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Speechless VS Gray Ghost -Rematch- VERSES IN, VOTES NEEDED!

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  • Speechless VS Gray Ghost -Rematch- VERSES IN, VOTES NEEDED!

    alright guys the scores 2-0 me i need one more vote to make it a KO, so can somebody peep this and VOTE!

    Speechless' Spit:
    ::: Opener :::
    Welcome to Gray Ghost gettin Ripped//
    Sorry he couldnt make it, he fell and tripped//
    Unmistakinly he died, He tried//
    Thought he can beat me instead he got Fried//

    ::: Style Change :::
    like a ''rookie Gray Ghost" you've jus MET STEEL, been 'runnin for ya life'' as if i had ya CORPSE ON A TREADMILL...
    bitch, Speech got da illest hands, sixthteen ''spinnin ya head'' like CEILIN FANS...
    im ''servin the darkhorse'' like unpopular PRESIDENT ELECTIONS, u never was fit as a VETERAN CONTESTANT...
    speak and HOLD YA PEACE, like ''delayn stovetops'' my flows LOAD DA HEAT...''dissections'' meet da cause cuzz gray had too many PROBES TO EAT...--
    this pussy PLEDGE RAW, speech meetin knuckles turnin u blue like SONIC DA HEDGEHOG...leave ya ''nikes'' CHECKED OFF...--
    everybody on D12 knows this KID WRITES, but still ya ''punches'' weaker than a riot of second grade FIST FIGHTS...
    u livin on da edge...like POOR IMMIGRANTs, when 'speechless' ''rape ya wound'' u'll have less of MORE INNOCENCE....
    nikkuz kno speechless' WAR IMMINENT, gray beatin me is like ''billionaires'' livin in FLOOR TENEMENTS...
    im like ''x-box producers'' bringin MAX PAYNE, u winnin takes a ''toll'' out of a richman's regular TAX CHANGE...
    u say u can ''take speech'' but it seems ya sentences LACK BRAINZ, u gettin ''scoped'' wit refractors thru a FLAT RANGE...
    Rematch? aiight i told 'tec' and busta tellin me to MAKE IT CLAP, bullets make u ''harlem shake'' ya shoulder BLADES INTACT...
    the way im ''hollowin children'' u would think i give MINOR TIPS, i leave u like ''marilyn manson'' but my bullets will make ya SPINAL FLIP...
    So before u ask FOR MORE, And start callin people a WHORE,
    know that i can leave u 'Dead' on tha FLOOR...
    u buy ur clothes from the SALVATION ARMY, speechless givin gray CONTAMINATION of WATER, this battle right here's full out SLAUGHTER, Infinite LINES, i Make SPINES blow up like land MINES...

    ::: Finish Him :::
    Cutting you with Precision and Accuracy like I "Formally-Ripped-You"-with a perfect "Picture"-leaving your Carcass with a Ill-Mortal-Skripture..
    Slapping the taste buds out of your mouth like a "Verbal-Treatment"-a "Verbal-Beatment"....ill hurt u so bad u gonna need pain-reliving Herbal-Treatment..

    Gray's Spit:
    Some one here cant spit
    speechless heres some charmin
    wipe the shit of ur lip
    u aint even on my level
    u suck up more shit
    than a fuckin dirt devil/
    u spitting bowel
    throw in the towel, just quit/
    yeah ghost a puzzy that might impress ya crew
    after they smoked a blunt or 2
    indulged in about 30 brews
    and glued an acid tab under the dew
    but trust me kid
    you blew like every other fag
    lyrically 50 cent in drag
    cocking 45s? nah u been cock smacked
    45 times n tea bagged
    keep bitching about Gray ghost
    u gonna get toe tagged
    cause dude u really aint that crafty
    and i really am, That nasty
    i been drizzing wd40 all day
    so dont try n match me
    or this shit will go up in smoke

    handling the glock
    u cant handle,stick that 9 in ya mouth
    have ya blow heat like radiators
    scared of being defeated?
    speech can sneak in a few rhymes later
    but in this battle they better be PG-rated
    fuck u pussy your flow is uglier
    than if queen latifah and butterbean mated
    ya my views are jaded
    all my life been verbally degraded
    pools of blood motherfucker
    thats where i was baptized and waded
    into battles, only way i made it
    was by saying fuck u and the rules
    never obey shit, so get off these dudes dicks
    they dont like u, handle it like a man
    let em spit
    Ill give u low blows like tommy on pams clit
    cause I am too sick and u just dont have it
    its like i shared a needle with Eazy e
    took the mike and grabbed it
    im ill , foaming at the mouth like im rabib
    speech i will let u have it
    call me a puzzy? good
    verbal assualts gonna leave u battered
    I'm Ike, ur Tina, u gonna get shattered
    when i drop this nasty line
    like a white mic attacking a black mic
    ya kid, this is a hate rime

