im goin to drop this verse first cus i know u scared to spit blind
hanging *****z,raping bitches,is not even my sick crimes
i'll do worse to u when i finish burnin your lyrics
busted a gun in your ear so u couldnt even hear it
come to me cus u know u want to learn how to spit betta
***** flossin 20's on a fuckin bitch jetta
i'll get one of my *****z come from tha bak and create a diversion
while ill fuckin run u over wit my 98 Excursion
u shouldnt have entered this tournament and been tha first one
cus im quick to kill *****z and quick to burst lungs
im perfect in ever aspect of this game
quotin denzel like Malcolm X was my name
it gets worse everytime i drop another bar
my verses cut like blades and leave a fuckin scar
tearin thru *****z rhymes wit mine like they were a piece of paper
u couldnt have gas if u were a fuckin water vapor
u know by now that u have no chance of winnin
when my car stops my rims keep spinnin
breakin glass and leave fragments on ya head
couldnt attract a girl wit magnets on ya bed

HoLLa back or get D.Q ed