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::Need Vettie/Vet Votes for Wreckin Sets Crew Tourney:: Reps for votes

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  • ::Need Vettie/Vet Votes for Wreckin Sets Crew Tourney:: Reps for votes

    ...Alright we need votes from vetties and vets only...

    ...No DR, H8, Cre votes...

    N.B.A.s Spit





    leavin mics pipin hot, flowin till ya writin' stops//
    DA's so "choked up" battlin, he might as well be fightin' cocks//
    Spittin so lovely, if i'm a cunt, then there's no way these dicks is above me//
    Y'all pretty much said all but the words..... just admit it you love me//
    So many posts, they wack, they know it but boasts.. these nerds are prey//
    NBA GOING TO WIN... Its simple as fuck.. just like y'all wordplay//
    Nobody feels what ya write, kids, ya only dreamin ya nice//
    Its sad im a weedhead and y'all rec got more Ls than I seen in my life//
    These fools claim they KEYSTYLES all of their many writtens//
    Ya just makin excuses that verse took you longer than 20 minutes//
    These faggots are done, I aint even tryinn no more, ima just diddle daddle for fun//
    Think you beat NBA..HA!.. cmon man, name the last non-herb battle y'all won//

    After we beat you in this battle you're never again gonna feel~love //
    And you beatin us is like 50 Cent being classified as a real~thug //
    I suggest you all give up cause these ill shots will leave your back~in~hunches //
    Cause puttin kool aid in suitcases is the only way you're packin~punches //
    DA ain't gonna beat us cause they're just like catholic priests livin by fake~beliefs //
    I'll shake~ya~knees and leave DA shook like patients of Parkinson's Disease //
    It is what it is and shits a joke like smashed~girls~livers //
    And DA never had a straight flow like nat~ural~rivers //(natural)
    NBA is untouchable and unstoppable we're exclusive like valet~passes //
    And my punches will knock you off balance like fat men in ballet~classes //
    Y'all claim you're the best crew but we know you be actin~the~most //
    And when it's truly time to battle y'all back down like Shaq~in~the~post //

    devils advocated? ya'll sound like some fruity mother fuckers
    talk big but when it comes down to it ya a bunch of cock sucker
    beat the weaker nba but now look at our roster
    talk shit now and ya life is whats it'l cost~ya
    vision geting blury reading his "keystyled" shit
    know u aint got game man best thing for u is to quit
    only ball this bitch play with is the one in his mouse
    crew post like they got agoraphobia afraid to leave the house*
    we aint 'faze-d' man our 'vision' aint blured at all**
    thinking u at the top but what goes up man it gotta fall
    so much fame in this game its a shame ya'll so lame
    like ma sig states ya'll know we got game

    u aint swinging shit u lacking bats

    only pussy u get is when u grabbing cats

    call us gay yet ure the advocates*

    no "vision" to hit and uve had no gats

    ill split ya clip lock load and smash ya skull

    think ya clique is fo'real bitch u irrashinal

    only way ya blow up is when u packing plastic**

    uve had countless names bitch dont u think ure past it***

    u bitches dead pussy like hemaphradites

    u not rapping right like a fat guy with no apatite

    fuck what ya'll think dont like what i giv u a taste of

    we'll get like a hokey rink in this bitch n lets face off

    *agrophobia is a fear of open space
    ** faze'd and vision members of da and they said they the best crew

    *adovocates is a gay website

    **nick black says hes got a gun its probly plastic

    (plastic xplosivs = C4 = blow up, get it)

    ***vision was double a & alexthegreat and probly many more

    ....DAs Spit....

    BooT LeG

    ::KD beggin vets for reps only way he gettin greens::
    ::boy on his knees pleadin please like som kind of fiend::*
    ::these "Wannabe" "Ballas" gettin "Flex"ed when shit gets ruthless::
    :: our punches turn "NBA" to "NHL" tha way they leavin ya toothless::**
    ::yall wish NBA was "Flawless" and you were tha "Illest MC's"::
    ::your dreams of DA's "Fait" are "Illusive" we'd smoke ya like "treez"::
    ::these "Ballas" gettin jacked if they wanna battle me::
    ::these bitches cant be "Flawless" they still behind a "Wannabe"::***
    ::fuck a season NBA gettin shut down indefinitely::
    ::their whole roster was murdered left only to R.I.P.::

    *Kay D was asking vets to rep him
    **Play on their member names, NHL players have alot of missin teeth
    ***If u look in flawless's sig it goes Flawless then MCwannabe, so the rest of them is behind a wannabe


    ::I'm here to shoot down ballin bitches with cowardice vets entering rookie durastriction::
    ::So listen to this diss with wishes that NBA got the wack Lyrical Militia instead in this competition::
    ::rekon chats so much garbage in threads he may aswell shit on garments*::
    ::Bitch your flow couldnt be Elektrafying if youd jus slept on Carmen::
    ::Its fait(fate) that we here to finish you, make emcees who are usually bonafide look miniscule::
    ::Nothing will stop Devils Advocates ha not even Churchs Sunday school::
    ::I could diss everyone in the crew, but aint Flexible wit time to waste::
    ::The only way Gil,Wannabe or Dash could win was goin to ohhla.com and cut and paste**::
    ::Well conclusion: your talent appears "illusive" so Lucifer sents us at NBA to corrode::
    ::"Kay D" add an "O" and apostrophe before the "D" and you get? - "NBA KAYO'D"::

