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    The Interview:

    Q: After weeks and weeks of worldwide anticipation, it is finally time to unveil what can only be described as an epic in internet lyric battle competition. How does it feel?

    Marcel: Well, it feels good. Very good.

    Q: As you can see, the arena is packed to full capacity with thousands of die-hard fans and open-eyed spectactors. Are you nervous at all?

    Marcel: Somewhat.

    Q: As you probably know, this competition has been criticized by a huge sum of the population. There have been a lot of people bad-mouthing you, saying you're not a real MC, you can't rap, this whole competition is a big joke, no one will show up, etc. What do you have to say about that?

    Marcel: I've heard the allegations and accusations, but I don't let it get to me. I mean, sure it's sickening, but you have to understand, any time you try to do something positive for the community, people will hate. But you can't let them pull you down.

    Q: There have also been rumors floating around saying that the reason you set this event to begin on July 2nd is so you could have time to pre-write your verses. Is there any truth to that?

    Marcel: Of course not. When I present the official rules and regulations of the contest, everyone will realize that it is impossible for me or anyone else to cheat using pre-written material.

    Q: I understand there will be a half-time show featuring Destiny's Child, Redman, Missy Elliot and Phil Collins?

    Marcel: I can't officially confirm or deny that at this moment. But I can say that there will be a half-time show. As for the special guests, negotiations are still under-way.

    Q: How long will the competition last?

    Marcel: I can't discuss that kind of information at this moment.

    Q: Over the past several weeks, anticipation for this event has reached an all-time high...

    Marcel: Yeah, I've done interviews with all the greats; MTV, BET, Entertainment Tonight, ESPN, The National Enquiror, Oprah. Just trying to get the word out. And now, the time has finally come.

    Q: Well, I'm not going to hold up this event any longer. I'm looking forward to a great battle competition. Any last words?

    Marcel: Yes. I'd just like to let everyone know that the pain is a-comin... right now.
    Last edited by Marcel Lee; 07-02-2001, 11:39 AM.


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    wtf is that!! did u interview urself?? YOUR ON CRACK!!!!


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      Ladies and gentlemen, please stand, for the National Anthem.....

      "O Canada, our home and native land

      True patriot love in all thy sons command

      With glowing hearts, we see thee rise

      The True North strong and free, from far and wide

      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

      God keep our land glorious and free

      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee..."
      Last edited by Marcel Lee; 07-02-2001, 12:09 PM.



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        wat the fuck has canada got too do wid it........ you nutter.

        no disrespect too canada, but your from detroit. (if you didnt relise)

        and that interview LMfuckinAO, that was some hilerious shit i cant believe you interviewed yourself, and wats goin on wid all the half time show guest apperence shit


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          why hasnt it started


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            siunds interesting to see how this will all play out... What do tha special guests do again?> I remember bein' on that list haha




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              AM GOING TO WIN.....and frankly, i think everyone knows it on the battle boards. Dirty Yeroc knows that im gonna win, MARCEL fucking LEE even knows im gonna win. THE only way im NOT going TO WIN is if i dont get votes cause people dont like me. BUT they all know the truth....i am gonna win.
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                Can u say corny?


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                  Haha.. love the interview... good intro!

                  Well anyways, DJ Phat will be'a battlin, but first i gotta head to basketball practice and bust up some ankles...

                  "Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'.. Thats God Damn Right"


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                    Here it is, as promised, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, Marcel Lee, in partnership with d12world.com, presents "Open Invitation 2: Judgement Days".

                    First, let me explain how it all started. In the beginning, there was "Open Invitation" (Part 1), a thread I started just for the hell of it. It was a mini tournament, a tag team title bout. Me and Masked Murdarah vs. Maximus Prime & Jeno_Shady (now known as "XPLICIT"). By the way, I'd like to take this time to thank all of them for participating. The battle was fierce. Four tight MCs going head to head. But like with any good thing, there were problems. The biggest problem was that for all the work we were puttin in, no one was really voting, at least not fairly. Haters were showing up messing up the whole program. Another problem was something that plagues every internet freestyle battle, you never know if you're reading actual freestyles or pre-written material. Well, to make a long story short, the battle was officially declared a tie, a draw. And the tag team titles were left up for grab. Nevertheless, the first "Open Invitation" went on to become the highest ranked thread ever to hit the battle board.

