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  • ___________/hott !krumbz Interview! Hott\_________________

    Konceptz: First off, why the name Krumbz?

    Krumbz: About six or seven yearz ago my boy Jermz and I were just kickin back... chillin. And we were coming up with different namez for each other and shit like that. I wuz eating something and he just came out and said "Yo your Krumbz!". We were both laughing and shit but the shit wuz true like... it describez my bad eating habitz and also how my life had been for a long time. I don't know... it just seemed to fit me.

    Konceptz: Where do you get your inspirations for songs?

    Krumbz: Usually real life eventz. Thingz of that nature... unless itz a punchline... then I come up with those thingz all day long. I like conceptz and songz that everyone can relate to... not so much White or Black people but just people in general. Humanz. We all share this one bond regardless of race, class or religion so I try to touch on that. And I really like adding humor into my music... humor when done right... is a common thread for us all.

    Konceptz: How did you get into rap/hip-hop?

    Krumbz: Um well I grew up in a middle class house. Never been rich but we were doing okay. But thingz changed after my Mother had a break down and the family fell apart. She wuz really religious and wouldn't let us listen to anything except religious music. But when she had a break down... my Father and I would constantly fight and that would lead to me getting kicked out of my house when I wuz 14. I started hanging out in the streetz with certain katz and listening to Hip Hop. I remember going over my boyz house and watching the video for "The Symphony" with Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap and them. That had a big impact on me. But what really did it wuz watchin the Rakim video for "Microphone Fiend". I don't know... that song and video is probably my biggest inspiration. I wuz so young and at the time it just seemed... cool as shit.

    Konceptz: How did you get hooked up with Cue Labs who produced your whole Last Album "Kontentz Under Pressure"?

    Krumbz: Thru my man Bleek over at Mac Recordz in Asbury Park. He worked there and he wuz doing some local Hip Hop music himself and he came in this one time with this beat cd. The beatz blew me away. I wuz like... who made these? He wuz like "You ain't gonna believe it but this little White skateboarding kid from Belmar." I couldn't believe it... cuz the beatz were so professional. So I got his number and me and Kenny just clicked right away. Cue (Kenny) wuz 16 when he made those beatz for my first album. He'z 19 now and one of the BEST producerz in the industry. I can honestly say that without his beatz I wouldn't be here. He'z incredible.

    Konceptz:Any News on the upcoming projects albums and mixtapes?

    Krumbz: Upcoming shit... I'm planning on my second album to drop in early 2005. I have all the beatz right now for it and I am writing like a fiend. I might release a mixtape before I drop my second album... just a compilation of all my old freestylez plus like 5 new onez. But nothing is set in stone. All I know is this second album is gonna change the Hip Hop game lyrically and set standardz. Itz gonna raise the bar for the underground and even major labelz are gonna be blown away. Itz not coming out unless itz perfect and you can't rush perfection. Trust me... everyone will be impressed with this one.

    Konceptz: A confirmed name yet?

    Krumbz: Nothing confirmed but fuck it herez the tentative title.

    Konceptz: Any collaborations you can name?

    Krumbz: Well as nothingz set in stone cuz nothing has been recorded yet I can't really say anything definite. I can say however that I've talked with Bekay, Diabolic, Mischief (Proofs lil sister), DZK, Mense and my producer has talked to Thirston Howl the 3rd. But nothing is confirmed until itz recorded. I've also got some people talking to Stack Bundlez and Ali Vegas.
    We're just gonna have to see what happenz. Plus my usual boyz 7th Faction and Sess and Most Hated will make appearancez.

    Konceptz: I heard you're collaberating with Seville for "Commercially Underground" how did this come up?

    Krumbz: Well he had contacted me via email and asked me to be on it. He'z cool peepz. Seemz like he has direction and he'z focused. Right now I'm pretty much slammed with people asking me for collaberationz and I really can't fulfill everyonez request cuz I'm tryin to put all my energy into my second album right now.

    Konceptz: Your favorite artist at the moment?

    Krumbz: Ehh... I'm not really feeling Hip Hop like I used to but I've got to say that Cassidy, Banks, Jin, Chino XL, Canibus and Immortal Technique are really making it interesting again.
    Overall in my opinion... noone is touching Jadakiss. And I'm glad that Fat Joe is finally getting some recognition too.
    I would like to add Eminem to my list but I wasn't feeling this single he put out. Very dissappointed but I'm hoping his album will change my mind.