    you aint gonna soak me the way u spittin on
    ill get u wet just by sayin go home
    get back to the toilet that im shitin on

    and anyone speakin my name
    consider doin the same
    they call it gun play
    but it sure aint a game
    when dudes layed out underground
    like sadaam hussayne/
    now speech u tryna diss me
    bitch u cursed too
    u sayin u wrip me dude
    that spit was universal/
    nothin directed at me
    just corny jokes n words u put in my mouth
    sayin u can beat me
    i knocked u out
    lil bitch u jon benet ramsey
    ima stomp u out
    in ya own fuckin house/
    no really, speech
    those jokes were just swell that shit was tight the illest
    call keenan and kel get a job on nick at nite
    ur fuckin corny dude, strait up skills u lack
    u speechless with a smaller vocab list
    u rhyme like craig mack/
    iam fucken sick dude
    let me summarize what this dude just stated
    i got fried and am a Rookie?
    thats a twisted picture u just painted
    saying ghost is fasing steel
    and penetrated
    endless reg barly regenarating
    u fuckin bird, ur hated
    u couldnt rip me bitch
    if i was fuckin perferated/
    u perspirated, bitch, u startin to sweat
    i aint done yet dog
    so hold ya "applause"
    i "clap" first
    pop up, u go down
    like a fuckin see saw/
    anyone else who wanna diss i lay u out on the floor
    fuck your bars and fuck any lyrical war
    pussies remember this, or live no more
    diss me? ill take ya to september 96
    and make u 2pac shakur

    So yo aint done with
    Speechless talk
    taking dicks hardcore from the back
    1st round i lit his ass with a candle
    but that dont make him jack
    Face the fact kid ur fucking wack
    u spitting wack words
    pussy ull be spittin on my sack next
    speech ull be spitting through the wire
    like u kanYaay west
    ya kid ill spit this shit till my saliva expires
    i aint talking bout morse code when i say uíll get your jaw wired
    the fuck
    Ďbefore you get stuck with a shank for a quick buck
    cut you down and you get zipped up dog
    in a bag that aint zip lock
    get off my jock
    ya i diss dudes i like to flow
    but why not im better than these weak cat
    im the human heroine
    speech gonna get dope smacked
    im out for blood,yo im on the attack
    bringing 2 fists of fury to beat your ass
    inside or outside the bar
    u bird ass faggot, bring the feathers, i got the tar
    gray ghost the wheelman with the steel man
    calling the devil to make deals than
    peeled him and ran,
    Iím krs-one (speech u the next mc shan)
    so bitch
    so next time, u try to beat me
    remember I am the one
    and when itís all said and done
    ima still be bad like the luck of ur 13th son
    ducked under a ladder firing his gun
    at a mirror as black cats scatter and run
    takin over, im g shit bad like atilla the hun
    bad like every Jigga alhe didnt just say that
    ya he just did, they said bum after hard knocks 1
    and before the black. to get u gotta give
    ill give ur chest a sive if it means i get 1 more day to live
    get ya flow right
    I aint God like u
    but I'll show u the bright white light
    fuck the barber
    gimme a blunt and a beat
    Iíll show u high and tight
    This pussy trying to tell me
    I got wrip and trip,so he got tha better hands
    he gonna rip off my hands to?
    i can hold the mic with my feet
    and still trash ya pussy ass
    using my elbows to drop a beat
    this kid sucks hes just fuckin sore
    like i said before, speech
    maybe You Dead right
    maybe u dead wrong
    either way
    you dead and gone
    this is your swan song. pussy,
    so long.

    _____=+| 30-4, 25KO |+=_____

    *23 Straight KO Wins* Still Waiten for someone to match that

    * ReTiReD *

  • #2
    yo admit i fuck tup on trying to spit a new style..it didnt work...fuck it...
    so i guess iam staying with my old one....peace..easy
    could yal vote on my batlle vs ide


    • #3
      Speechless won this battle...yeah , the gay bitch got the flow and the punches

      Vote ~ SpeechLess
      Originally posted by SpeechLess
      With ma shit you RATE, TAPED n RAPED on the first DATE/
      If you fall u BREAK lika PLATE, Cuz lika baloon u poped now u gonna DEFLATE/
      ^ Wackess of the month


      • #4
        Speechless had this one brah, he just ripped it more intricately and i was feeling it more


        • #5
          Thanx guys nice try Ghost... 3-0 KO
          _____=+| 30-4, 25KO |+=_____

          *23 Straight KO Wins* Still Waiten for someone to match that

          * ReTiReD *


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