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    Konceptz: Why the name Chamillion Invisible Assassin?

    Chamillion: Well, I came up with these names when I weas 14, the year was 1996 the Street was Norman ST. on the west side of Bridgeport Connecticut. I saw the name Kameleon in a video game magazine, she was a female ninja from the video game Mortal Kombat. And Invisible Assassins is a book about Ninjas, written by Andrew Adams. I put it together and came up with that name, I love Martial Arts! As for the name Phantom Matlon, I was in a chat room, (same age same year) a phone chat room, and I was asked what my name was, instead of blurting out my real name, which is uncommon, I was like "Phantom" or the "Phantom". The Matlon part came about the same year, I decided to try and come up with a word that did not sound like any other word, I came up with Matlon and put it together.

    Konceptz: Where do you get you're inspirations for the songs you write?

    Chamillion: Well, I am not too big on inspiration, as far as like, others influencing me, I like my music to come from me. I guess I just get it from life, I am by no means a normal rapper, instead of rapping about being a criminal, I prefer to rap about being a vigilante who kills the criminals, I invented the "Anti thug" style. A lot of my material is either political, religious, battle or sexually orientated. I rap so different, when you combine my flow and delivery with my thoughts.

    Konceptz: How did you get into rap/hip-hop?

    Chamillion: I was 9 years old, I guess I kind of fell into it, in 1991. I started out as a hobby, then I came to the conclusion I wanted to be the best that ever existed. Here I am at 22 still loving it, still hungry, and about to drop my first single. And hopefully put out this EP too!

    Konceptz: Any News on upcoming projects, albums, mixtapes or eps??

    Chamillion: The first single titled "Wet Dreams". The EP titled "Manchuria". I am not too sure about the EP. It's an iffy, I hope I can put together this one particular record fast enough, all the other tracks are almost written. I started on the beat for this track, I just need the lyrics, and to finish up the beat. The single will feature as of right now, 2 tracks, Wet Dreams "Oh no they didn't" and Wet Dreams Two "Always hold you down" and a freestyle. I also plan to do an audio interview for it. As for the EP. I want that to be 6 tracks if I drop it.

    Konceptz: Any collaborations you can name?

    Chamillion: None on the EP or single, I want myself to be heard, I want people to truly get a taste of what I am saying, and that's why the album titled Manchuria will as of right now be a double album. I am working ona collaboration with several other rappers on the side though, and my verse from that record will be played on the audio interview on the first single, just my verse though.

    Konceptz: Your favorite artist at the moment?

    Chamillion: Myself, #2 Vakill of the Molemen out of Chicago, #3 Chino XL from New Jersey

    Konceptz: Favorite Producer?

    Chamillion: #1 Timbaland #2 Neptunes #3 Dr. Dre #4 Myself

    Konceptz: Have you ever done text or did you go straight to audio?

    Chamillion: Umm, I started rapping in 1991, I didn't get on the internet until 1998, I recorded my first song in 1996 titled, don't laugh! "Verbal Combat". So audio first, then when I got on the internet I rapped sometimes, I used to go on AOL in private room battle. That's where I met Raskal, he's a rapper from Nevada, and I meant others there as well.

    Konceptz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Chamillion: Wow, good question! I am about to officially launch Manchuria Records, about to officially launch the first single hopefully by next month, if not December the latest! It's about time I drop something, been rapping WAY too long to wait any longer. I am horny anxious to drop something lol! I've been rapping for over 13 years now? I mean come on! I hope in five years to be in a position where I feel comfortable euipment, record sales and progression wise, only time will tell, I can't honestly say where I see myself being. Where I want to be is 2 Albums deep, or about to realease my second album with plenty of artist on my roster from any genre of music whether that be gospel, r&b, pop, classical, whatever! And I want to bring musicians together and show the world that, even if you absoultely hate a certain genre of music, you can still find beauty in it. Like how rap music has a lot of negative things in it a lot of the times because of the things a lot f rappers have seen or been threw, or whatever but, a lot of people have jobs because of it, and a lot of rappers have a whole lot of respect and love for each other because of they're talents.

    Konceptz: U get sexually excited over releasin' music, What the fuck? (*Laughs*)

    Chamillion: (*Laughs*), hell yeah, I can feel it in my prostate

    Konceptz: What are your feelings on the sudden surge of "Rappers" coming out since the release of 8 mile?

    Chamillion: Oh boy. Goodness! Fake ass Eminems? I can't stand wannabe rappers. I have been rapping for so long I am a damn veteran, and wackness and wannabe's make me sick! I mean, just because you rap like someone doesen't make you good, and it doesen't make you them, so stop getting "inspired" and start getting original, and talented. I hate this confidence over talent B.S. too, like the people on American Idol, they swear they can sing, they are confident, but not talented. These are some Amercian Idol rappers out here. Imitations of your favorite rappers, store brand mc's, it's a joke!

