peace & Love

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    Jay-Z rules.


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        looks tight

        XBox Live-De4dly R4pture
        Ill SHIT on you!!!!


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          I want to see this film. I know it will be good


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            that was prob one of the best nights ever...def will be the best concert i went to no matter how many i go to
            "A wise man told me don't argue with fools...Cause people from a distance can't tell who is who" Jay-Z


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              i like jay-z and i wanna see the concert but i dont feel like going to the theater to see it...


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                Don't think it'll be that good, but i'll probably see it none the less


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                  can wait for someone to rip this shit


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                    My other aliases:
                    On The Shelf


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                      I can't wait to see this one. Jay is the man!!!
                      I'm an angel.. Honest
                      The horns are just there to keep the halo straight


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                        couldnt find it at any theaters today..
                        Stayin' for that Trill shit.
                        Somthin' you can feel shit.
                        Anythang else man, I don't even wanna deal wit.


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                          Maybe it's been posted before but Jay-Z did an interview with Comingsoon! a few days ago about Fade To Black and other things. For the people who haven't read it:

                          Last year, Jay-Z announced his retirement as a recording artist to turn to the business side of music in hopes of paving the way for a new generation of hip-hop artists. But first, he wanted to make one last album, and he celebrated its release by a special one-night-only blow-out concert at New York's Madison Square Garden. After selling out in a couple hours, a record for a solo rap artist, the concert covered his entire career and featured guest appearances from popular hip-hop and R'n'B artists like R. Kelly, Foxxy Brown, Mary J. Blige, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot and others. But seriously, who else could pull a coup like having Beyonce play his "half-time show"

                          Back on tour with R. Kelly for their "Best of Both Worlds" tour, which Kelly abruptly dropped out of last week, Jay-Z sat down to talk to ComingSoon.net about the concert, his documentary/concert film Fade to Black and what he hopes to do with the rest of his life.

                          CS!: How much did you prepare and rehearse for this big Madison Square Garden concert?Jay-Z: Not long. I like to leave that feeling that you can mess up any second. When I did MTV Unplugged, we rehearsed Saturday and we recorded Sunday. As far as the preparation for the show, getting people there was longer than the rehearsal time. I hadn't rehearsed with R. Kelly, I did two rehearsals with Mary and I hadn't rehearsed with Foxx or Beyonce. You can add that up. It's very short. Couple hours.

                          CS!: Did you know you were going to do this movie when you started recording the album?
                          Jay-Z: No. The stuff from the recording of the CD was supposed to be for an extra bonus on the album-some DVD footage, but of course we missed that. I'm not as efficient as you think. (laughter) Then, we shot the Garden because we thought something special would happen to put it out as a DVD. When we got the first fifteen minutes, it was like…hold on. This is more than just a DVD. This is a real journey for a kid from Brooklyn, New York to play the biggest stage in the world. This was much bigger than that. It was inspirational also, because the fact I couldn't get a deal in the beginning. It just became this thing.

                          CS!: In the beginning of the film it says "A Shawn Carter Film" yet you didn't actually direct it. Why was that?Jay-Z: Well, it was my voice and shot selections and different things like that. And the tone and the feeling of the movie is me. That's basically it. Nothing special.

                          CS!: Why did you decide to narrate the movie yourself?
                          Jay-Z: I mean, who else could tell that story? That's how I felt, y'know what I'm sayin'? This is one of the most personal things I put out. I never allow people in the studio during my recording process or listen to my conversations with friends. I'm not that type of person, so I figured it had to be in my voice.

                          CS!: It was fascinating watching you record. Was there any added pressure once the cameras were on you?
                          Jay-Z: You hear people that do reality shows say you forget they're there, and you really do forget after a second. If it's there every day, you're conscious and you have your "extra-cool" on, but after fifteen minutes, you just relax and you forget, so… no pressure.

                          CS!: What's it like being one guy on stage at Madison Square Garden, hearing all those people chant your lyrics and with all that energy that was there?Jay-Z: I couldn't feel it at the time. It took for me to watch the movie to really say like "wow, that was huge!" Like I said, with such little rehearsal time, I'm focused on what's comin' on next. "Where's Mary comin' from?" "Where the hell is Foxxy? I hope she don't mess up." (laughter) I was just focused on what was goin' on. The technical aspect of it and the emotional aspect kicked in later when I looked at it and I was like, "this is crazy!" When I saw the first 15 minutes, I was blown away.

                          CS!: At one point you say "I see myself tearing this place down." Where did that come from?Jay-Z: I watch a lot of sports, so that's just some sports jargon, and I really adapted that into my real life. You know what I'm sayin'? You have to go through it first. You have to see that it's some "zen-filled Jackson sh*t". Excuse my language. (laughter)

                          CS!: Do you still get nervous when you're on stage, and if so, do you use that to make the shows more edgy?Jay-Z: I get butterflies, but after the first note hits, I'm finished. By that time, I'm still thinking about the execution of what I'm going to do, so I'm preoccupied. And then when the first note hits, I'm so far in it, I'm not nervous at all.

