HeroinHav was talkin shit so I thought I'd set him straight...Aright you lil bitch haha...you cannot compete with us, and this is just like 1/10th of the power I can come atchu with...


'Heroin Haven't'


(Pheature & Skinny C talking)


I suggest to you that you shut the fuck up
Penis lookin head with a ugly buzz cut
And nobody cares what you have to say
Shut ya ugly ass up for I take ya fans away

I smell pussy, everytime I enter ya threads
And my sharp, crisp 'cuts' will sever ur head
U suckin off X, plus u on Snipes dick
Keep on spittin, u just an ugly, poor white kid
Can u even hear the beat? No punches, no multis
Every diss u spit, ask urself, what's insulting?
Dissin u in 5 just cuz aint better shit ta do
Ur Bald, I'm More (Baltimore) quick n slick than you
Have you flipped, kicked, bitch-hit and ripped in two
But, you the type ta cause self inflicted wounds
I'll leave more red on ya dome than even ya sig shown
I'm opposite of lotion cuz I'll UNeven ya skin tone

(talking) switch it up dawg

I'm sick of these haters an cocky little bitches
Go do ya homework, or ya mommy said do the dishes
Ya mind is senseless, havin ta be decidin new decisions
I'm pleasin my bitches and fuckin em while ya boo just wishes
Ya more 'flat' broke than the deceased air 'lines'
I'd push ya wig back, but ya GOT a receding hairline
Had ta open ya mouth, I neva claimed ta have it all
Now ya flashin red, n I aint talkin bout ya avatar
Look like ya head was used as a hard hat test
And ya lied about ya name, IM a (H.)ard (A.)ss (V.)et
And I'm whack? Huh? I'm motionin, ya wrong
Only thing downhill is the emotion in ya songs
Rappin for YEARs, when I just came a couple months ago
You have the multis and a vocab of a fuckin one year old
You sittin there thinkin u tha man, u figuring, but
couldn't 'HAV' 'HERO' 'IN' u if u ate a Superman figurine (WOW)

(Skinny C talkin)