    Konceptz: Out of the rappers out now, who would you like to work with or learn from the most?

    Chamillion: Oh man, good questions! I wish you would have asked which producer. But, as far as rappers go. Hmm, I would have to go with Kanye West and Pusha-T of the Clipse. Kanye because, he is a producer and rapper like me, his album was the favorite album of 2004 (I used to hate his ass for the record, till I heard that album!) And there is probably a lot I can learn from him. And Pusha-T because, Pusha-T, Fabolous and Kanye West are my favorite of the over ground Mainstream rappers. I would love to work with Timbaland on the production side and Dr. Dre. Because of Timbalands talents #1 and his success #2. And Dre because he is a living legend, his career has been nothing short of amazing, and my goal is to surpass him.

    Konceptz: How do you feel about all the beef happening in music lately?

    Chamillion: It's gay. It's so corny, over done, these rappers are drama queens. I mean for real, real bitches, no names either. Some beefs are down right ridiculous, if your going to beef let it fall under 1 or 2 categories, #1 something worth beefing over, and #2 strictly on wax, strictly business, to sell records, promote, or just to battle. The violence coming into play with it is what really makes it so bad.

    Konceptz: Underground or mainstream?

    Chamillion: Combination of both, underground for the lyrics, and mainstream for the flow, delivery's and beats. And as far as the business goes, both can work to your advantage depending on you!
    ...I sniff Ajax, drink chlorox
    Spit fresh, every breath till a lung pops...

  • #2

    Konceptz: Favorite Underground artist?

    Chamillion: Myself, but outside of me, it would have to be my second favorite rapper of all time, Vakill of the Molemen, as I mentioned earlier, he is amazing lyrically. Check him out at Undergroundhiphop.com type his name and see why he is my favorite outside of me, and Chino XL after that. Oh, but I also love Royce 5'9", the old Eminem, and Ras kass

    Konceptz: Hows the pressure with starting your own record label?

    Chamillion: Man, all this reading I have to do, to try to save myself from the IRS kicking my nuts outside in, and trying to stay within the law with it. Lots of reading, and lots of information, like I say, "so much info so little brain". Between making the music, and mixing, mastering, producing, distributing the CD's, the paper work, the documents to read to make it legal it's a lot of wor, it really is! But it's all worth it, I only have myself to blame if it fails, and if I prosper, I don't have to tell anyone "I could not have done it without you". That's what independents is all about, and what makes the truck load of work all worth it!

    Konceptz: Do you find it hard to be both a Emcee and Producer?

    Chamillion: Yes, I am limited as far as a studio is concearned. My equipment is mostly computer based, not a lot of hardware, the computer and the mic are like the strongest points of my studio, a Triton Keyboard or something would make it a whole lot easier but, I am happy I even have a place to record, and to top it off, to get professional sounding results! My beats sound good enough to be on the radio so I can't complain too much. It takes me a while to write sometime because I rap so many punchlines sometime it takes time to think of them and then the going back to make sure I worded this or that line the right way and what not. Plus I don't come from a producers background, I didn't get into that seriously until like 2002 when I had some software on the computer to mess around with, before that I didn't have any equipment basically so, I have room to grow as a producer.

    Konceptz: What programs do you use for anyone who is interested?

    : Ha, I love to know what the other producers are using, I am happy you asked that.

    Chamillion: FL4 from Image line, Cool Edit pro 2, Waves Platinum Bundle, Sonic Bbe Maximizer. Assorted sound fonts, Assorted fx, Assorted VST Instruments, etc.

    Chamillion: Oh, Anatares Microphone Modeler for my shure sm57 microphone, and more

    Konceptz: Do you have any last words to your fans?

    Chamillion: Watch out for Chamillion, I did not stop rapping, funds, legality's etc. Held me back for a minute, but I am almost there man, very close to the realease of the first single so remember my name, I plan use the internet kind of how 50 Cent the Mixtape circuit. Or how Master P used the Streets and the trunk of a car. Geek Marketing, lol. One more thing Bush and Kerry are cousins and belong to the same secret society (skull and cross bones, the order of death), check out infowars.com and also, type in yahoo, "Bush Kerry Odd cousins". Yes, what i just said is true, and oh, you can contact me personally at this email address, [email protected]

    Konceptz: Thanks for the Interview CIA

    Chamillion: Your welcome, and thank you for your time.
    ...I sniff Ajax, drink chlorox
    Spit fresh, every breath till a lung pops...


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