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Yo..im lookin 4 a new challenge...any offerz?

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  • Yo..im lookin 4 a new challenge...any offerz?

    Yo,Im lookin 4 a new challenge/Somebody besides GRUESOME...Somebody that actually has talent/Somebody with tha skill 2 rock a mic..somebody like EMINEM2001...Na i dont wanna battle a dyke/Your not even gifted enough 2 write ur own rhymes/You change a few wordz,but u spit EMINEMS lines/What a bitch..I Mean this is tha freestyle forum right?/Damn dog,be original..atleast try 2 come up wit somethin tight/But i no,I understand..../ur mentally scared from usin ur hand 2 jack off ur dad,now everything u spit has gone bad!/How sad..but u probally sucked in tha first place/Leave here now ur a discrace 2 tha whole Freestylin race!/OoOops,i think its ok 2 say god made a mistake when he created me/Im evil and demonic see....Im tha type that dont think twice about pullin tha trigga/I have demonz inside of me/Tha spawn of evil/My lyricz r lethal/I'll hitchya so hard EMINEM2001 u'll be flyin like evil kanevil/Decetfill/When im threw only tha dude from tha 6th sense could be able 2 peep you/EMINEM2001..You think ur such a big shot/But i'll make u duck when i come 2 ur block,i spit rhymes thats hot/But leave ur brain cold/My diet consumes of Mcees and dead bodys with mold/Behold...CoNtRoVeRsIaL is here...../While ur writting ur responce ur probally shakin wit fear/Tha type 2 kill my own parents and not shed a tear/i drink blood..***** fuck beer/Im quick 2 kill a snitch or queer/And EMINEM2001 Dont put me on that gay list of ur enemys..completely wack/I Spit lyricz set 2 explode on contact.break ya back/Your a weak mcee dog,dont hate,thats just a well known fact/You spit rhymes thats pre-writtin cause u aint got it like dat/Now this was a strait diss 2 u/not tha best i can do/But enough 2 get u started/Then ill fuck u up so bad ull need rehab..like ur retarded/

    Hurry up and diss me back..i got some fire on my tongue aimed at you....*Smirkz*.hahahahaha

  • #2
    yo no beefs to controversial or gruesome - i like your rhymes but now its my time to have fun and show these cunts what im like.

    wassup girl?
    u wanted a challenge? step into Zapsters world. ill
    fuck your belly button till your stomach starts to churn till your heart starts to burn when will you fake emcees ever learn
    to make your own fuckin rhymes and stop stealin mine
    but maybe if you paid me for em i guess that would be fine
    ok ok their free their free now stop cryin
    here controversial next time u battle gruesome
    and u know that you're really losin
    take these followin rhymes and i know you'll surely beat him:
    yo gruesome u aint nothin but a fake emcee
    u aint nothing but a third rate eminem wannabe
    when u runs out of rhymes your gonna start copying me
    cuz i got the meanest lines in this stupid country
    and eminem2001 u think u a fuckin hoodlum?
    come over here u cunt ill introduce u to my gun
    then youll start cryin like the little bitch u really are
    but i wont listen il shoot u and run u over wit a car
    there controversial bitch are u startin to feel better?
    u got more confidence now that yer gettin help from the Zapster
    and if any of u other fake emcees need rhymes
    come over to zapster i help bitches like u all the time.
    oh wait controversial i havent dissed u enough yet
    this is our freestyle battle, how on earth could i forget
    before i didnt read thru your whole rhyme
    not that i didnt have enuf time - its just that i cant bear to hear little children whine - about how bad they are how phat they are
    how much drugs they do and how well their armed
    muthafuckin phoney doesnt know he's so corny
    thinkin he so cool hanging out at pubs skippin school
    try to make friends with me saying "yo wassup my homie?"
    pretending to be black pretending he can rap
    with his stupid fuckin rhymes
    admit it bitch u just wanna be like slim
    but u know that there's only one true eminem
    but you u aint him so stop imitating
    you'll never be as big as him, win a grammy or perform at the spring bling.
    and dre aint comin to get u man
    better go back to masturbating thats what your good at.


