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    I've been workin alot at my biz i'm workin on a new chopper shop here so cuz of it i got a hell of alotta strain so here it comes n ya'll gonna get it ( like i said b4 i do this to relieve stress) this is for ya'll bastids who said somethin cuz i gotta taget someone n ya'll put ya hands up

    crazy canuck with the ilustrious flows
    so edge put on ya makeup n paint up ya toes
    doin wrong shit like kids n m jackson
    be bustin on you with my WILD KUNG FU ACTION

    fuck this bullshit it's time to throw down
    so sit down ass clown u got it spunround
    hold up u hear that sound?
    who the fuck is you?
    i'm jim, well jim jump in my head like the resta the crew

    jesus fuck now i'm goin insane
    look what u punks did ya broke my brain
    then there's tryphat with that fucked up name
    u just like prod well atleast as lame
    n prod while i'm up here spillin my guts
    suck on deez nutz muf fucka suck on deez nutz
    so go back to the trailer park or the barn
    before u set off the alarm
    n i do you some real fuckin harm
    angry as hell n my shit ain payin
    so while the unoriginal fade out i jump in n be slayen em
    n these sick ass rhymes it's smogs who's sayen em
    fuck it imma get a bottle a jack
    so it me back
    while i use jims skin in the throw rug format

    cuz now that he's here he's a part of me
    jailed in my mind in cellblock 3
    it's been a bit n i been in tha lab
    with chisel n slab
    n hamma in hand
    n edge just go sing fuckin country on american bandstand
    n guess what i was for halloween
    i was u edge i dressed up like a queer drag queen
    n i know my sit aint clean but it's lean
    cuz i vut tha fat from a sucka mcee
    and on my cock is where ya ho bee
    so HOE-mie
    likw x im bout ta blow
    so sit back this is act 1 of my show
    n prod here's half a fuckin canadian penny tell ya momz i like it slow (arguingsm

    oh ya n prod b4 u jump off the handle this second is for tryphat or whatever the fuck his bitch ass name is n that alex fool

    act 2 tha plost thickens muh fucka

    u want me to be upliftin
    how bout i be up-n-liftin
    ya wallet
    n you catch n asswhoopin n that's what i call it
    look i dont need a fuckin tutorial
    maybe u do but my shit's as raw as a frozen fuckin oreo
    n didn't i see u on that maury pauvich show?
    ya i'm sure i did
    you was that triple fat bitch with 7 some kids
    n no idea who thier fathers is

    n alex tha the great
    be like my coffee n perculate
    but u just sit there n hate
    maybe my fate is what u need
    fucked all day on liqour n weed
    cuz i'm the seed
    of an unholy union
    just jump on my balls like suk-yin
    but i'm no where near as soft as u
    n ya punk ass hatin crew
    so look for a slew
    to drown ya self in
    cuz seriouse gard i aint clownin
    so where u goin in a hurry?
    i got ya'll plots dug at the cemetary
    so just duck the fuck down
    whe u hear my lyrical sound
    cuz fo sure i be hellbound
    n u be bound in my ducktape n words
    n haters i got em by the herds
    so seriouse back down
    b4 i clown around
    n make u suck a bottle of drain-o down

    alrght i feek better oh ya i forgot prod n edge fight back tryphat triphat tripple fat or whatever the fuck crawl into a corner n fuckin die ( btw tryphat i aint kiddin fuckin do it make me fuckin a little happy)

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    oh ya reminds me tryphat n alexthahate i got a new dj in a coupla weeks i will make ya'll cry like girls that missed tha prom


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