    Konceptz: Favorite Producer?

    Krumbz: Cue Labs. But besidez him I'd like... no LOVE to work with DJ Premiere, Alchemist, Stoupe, Dre and the Beatnutz. Large Professor. And whoever makez Terror Squadz beatz... I forget their namez but those katz are INSANE. Scott Storch is doing big thingz too.

    Konceptz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Krumbz: Working at Walmart. (*Laughs*). Nah I'd really like to have my own label up and running. Thatz my dream job. I'd like to put out my music the way I want and make a decent living off of it. I'd also like to be able to put out other katz that I know need the shine they deserve.
    All together I just hope I'm successful and putting out good Hip Hop music with integrity. I'd also like to be married to Angelina Jolie.

    Konceptz: What are your feelings on the sudden surge of "Rappers" coming out since the release of 8 mile?

    Krumbz: I don't think therez a "surge" of rapperz coming out since that movie. I mean... the onez I've known have alwayz been doing it. Maybe that movie wuz motivation for some of the younger headz to really try to do something with their music... I don't know. Thatz just a movie people. Heh heh. Alot of the kidz coming out don't know a damn thing about Hip Hop and itz really ashame... because the artform has been exploited. To all the little kidz coming up... get yourself to a "Roots" show. Learn something.
    ...I sniff Ajax, drink chlorox
    Spit fresh, every breath till a lung pops...

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    Konceptz: How do you think Gangsta rap has effected people, if at all?

    Krumbz: Well... every "fad" has itz beginning and end. In the early 90's with NWA and alot of the so called "Gangsta" music that came out... it wuz different. It seemed "realer". It wuz new and "cool". But all this new shit coming out is just kinda repetitive. It seemz fake. If these MCz killed as many people as they claim in their rhymez... there would be no rap music cuz everyone would be in jail. Heh heh. Therez certain katz that can do it... but they do it good like Jadakiss. And even he went to college.

    Konceptz: Out of the rappers out now, who would you like to work with or learn from the most?

    Krumbz: I'd like to work with Royce, Chino XL, Young Zee, Copywrite, Canibus, Immortal Technique, Cassidy and some of the up and coming MCz in the game.
    Um... but as far as learning something from a MC.. I'd have to go with Nas and KRS One. Holla at me and school my ass.

    Konceptz: How do you feel about all the beef happening in music lately?

    Krumbz: I mean... I can't speak on it cuz I'm not involved with it. If someone came at me on wax then they would have to get it... only if the beef wuz legit. The thing is... people... this is rap music... itz just music. Stop all that hard shit. People are dying over wordz. Keep the shit on wax. Our egoz make this thing alot more dramatic then it has to be.
    And whatz up with these kidz dissing people JUST to get their name in the game? That... is not Hip Hop. Thatz breaking the rulez. You're all corny for that.

    Konceptz: Underground or mainstream?

    Krumbz: There'z bitchez in both. Therez politicz in both.

    Krumbz: The Underground wouldn't be as big as it is without the net. Black Moon started that underground shit too. The entire industry is played out. Fuck rap. Heh heh.

    Konceptz: What do you want to say about the people who are inspired by rap and want to try a career, any pointers or tips?

    Krumbz: Yeah... the game is alot harder then you might imagine. Um... make quality music. Don't put out anything that you're not 100% sure about. Make every track as good as you can make it. Take the time to record it good... adlib your trackz... double up on your vocalz... make a good product. And then become best friendz with mixtape DJ's. Heh.

    Konceptz: Anything you would like to add?

    Krumbz: Well not really. Everyone will know when my next album is on itz way coz I'm gonna have it all over the place. Also check out for www.Krumbzville.com My official fan site. Not sure when it will be done but its coming soon. And basically... thanks to everyone that has shown love. My second album will exceed your expectations. Thats my promise to all of my fans.
    Expect nothing less then perfection.
    Kontradictionz early 2005. Peace.

    Konceptz: Goodluck with the album and future work Thanks for the interview

    Krumbz: thanks... No prob.
    ...I sniff Ajax, drink chlorox
    Spit fresh, every breath till a lung pops...


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      good read, thx
      April 11th, 2006 - Proof that the good die young


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