The 1 and Only

yo, this n1gga was relunctant to battle me, cus he knows im better//
he couldnt be a playboypimp if he was huegh heffner//
full of skills, the best n1gga in the place//
ill pull a j-kwon and do a hood hop, on your face//
i may have just started, but im still way better than youll ever be//
the way you suck my dick, makes me think you actually wanna be me//
with playboy in ya name, i can tell you a bitch//
callin yaself good, everyone know you full of shit//
im probably the only black n1gga here//
you in jail bendin over, gettin fucked in the rear//


Bitch i am PlayboyPimp//
Don't fuck wit me or ill leave your lyrics with a limp//
So who do you pay to spit your shit?//
Cuz i no damn well that rap aint legit//
Talkin about jail and gettin fucked in the rear//
When really you the only one made to become a queer//
This maybe my first battle//
But i have a guarantee to make your brain rattle//
Ok this is the 9th line so i got 1 more line to spit//
I might as well end it so the guy will quit//

10 lines
3-0 ko
4-1 tko
best of 5