This is me just spittin some shit with no beat. I don't have a beat mainly because I can't make a beat to save my life. I got a little ahead of myself in the middle of this but oh well. Just thought I'd post

Here's the lyrics

My hands are like two brackets holding the earth on its axis
And the fact is, that in this world I'm the main attraction
Only a fraction can show even an ounce of passion
Or you can be like Mel Gibson and use Christ's ass to cash in
This little bullshit phenomenon goin on has me laugin
That's why I express this shit through my rappin
Once I spit my shit, ya'll automatically start clappin
Ok, I'll tell you what you can do, stick a Bible up against your chest
I'll shoot you with a rifle and see if the bullet enters your breast
Your heart rate will slow down, nobody to check your pulse now
Your wonderin why your fuckin God wasn't around
To help you out of this predicament, when you spent
Every Sunday in church but really beggin for it to end
Everybody fuckin sins, do I have to tell you again
That I'm in no way for this fuckin Christian shit
I was actually there at the crucifixion, takin Christ's skin and rippin it
Into shreds, ready for bloodshed, shoot me in the head
And watch my body run away with my legs
You can chase me with a diseased needle
To kill me cause I'm tired of tryin to please people
I mean please people, can't you just accept me
For me, cause I got two left feet
I had to get another one after my right one left me
Time to make every bitch see, even though I use a tube to pee
I'm just as likely to go on a killing spree