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M.I.C TOURNEY,ROUND4~Emyhr v Dark.

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  • M.I.C TOURNEY,ROUND4~Emyhr v Dark.

    Enyhr,nothing but respest dawg,no offence intended....

    Lets get to it....

    My DOPES on Emyhrs BACK,like BACKPACKS filled with CRACK//
    You spit your battle raps with NO FLOW,like BROKEN TAPS//
    Your LINES are FLAT,like DEAD MCS in a cemetery//
    For the ILLNESS that i spit,you just aint got the REMEDY//
    Im better than you'll ever be,with HARDER HITS than RIDDICK BOWE/
    My fiery flows corode your bones,with death blows to your nose//
    Yeah,im a pro with verbal skills all on show//
    You,ll never get CHECKS,your just a PAWN IN THE GAME//
    You couldnt "BRING THE RUCKAS",if RZA was your name//
    You could run like a train,and you still wouldnt catch me//
    Your spittin VERBAL AIDS,but your shit still isant CATCHY//
    Like an APACHI,im gonna SCALPE this lil bitch//
    Fool,you couldnt TURN IT ON,if you were a fucking LIGHT SWITCH//
    You aint getting TIPPED,you serve worse than BAD WAITERS//
    And your rhymes wouldnt ROLL,if you were a fucking ROLLER SKATER//
    Just a MASTERBATER,you wont PULL OFF a win this time//
    You could eat a LIGHTED TOURCH,but your rhymes still woulndnt SHINE//
    Emyhrs life is mine,I'll leave you surrounded by WHITE CHALK LINES//
    You Better call the feds cause this is verbal HOMICIDE//
    I'll break your spine,then break your mind,then break you rhymes,line by line//
    Your couldnt FLOW ON TIME,if you were STANDING ON A WATCH//
    Im shooting verbal glocks,till this Emyhr kid flops//
    IT never stops,and my hard hits never miss//
    Emyhr will never go GOLD,even if he was soaked in PISS//
    Im gonna start a SHITLIST,and put Emyhr at the top//
    Its the only CHART your gonna top,with that wack shit you drop//
    "PLEASE DARK,STOP.."your being to hard on this fool//
    Well,listen and LEARN,kid im gonna take you back to SCHOOL//
    Read and drool,at this battle Devestation//
    Therse no VACSINATION against my ILL rhyme formations//
    This is Emyhrs CREMATION,cause hes getting BURNED alive//
    Shit,you could be TOM HANKS in that film,and you still couldnt SURVIVE//
    The Darkness has arrived,so bow down to your leader//
    I'll diss Emyhr so fast,he'll need a fucking lip reader//
    Im the TEACHER, but you wont live till GRADUATION//
    Im gonna PLAY Emyhr so bad,He'll think that hes a PLAYSTATION//
    The gay nation,they got your back,so you,ll mos def gets some votes//
    This is the last line,and its MURDER I'VE WROTE//

    Peace yall...The DARK..

    edited for spelling!!!!
    Last edited by DARK; 07-05-2001, 12:39 PM.

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    respect back

    Oh god im scared look at all this darkness/
    But im a flying light bulb i leave his ass hearless/
    Chop off his right arm leave it right next to his carcass/
    hows this dead animal gonna write some more of that garbage/
    Talking shit bout me flowing like hes a skilled rap artist/
    If u was made out of wood u still wouldnt be the hardest/
    U talk alot of shit bout aids and illness u must be infected/
    Bitch im not gay just nice maybe thats why i get respected/
    Treat you like a unwanted child get beat and neglected/
    Chop u up throw u on the floor get cha sweep and collected/
    So many Metaphors damn u think ur carrer will stick and last/
    If your foot was on my butcheck u still couldnt kick my ass/
    Your like a killer turtle your so quick to blast/
    Your a illiterate shooter you'll never pop a gun/
    U never be Dark if i fucking shot the sun/
    And this battle wouldnt be over if i stoped and won/
    U still woundt match up to me if we was pop and son/
    Fucked up metaphor dumbass crack aint dope/
    That shit u sniffing u wish was coke/
    Dopeman ripped u off that shit some ajax/
    U have a alegirc reaction and go into a relaps
    You must have awaken from that coma cuz u type on caps/
    Get cha ass shaken wit aroma when i light this match/
    And u still wouldnt be nothing if u and eminem was attach/
    Im not really gonna kill you so chill, lay back, and relax/
    You dumbass i was joking yo bring me that fucking ax/
    Any last words before ur head and your body detach/
    "hum yeah i like to let everyone know i really like men"/
    "and that me dissing you Emyhr was all for pretend"/
    "i did it just to get notice it will never happen agian"
    "u got my word man i fucking promise"/
    U said ur gay?,"hey man aleast im honest"/
    IIght man im not gonna kill you ,but u better be telling the truth/
    "No emyhr im not lying bout being gay look i got some proof"/
    No bitch i dont need to see it i take your word/
    For now im gonna set back and wait to go third/


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      Second verse,but whats wrong with 40 bars??

      25 it is then.....