    • #3

      Yo,Fuck all that"no beef talk"You dissed me so tha beef is on.Well
      now u stepped up,only 2 be knocked down.So prepare 2 be beat
      check it........
      Yo,Are you fucken serious?You wanna battle me with those kindergarden rhymez?,u must be delerious/It probally took u a whole day 2 come up with just one line/I'll rip threw ur ass and tear out ur spine/Fagz like you that wanna battle me,ends up dien/Your not a real mcee,quit lien/If so u betta goahead and start retirin/Cause ur wack son,You couldnt sell a cd,shit u couldnt even hand out one/Your style has been unseen.....and it will remain that way/Fucken wit me will put u ina early grave/Im not even tryin on dis rhyme/and automatically its beat urs by atleast 100 times/Steppin 2 me.down boy ur way outta line/And whats all this bullshit about whinin?/You dont even no what ur talkin about/So ima do us all a favor and shut u up *Sticks his dick in ur mouth*/And whats this about tryin 2 take shotz at Gruesome,you cant handle him/You cant even handle me,so why fuck with him?/He'll take u and develop u lika roll of film,so all of us can see tha bitch in ya/Why u wanna get lyrically ripped up?/whats ur agenda?/Or did i fuck u up so bad that u cant even rememba?/HAHA....And whats up with ur name..ZAPSTER?...Im tellin ya dog ill shut u down like NAPSTER...........

      Your not ready 4 me,so why dig ur grave deeper by fucken with me and GRUESOME?Your just tryin 2 be famous huh?haha...TRICK


      • #4
        damn bitch

        yo contreversial, when a person says no beef, they mean no beef

        get it?

        nah, i knew yu wouldnt, see yur too fuct...
        -- DISSIPHER --


        • #5
          the D

          ok heres just a quick battle rap im just tryin to practice and shit...no personal beef

          call me the challenger the underdog the new cat if you wanna/
          but im in battle mode now, pills,vodka and marijuana/
          in my system so im just itchin for competition/
          slip the clip in cock back and begin the spittin/
          hittin never missin go ahead and start ya bitchin/
          faggots screamin.. "why d so fukin vicious?"/
          it must be from mixin alchol and this perscription/
          that got me whilin out on you faggots with smith n wessuns/
          so learn a lesson, conterversial i got my teck n/
          im waitin for the time and the place to start wettin/
          you tired of opponents always very less than/
          well you got the best n im close to ryhme perfection/
          so grab protection and zapster step the fuck back/
          clap clap... lets see your fagots ass duck that/
          this just a taste of what im capable of/
          step again and ill fukin..ill fukin staple ya nuts/

          the CURSE


          • #6
            Blow me asshole

            Shut tha fuck up $$MUNK$$......Or ill rip into ur ass to.When somebody disses you.....you respond.Fuck that no beef shit..If he dont want beef why is he on tha Battle boardz and not tha freestylin board....Dumbass!!!


            • #7
              rip intah me all yah want......little bitch
              -- DISSIPHER --


              • #8
                Didnt i just tell you bitches not 2 diss me if u dont want tha beef?

                Damn,D....Why u fucken wit me?I Just told you not 2 diss me if u dont wanna battle cause im respondin.....stupid ass read before u spit

                Yo,D Fuck ur tek'n,I Dont need a weapon/I Got a bullet proof chest
                Plus my lyricz,Thats my only protection/See i lyrically fuck *****z up witha perfection/Male or Female,aint no exception/You commin at me,bitch u betta change ur direction,cause i'll eatchya up like HANNIBAL LECTURE/My lyricz r lika automatic body disecter,They rip u apart/I'll kill anybody,i have no heart/So why must u spit a rhyme and dont want beef?Cause u no after ur rhyme will follow ur defeat/I'll knock u off ur feet and lay ya head on tha floor/Then cutchya up and eatchya cause ima cannibal/Im worse than hannibal,i eat mcee's like they were animalz/Chew on tha bones and drink tha blood like it was some jack daniels/.......Now,D,I
                Admitt,ur rhyme was tight,but why diss me if u dont wanna fight?/
                Thats just plain ignorant,This is tha BATTLE BOARD right?/So check urself and dont spit no more I DONT WANT BEEF rhymez/If u spit it and its a diss...ur ass is mine/And as 4 $$MUNK$$.....
                Why u in my buisness u lil'punk?/If u aint dissin me shut tha fuck up,cause ill have you duckin when i start on you/Your lil White boy rhymes couldnt begin 2 compare with minez/Minez give a cold chill down ur spine and make u feel like someones behind you..and why tha fuck u care if i beef?/Do you want some?...ill make ur life a delete/So if u want it all i can say is bring it/But only battle me if u got somethin worth swingin......