                    Okay. Welcome to "Open Invitation 2: Judgement Days". Here's how it goes. First off, there are no tag teams. Everyone is going for self. And this time I'm not going to close this thread until we have a definite winner, no matter how long it takes. That eliminates the voting problem. What about the haters, you ask? Well I have a solution for that too. I was going to ban known-trouble-makers, but that wouldn't be fair. Besides, then it wouldn't be an open invitation, so I decided that instead of voting after each round, all the votes will be given after the battle is over and the winner will ultimately be determined by none other than Dirty Jim. Yes, DIRTY JIM. That eliminates the haters hatin problem. "Oh, but Marcel, what about the problem of knowing whether people are actually freestylin or kickin pre-written verses?" That's no longer a problem. There will be 5 rounds in all. Anybody can participate for any round. After I announce the start of a round, whoever wants to drop a verse will drop a verse for that round, until I announce the end of that round. For example, let's say I began Round 1 on Tuesday then came back Friday to end it. Whoever has a verse dropped by Friday is counted as a participant for Round 1. Though you can only submit one verse per round, the same person can enter all five rounds, as long as he drops his verse in the given time. Here's the thing... Before each round, I will announce a special stipulation which literally eliminates pre-written verses! I mean, sure they'll still have time to pre-write, but at least we'll know it isn't some random verse, we'll know it was created just for this competition, we'll know it is an original!!! Ha-ha!! Now watch and see, only the true, real MCs will be able to do it!!! Then we'll know the great from the fake!!! If no one participates, that'll mean there's no real MCs on this board!!! Ha-ha!!! Oh, what about me, you ask? Well I'm not in the tournament. There's simply no fair way for me to participate. But I'll be talkin shit between rounds just to egg everybody on. Then, after all five rounds are completed, Jim will vote for each round, then the winners will battle each other. If two people win two rounds each, only those two will battle. If one person wins at least three rounds, he wins the competition!

                    Let's get it poppin...

                    Open Invitation 2: Judgement Days.

                    The pain is a-here.

                    But don't start droppin verses yet. You can't. I haven't announced the stipulation for Round 1 yet...
                    Last edited by Marcel Lee; 07-31-2001, 03:36 PM.



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                      err yea

                      well answer this,

                      1. you put a stipulation up for round 1 on tuesday. you come back wednesday and close the thread. that gives peeps 24 hours or more too right like 15 bars???? i think even the weakest emcees could put together a super rhyme in that time.

                      2. who says dirty jim can be bothered???

                      3. if all the emcees are gonna be in this tournement. whose gonna be left too vote, if participents aint allowed???

                      4. and if your only givin one day too put up a verse. what about time differences, peeps are bound too miss the deadline??? does that still make them a fake emcee??

                      other then those few point the tournement sounds different and like a good one.
                      you have eliminated the need for linin one on one battles. basically ever one posts and the one wid the least votes goes out?? am i right in sayin?
                      until the last two

                      peace out

                      ps marcel, i will delete this post as soon as you reply so the post dont get cluttered


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                        To EMIN3M_2001:

                        You don't have to delete that post just yet. More people may have those same questions, so you should leave it. Here are the answers...

                        1. I feel what you saying, but trust me, the stipulations will be so unique that it's not even going to matter how much time I give them. See this is a battle of lyrics, freestyle, written, whatever, as long as they're original. And trust me, after hearing the stipulations, you'll know that it is impossible to come with anything but true talent and originality.

                        2. Negotiations are under-way. If not Jim, we''ll get one of the other administrators. No problem.

                        3. Answer #2 answers question #3.

                        4. I haven't decided how long I'll give for each round. It should be more than one day, to give everyone time to view the post, you're right. I don't know. Maybe a few days. I don't know. But It'll be enough time for everyone who checks the board frequently.

                        I never thought I'd say this to you, but good luck.

                        To M.I.C:
                        I'll get at you, dog. In the meanwhile, you can be showing me what you got by entering Round One.



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                          Round One begins here!

                          Round One begins RIGHT NOW. Whoever wants to enter Round One, just drop a verse and be sure to put the title "Battle Verse" in the subject field. It's that simple. Here are the stipulations for Round One...

                          1. Verse must be 16 bars!!! If you don't know how to count bars, bars are lines, (for example: "Cool, calm, just like my mom"... That's one bar). But you won't be eliminated if it's close, like 15 or 17.

                          2. Every line (or bar) must end with a word that rhymes with "chick". You can't use the same rhyming word twice. By the way, if you must, you can stretch it, using a word like "script" or "cliff", but "give" would probably be stretching it too far. If you're a complex MC who likes to intertwine rhyming words, good. The more, the better. Just remember, you can't use the same rhymin word twice and the end of every bar must rhyme with "chick".

                          3. Verse must include the words "candle", "towel" and "Danny Glover" all in a sensible manner. For example, you can't say "I'll Danny Glover you!" Well, you can, but don't expect to win with shit like that.

                          4. Last word in last line of verse must be a verb (an action word, like "run" or "slap"... oops, I forgot, it must rhyme with "chick"!!!").

                          5. Verse must start off with a question. (For example: "What I'm gay cause I hate bitches?!").

                          P.S. Don't try no slick shit!!! Once you submit a verse, that's it! You can't edit or change it, so I suggest you take your time. You should have enough time. I will take note of every submitted verse I see and if you ever edit it for anything or delete it and try to post a new one, you're eliminated for that round!!!

                          P.S. Yes, I have eveything pre-thought out: I understand this is worldwide and people speak a lot of different ways with a lot of different accents, so what may rhyme to some, may not rhyme to others. Hopefully, we won't have that problem, but if so, we'll deal with it. Still, let's stick to English people!

                          Remember to put "Battle Verse" in the subject field of your post if you're posting a battle verse! Read all the stipulations CAREFULLY before posting!!!

                          I'm going to lay back, pop some Ohana Punch, and see what you motherfuckers come up with...




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                            so do we post here or start a new thread??


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                              shit, thas whack...

                              how yu gon come up with like that much words, and end off with verbs, and still know who danny glover is?
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