    **OHHLA.COM = original hip hop lyrics archive


    ::How can N.B.A. compare to the Advocates, frontin like ya rappers, when ya Nothin but Bad Actresses:: (Get it)
    ::Yall Lack-Tha-Wits, no creativity, like these cats writin raps with No-Adjectives::
    ::We the Devils Savages, so these pussies dont get spared, like Ridin on rims::
    ::No diguisin this win, No-Ballas-Acknowledged with the Uprising-of-Sin::
    ::Got The King of Flow, but with a suitcase of sheet music, kid couldnt Pack a Note::
    :: Id Smack-A-Pro, but in this battle thatd mean Id have to Crack-Ma-Bros:: ( Advocates!)
    :: Deleting my posts is tha only way these cats could be on top this thread::
    :: Men dont cry, so when they notice they drops-is-dead, these Kids-Sob-Instead::
    :: Even in the N.B.A. all these Rookies just warmin benches::
    ::How can you be the Hype, when yall type it Bores-Men-Senseless::


    ::face it 'kay d you harmless' you and you crew made up of 'geckos!'::*
    ::his 'songs will never be put on repeat' cause i murdered his 'echo!'::**
    ::yall 'are fake' just like ya 'crew member name yall are wannabe's!'::***
    ::do not 'need a prediction for us to win this' because we 'gonna-be!'::****
    ::'straight up PUSSIES' look! ya 'crew name has more balls-than-yall!':: *****
    ::'face the truth' besides MAFIA no one else has more 'falls-than-yall!':: ******
    :: put 'dots on ya head' make 'blind people mistake ya face for braille!':: *******
    ::i'm leaving a 'crack down yall's bodies' looking like the 'liberty bell!':: ********
    ::yall aint 'real shit' even ya man 'mcwannabe is asking where yall are!':: *********
    ::my shit 'will make ya hair stand up' like you are 'impersonating bart!'::**********

    *geckos are harmless
    **kay d's other crew
    ***mcWANNABE is in the crew
    ****no matter what we will win
    *****N.B.A....BALLS?...ya dig?
    ******NBA has been resurrected like mafia
    *******blind people read dots called braille
    ********liberty bell has a crack on it
    *********Check his sig
    **********Bart as in bart simpson and his hair

  • #2
    Uppin Votes=Reps
    vĭŁŞ đvǒĉăŧěş

    --{ ŴŃ 20 }-- --{ Ҝө' 16 }-- --{ Łőě 3 }--

    ŧ ĶıŁŁ: Jmix (KO)


    • #3
      So there was this special on 'Cops'... "When Geckos Attack". This gecko beat the shit outta this one guy, geckos are scary A.. Dont mess with them. They arent harmelss.
      To the British, I'm Ghandi/
      To the Japanese I'm an American pilot flyin over Nagasaki/
      To the AIDS patient I'm your last antibody/
      Sittin and waitin for a cure from modern biology/



      • #4
        vĭŁŞ đvǒĉăŧěş

        --{ ŴŃ 20 }-- --{ Ҝө' 16 }-- --{ Łőě 3 }--

        ŧ ĶıŁŁ: Jmix (KO)


        • #5
          i bet we aint gonna get votes because this shit is tooooooo long we shoulda done shorter 1o1

          Go Cubs! It's Their Season Baby!


          • #6
            Lol right...^


            • #7
              shits madd long, i'll vote later on


              • #8
                man this is gonna take so long to get votes........its alredy hard to get votes as it is....~flawless~




                • #9
                  word flawless
                  I got the DVD of your wife gettin killed and raped,
                  and everybody peeped it like the Sharon Hilton tape.

                  CLiCK HERE:

                  !!Sick -&- Twisted!!


                  • #10
                    well iff people werent so laze they'd jus fucking read the shit an pay respect to the time it took to write it....ima vote soon as i finish readin it....an i hope u guys pay back the favour lmao cuz ours sitll has no votes neither
                    LyriKal ReasonS

                    Winz ~ 32
                    KO'Z ~ 21

                    Hittin' Switchez + Dickin' Bitchez


                    • #11
                      Flow - NBA
                      Multies - DA
                      Punches - NBA
                      Personals - DA
                      Creativity - DA
                      Structure -DA

                      Vote == DA

                      Hot Battle N' Yea It Took A Long Time To Read An Figure Out The Cats....But Chea HEAATED Battle...Much Respect Ta Ya'lll...Reps For Vote??:P Lmao Good Luck~~peace
                      LyriKal ReasonS

                      Winz ~ 32
                      KO'Z ~ 21

                      Hittin' Switchez + Dickin' Bitchez


                      • #12
                        ight then if NBA willin to count it, then its 1-0 DA leadin
                        vĭŁŞ đvǒĉăŧěş

                        --{ ŴŃ 20 }-- --{ Ҝө' 16 }-- --{ Łőě 3 }--

                        ŧ ĶıŁŁ: Jmix (KO)


                        • #13
                          im straight wit it


                          • #14
                            yes.................um YALL/PARTS OF ME are winnin WOO HOO!
                            Go Cubs! It's Their Season Baby!


                            • #15
                              Alright we got a start here, uppin for 2 more to get this knockout over with...


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