                YoU WoRsT nIgHtMaRe......


                • #9
                  yo dog i thought the whole battle board was just for havin lyrical battles. i didnt realize you had to get into beefs wit every1 you battle oh well i aint steppin down dog im battlin

                  yo conterversial fuck the cannibal shit lets start swingin/
                  does it bug you out, that my post got ya ears ringin/
                  and i could give two fucks about ya bullet proof chest/
                  my hollow tips will peirce ya lung to steal ya breath/
                  i bless with every lyric i spit like im a prophet/
                  slash often get blasted if you got a problem/
                  pray to christ to save ya life/
                  cuz when i blaze the mic... im hells warrior,satan's knight/

                  aight id spit 16 but im at work right now so im all duckin and shit ill be back on when i got more time probably in like an hour...holla

                  the CURSE


                  • #10
                    im not white........but i aint black either....so jas fuq it..
                    -- DISSIPHER --


                    • #11
                      Yo D,

                      This is a battle board.When u freestyle here its suppose 2 be a battle towards someone.Not just freestylin or practicin.When u come here tha key word is BATTLE.Thats even tha name of this room BATTLE board.So if u say somethin 2 me or about me,its on.
                      So now u no........................................

                      ...............And $$MUNK$$.,
                      Why must thou be so ignorant?Check tha name then step back 2 think..........................DO U REALLY WANT IT?(If not shut ur mouf)!!


                      • #12
                        yo controversial man
                        i mustve dissed u bad
                        got u boiling like a kettle steaming hot and mad (choo choo)
                        kindergarten rhymez? what the hell u talkin about?
                        i just dont need big words to take u out u fuckin clown
                        stop listening to that porno shit and check the stuff i just did:
                        i write these rhymes under a minute dog while u still tryin
                        to figure out what rhymes with bitch well i guess i shud be helpin
                        shit dick quit miss - the words that describe u really well and fit
                        u said i was steppin to u and i was way outta line?
                        fuck i thought u wanted challenge boy now seems like u angry and cryin
                        fuck u lucky u aint here, ill cut u open and cause blood to smear
                        you better get on your knees bitch and start prayin
                        cuz ima cut off your head and neck and keep em separated
                        then im a take that dick u stuck in my mouth and blow it
                        lick it good suck it all and then leave u castrated
                        shit ill have u bleedin so bad down there u think u were menstruating
                        cant handle you? bitch i can fuckin shoot you
                        im just holdin back cuz after that last attack
                        i already got u so mad - geez for someone who acts like he dont give a fuck, you sure acts like he aint got no fuckin nuts
                        you sure u male? u better check again
                        u sure that just aint one giant clit u stroking?
                        as for my name, go ahead and shut me down like napster
                        people still stealin my rhymes like mp3s and you my #1 user muthafucker.
                        next time u dont wanna be made fun of stay off the board u loser.
                        looks like u cant handle any beefs how the fuck u gonna be a rapper?


                        • #13
                          DONT BE MAD CUZ I DEFEATED YOU

                          Battle Record 25 - 6.
                          Official Winner of FT1.
                          A coward dies a thousand deaths,
                          a soldier only dies but one.


                          • #14
                            what the fuck you talkin about talant... your chris tarent ..no mic skills like harry malent... why what were how you gonna start...
                            smelly fart ..heart burner .. not very smart....
                            fuck aorund with me and get hurt... face in the dirt... back broken ... body snaped ... i aint jokin.... keep fuckin and ill meet ya beat ya choped meat ya .... treet ya like a bitch make you eat shit... keep it to remind ya that you aint it..
                            no 1 iller than me


                            • #15
                              TO : NO 1 ILLER

                              HA HA YOU RYME LIKE A HANDICAPPED VANILLA ICE
                              Battle Record 25 - 6.
                              Official Winner of FT1.
                              A coward dies a thousand deaths,
                              a soldier only dies but one.


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