                          CS!: How did you choose the songs that you played at the MSG concert from your ten albums?
                          Jay-Z: It was two-and-a-half hours, so trust me, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel after a minute. (laughs) I just pick the songs that I knew either they was just hugely popular or they was songs that stuck with people forever like "Where I'm From" and "You Don't Know."

                          CS!: What are your favorite songs that you like to perform?
                          Jay-Z: Right now, my favorite two songs to perform are "PSA" and "Encore".

                          CS!: And are there any songs that you're a little tired of doing onstage?
                          Jay-Z: I don't do 'em, y'know what I'm sayin'? If I'm tired of them, I just don't perform them. I never perform "Girls, Girls, Girls" or "Sunshine" or "Change Clothes". I don't perform a lot of songs that was quote unquote "hits".

                          CS!: What was your favorite backstage moment from the concert?
                          Jay-Z: When I seen the film, my favorite moment was Slick Rick passin' Ghostface the [big gold] chain. I was like, "That's a huge hip-hop moment right there!" But I didn't see that live. I was too busy running back and forth. Like when I wasn't on stage, I was changing, so I was in the change booth, so when I come out, I run back on stage, so I didn't really get in on the act too much backstage. But when I seen that moment, I was like, "you caught that?"

                          CS!: After a big concert like this, where does it go from there? Giants Stadium?Jay-Z: Giants Stadium is not the great place to play. Madison Square Garden is the perfect place to play. Giants Stadium because of the acoustics, it's outdoors, and it's huge, so the sound is hitting you back. It's echoing and you don't feel it in your heart as much. When you're in an arena, you feel the music in your heart and the lighting is perfect. There's nothing like Madison Square Garden. Even when I was on arena tours-I've been on four in the last six years-I made sure I went out and did the "Blueprint 2" lounge tour, like real small venues like the Hammerstein and things like that, cause I love that intimate setting. I'm a person that connects with people. When I perform, I look for people that's really into the music and vibin' on that particular song. I like it more personal than just a big sea of people that I can't feel.

                          CS!: Was there anything that you didn't put in the movie?Jay-Z: There is some extras in the DVD that will probably come out next year some time.

                          CS!: Are you going to do any other movies?
                          Jay-Z: No, no…I'm going to take this one day at a time. It's been a long day for me, and I still have a show tonight.

                          CS!: Obviously that was your best concert experiences, but what was your worst?
                          Jay-Z: I think around my first one. It was at some college. We used to play a lot of colleges back then. We used to just go, get in the car and drive all the way to North Carolina and back. At one of the colleges we was playin', I forgot the words to the song. I was like "Tell 'em Dane!" I don't know if y'all know Dane, but he's not a rapper, so he was lookin' around like…

                          CS!: You say this is the retirement album. Where are you going to put that energy?
                          Jay-Z: Hopefully into new artists, maybe I can channel that through new artist and you know, teach them how to be artists instead of making the hot club record or just one record, to make albums and have lengthy careers.

                          CS!: Why would you want to retire?
                          Jay-Z: Oh, just to do something different and challenge myself somewhere else. I have this opportunity to open doors for the next new generation of artists on the executive level. So why not at least try?

                          CS!: At one point, you mention that the fans are making rappers afraid to be themselves. Is that something you're going to work on?
                          Jay-Z: Yeah, that's my goal right there. Because all the real artists and the people that these guys look up to growing up have their vulnerable moments, but right now, it's so much pressure to have the hot single now and get the audience, so that no one is concentrating on the album.

                          CS!: Has the music business become too corporate?
                          Jay-Z: It's the business of music now, instead of the music business. Exactly. We're puttin' the carriage before the horse. We have to make music first and then everything else is a by-product of that, y'know?

                          CS!: What's going to happen when you become the head of Def Jam? They also have a big alt-rock market, what do you feel you can bring to them?
                          Jay-Z: I'm rock and roll, man. But that's not a done deal, y'know, it's just talks. We'll see what happens with that whole situation.I'm an artist across the board. I know what good music is no matter what. I believe in good music and bad music, and that's it. Bad music is bad in rock, is bad in bluegrass or whatever.

                          CS!: Do you think being a label head would put you at odds with Damon Dash, competing for acts?
                          Jay-Z: Nah…if it did, it would be fun. (laughter)

                          Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/topnews.php?id=7037
                          "If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart"


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                            Originally posted by Iceberg Slim
                            that was prob one of the best nights ever...def will be the best concert i went to no matter how many i go to

                            ^^^ I AGREE............


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                              still cant find this anywhere..
                              "I can gather all the news I need on the weather report."


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