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Just Like Me *Snipe ft Mexican* BEST SINGLE YET

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  • Just Like Me *Snipe ft Mexican* BEST SINGLE YET


    Thanks to mex for a hot verse, check his shit out at
    beats at

    Snipe verse 1,2,chorus
    Mex verse 3

    Ok I had enough of this, I want ya’ll to apologize
    For every time you interrupted me, I had tosacrifice
    My time, if I don’t talk to ya’ll I think you get offended by it
    Take me of your buddy list, or threaten like you aint gon buy it
    Hold it now I know tryin, every track u underlining
    Lines and lines you keep on eying me, as though im lying
    When combining up the lines It’s just a strategy of mine
    And if I manage to impress u, why the fuck would be tryin? Chump
    Correct the name is snipe, u keep on asking how I got it
    Well it simple I was playing with my penis, when I thought about it
    Put the letters all around and switched em up and put em down
    And suddenly It came together, finally the secret’s out

    All..that u wanted me to doo
    I know u like me
    put me a step infrong of You
    but please dont, do it like me
    and im laughing cuz they
    half of ya'll are more than likely
    wana be wana be
    just like me

    I am getting older by the day
    you might be angry
    there's nothing left for me to say
    act like you cannont stand me
    so keep walking your way and quit
    but infact yo're only pretending, my understanding
    is u

    trynna be just like me

    I guess we got it clear, but I still seem to have a problem
    With you constantly revolving round me, acting like I owe u something
    No it doesn’t bother me, to hear how much you’re found of me
    But I don’t click my mouse in days like u do every time you see
    A track that I’ve uploaded, fucking messages exploding
    Blowing out my fucking balls, and I don’t want this ever growing
    Past proportion, fuck commercial, sticker labeled controversial
    Sick of labels anti social, know me better then we’ll talk
    And I don’t even wanna get into this world, it’s bright and glamorous
    I met a few celebrities, within and out of cameras
    It’s scary how they’re changing, you don’t wanna be a fan of this
    The Krown will challenge amateurs, we run it from Los Angeles
    It’s scandalous, we got a grip we’re hanging on the edge of this
    It’s treacherous unless you turn it all to your advantages
    You learn to play it dangerous, while living off the benefits
    It feels like I been doing this enough, where my credits at?



    Now days I flip on the tv and see rappers are crazed
    Confused as fucked without anything to say
    There music sucks so I suggest you follow me
    And Be just like me
    I sit aiming with sniper cause im sick of changing diapers
    Off these little fuckin kids that never get to feel the fire
    But they know they get admired but they want to lie to me
    So they go against my every word and try to get my diary
    My time…my time its so simple aiming shit
    Cause Im the lighting that is striking at your window breaking it
    My night…my night..i done seen my name in shit
    So I don't need a special label just to get me famous shitt…
    ….see all these kids…on my dick lickin it
    waiting for me to get big so I start spittin it
    get it…lets rewind….nevermind lets keep it going
    keep your ear to hear a no one and your mouth to keep on blowing right?
    Last edited by sniper113; 11-01-2004, 01:33 AM.
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    whats up yall... mex sent me this the other day and i was feelin it... i dunno snipe not tryin to offend u hear but sometimes ya voice is koo and im like damn thats nice and unique... but other times its kinda annoying like this track i wasnt feelin ya voice but others i was.... anyways nice drop yall...

    u show me yours I show u mine


    another one dropping within the next 10 minutes too
    And to these N** I'm like Windows 7, you let em tell it they swear they invented you.


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      thanks wayz, yr word means somethin so yeh, i'll take this into consideration homes, bout to listen to ya shit
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        hell yeah.
        hot ass track right here.
        peep it if you got time.



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          hot track fellas, good drop


          • #6
            hot track, nice collab. Mex and Snipe both with nice verses.
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              The Krown WHAT!...

              Nice drop Snipe... shits hot.. lovin the Flow.. ya scheme is sweet.

              Mex came nice as well. Holla at me Mex to collab dawg...

              Chorus is sick.. street status...

              Feelin this.. Shodown on the beat.. cant go wrong with that.

              Nice drop.. On its way to my agent. BAM!.. keep them comin

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                Wow great track, they sound perfect together, they have similar styles in some way. i really liked this yall. 9/10
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                  thanks alot for the feedback



                  • #10
                    I wasn't really feeling this, didn't get me bobbin my head...Snipe, no offense, but your voice does turn me off.....its the kind of voice you just dont expect to be rapping, and usually takes time to get used to...but decent lyrics/vocab, okay multis, not many punches...good emotion, delivery...chorus was kinda hard to understand, i know you meant it to, but the words over-lapping made it hard to hear what you were saying throughout the whole chorus

                    Mexican, vocab/lyrics didnt impress me but you had okay delivery/emotion, voices are very alike so you guys are a good pair

                    keep doin your thing, the beat was good too, i kinda liked it, said ShowDown did it? coo

                    Mexican i like some of your beats too

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                    • #11
                      sniper- didnt lik ur voice, liked the lyrics and the concept

                      mex- uve come along way since i last herd a song from you, good shit.....when is ur next album coming out?

                      beat- fuckin awesome, who did u say made that at the start of the song (i couldnt understand)

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                      • #12
                        thanks dirty kevin
                        it comes out...april of next year.



                        • #13
                          haha thanks for the feed ya'll, sho down made the beat (rock it)

                          LOL @ someone who said no punches, not really that kindda track but igts all good, thanks for the feed
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                            hey snipe and mex Nice stuff from both of ya. Snipe ive heard better from ya before i just wasnt feelin this 1 as much as some of your others. But your flow was good

                            Diggin your aswell mex nice flow

                            cool shit

                            edit: gotta give ya hell props on the Bet freestyle demo. DAmn thats fuckin insane!
                            Last edited by MCunderlord; 11-01-2004, 01:26 AM.


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                              thanks dawg, ppreciate that shit mayn
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