      Yeah i metaphore in caps,to show how bad i rip your raps//
      And with that wack crap you spat,you wasting time in battling back//
      As for your vocab,well hey,what can i say//
      What a display,"gun,son,won",IM AMAZED!!!//
      I aint even fazed,yo,you should dye your hair blond//
      Lil shady wannabe,go get Dido in your songs//
      Emyhr,whats wrong?cant you spit for eighty bars//
      Yeah,i saw your post,crying bout that shits to hard//
      Shit,how i laughed,you just cant take the metaphores//
      And that wack verse you spit was like the HOMELESS-very POOR//
      Your ass is sore,cause you just love it up the back//
      The LINES OF SPUNK across your face just look like a FAGGOT MAP//
      But fuck all that,im just stooping to your level//
      If this was the WACK OLYIMPICS,you would win the GOLD MEDAL//
      Im a lyrical DEVIL,and you just stepped into my HELL//
      You getting KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT,and theres no SAVED BY THE BELL//
      Your corpse will smell,when your bodies finally found//
      I used to beat cats like you,spittin in the playground//
      Your moms a hound,but im the cat and your the lil mouse//
      You getting FUCKED UP worse than LIL KIDS in JACKSONS house//
      Your comming OUT,like a faggot,leaping out OF THE CLOSET//
      Your rhymes are fucking queer,and you dont think nothing of it//
      Youve lost this,game over,you just witnessed pure evil//
      Yeah,your name is Rhyme BACKWARDS,but you should change that shit to RESOL//

      peace yall...The Dark...
      Last edited by DARK; 07-06-2001, 02:40 AM.


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        just a quick note to say i wont be on line again untill sunday night,just so yall dont think im being ignorant if i dont respond or up this thread,or anything!!!

        peace yall...the Dark...


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          2nd verse

          Your shits on caps cuz you got an attention disorder/
          You want people to notice your dead body in the water/
          Thats why u dived head first off the bay-bridge/
          Worring bout comparion when i got ur family in my fridge/
          While im comparion them to the steak and ribs/
          U know u like my rhymes so stop wit the hating/
          U couldnt scare the life out of me if u was god and satin/
          Im on the skill tip why your gay ass in my home decorating/
          U couldnt come close to me if science started duplicating/
          Cuz even then youll still be a fuck up wanne be/
          You'll never be real always be a clone of me/
          Your locks poped im waiting at your home around three/
          Alone in the Dark waiting for u to flip the light switch/
          Soon as it happens out comes this knife off goes your right wrist/
          This aint track 11 devils night so why u trying to fight this/
          Im the one and only battle you scared to start/
          You must be nuts if u think im scared of the dark/
          Like i told u before im a high power search light/
          And if i dont get to kill you this verse might/
          My rhymes are mask murders they kill at first site/
          With no eyes to see my verses are sniping blind/
          "gun,son,won" why the fuck u resiting my rhyme/
          You swallowing my bullets why your tongues tasting my nine/
          Your right asswhole battling you is a waste of my time/
          And a godamn waste of my skill/
          You really think people care if you got chased and killed/
          If i thrown u in a dumpster and erased your will/
          Godamn now theres nothing to leave for Stace and Bill/
          Now poor Bill and Stace have to go on welfare/
          Live off the government,thank god there on heathcare/
          Cuz im deadly as fire but evil like smoke/
          Im getting tired let the people vote/


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            time to vote yall first to five wins


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              You both put up one hell of a vicious battle... dark your metaphors were tight and had some good fuck yous in there, but emhyr had good metaphors as well plus had bigger fuck yous, i also liked how emhyr had a 2 sided conversation in his 1st verse. so emhyr definatly gets my vote.

              vote = emhyr
              Battle Record 25 - 6.
              Official Winner of FT1.
              A coward dies a thousand deaths,
              a soldier only dies but one.


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                damm yall that was sick,HOW THE FUCK AM I SPOST 2 DECIDE.ok i though emyhrs 1st verse was better hits than darks,but dark used loads of mets,second verse darks was better(i like how u took the 40 bar thing and turned it in2 an insult.THIS IS A REALY GUD BATTLE BUT IMA HAV 2 VOTE=EMYHR on hit rate.
                FUCKIN GUD BATTLE YALL.big respect and no beef dark,u ripped dawg
                Respect to lil ells for hosting my pic

                Originally posted by M.I.C.
                I quit this battle, this is CORRUPT!!!!!

                M.I.C you and everyone on this board is Corrupt!!!!!!
                M.I.C. WAS LOOSING OUR NAME BATTLE WITH 1 DAY TO GO SO HE QUIT. he is no man and i have lost all respect i had for him.


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                  My Vote

                  aight i'm gonna be strait up. on the 1st verses, dark i liked your metaphors and vocab you used. it started out hot and got weaker. emyhr, your's is the exact opposite. it started out weak bout got stronger. i also liked ur vocab. second verses, very nice on both parts but i just found an appeal to emyhr's. so i'm giving my vote to emyhr. good job both of ya'll tho.

                  VOTE = EMYHR
                  "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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                      Uppin 4 Votes

                      "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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                        damn. emhyr and dark - that was a fine fight.
                        i thought emhyr was absolutely hilarious in his first verse but didnt hit as hard in the second. however i thought dark was way creative and also funny in both verses with those metaphors.

                        so i vote for DARK.


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                          i read both yall verses they both were good but emyhr was dope than darks but he had good met. but didnt hit as hard as emyhr and in battlin thats whut counts

                          so my vote = Emyhr
                          Last edited by D-Burna; 07-07-2001, 11:35 AM.


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                              4-1 emyhr

                              Respect to lil ells for hosting my pic

                              Originally posted by M.I.C.
                              I quit this battle, this is CORRUPT!!!!!

                              M.I.C you and everyone on this board is Corrupt!!!!!!
                              M.I.C. WAS LOOSING OUR NAME BATTLE WITH 1 DAY TO GO SO HE QUIT. he is no man and i have lost all respect i had for him.


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