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lyracists showdown: D- Burna vs. $o $olid palyer

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  • lyracists showdown: D- Burna vs. $o $olid palyer

    no beef dogg

    yo ill spit a blind verse//
    it dont matter come back and spit ur and this one will still be twice as worse//
    murder go to jail and come jack your hurse//
    fuck do look at me to treat do i look like nurse//
    i dont care if you curse hundred million times in your verse it still couldnt be ill//
    it dont matter how many people that you kill in your rhymes cuz you aint a real killer//
    oh so your a so solid player that dont mean jack cuz that dont mean your an ill rhyme sayer//
    but on tha real to real im a big gun sprayer that hits fake players//
    bring all your boys and you still couldnt make em haters//
    under ground or main stream you couldnt make a hit even if you hired nate//
    play your cards right you still have a horrible fate//
    even if you hired a hitman and try to kill me on a date he'd end up in a casket//
    chop your head off and thow that shit in a basket//
    take out dead bodies like a trash man//
    shited on you and you ran into a jewish church dressed like hitler//
    rabbi beat your ass and gave you a briske and im not talkin bout lipton//
    rip fake mcs and turn em into washed up mcs//
    your wacker than hammer and ice while my shit is nice//
    my shit sells like rice in asia//
    and you couldnt rule if your name was ja//
    like tupac fuck all of ya//
    one question for DMX are you tha realest//
    and if you think im krazy than holla holla//
    just cuz you can rhyme like pac does that mean you can get tha dollas dollas//
    orginality and personality is whut your verse lack//
    and its wrong for me to call you wack//
    cuz your on crack and player right then you can get your mack on//
    im a hoodlum and i blast mack 10s//
    but sorry guess your game aint so solid//

    Last edited by D-Burna; 07-16-2001, 09:45 PM.

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    Re: LMFAO

    Originally posted by milly_b26
    OK, i just spoke to So solid on MSN, he didn't realise he had to drop, so i told him and hes writing it now.

    aight homie drop yuor verse then tha votin begins first to 5 no dickrider, cru vote or pity votes juss str8 vote on skill
    Last edited by D-Burna; 07-18-2001, 03:11 PM.


    • #3
      Enta Tha Battla

      Aight soz bout the mass delay, I completely forgot bout the comp and I aint been on the site for 2 days, milly messaged me and sed I had to drop before midnite so....

      Like propecised Player's gon' leave scars on D-burna/
      Hittin you harder than if 'The Fridge' swung a Big Bertha/
      My mind state's like Saddam's im an addict to droppin bombs/
      Except mine aint biological, Mine are recorded on enhanced CD-Rom's/
      Im the player writin the new testament in the bible/
      Teachin all in my religion how to pimp bitches like Burna who end up suicidal/
      Or homicidal, competition is still retreatin to quit/
      MC's suffer stage fright like they vocal cords forfeit/
      My Killin method is similar to Doctor Harold Shipman's/
      Im dedicated to sendin my patients to an early grave just by my lyrical killing weapon/
      Pre-scribe MC's with shatterin demonic cusses/
      They mind is infected with my rhymes and instantly overdoses/
      Coz like Narcosis/
      Burna thinks he can run this shit with a 'Im The Man' notice/
      You claim you spray fake player's, boy you smokin too much crack/
      The only firearm you got has 3rd degree burns that I torched when u talked back/
      I'm the white MC Re-writin the scripts like Im's layin down the new laws of rap/
      Fuck cliques, your teenyboppin gang aint chancin comin into my arms reach before I attack/
      You better Hold me back/
      Coz im bustin thru this competition endin your career in the first round.../
      You b eternally knocked out the rap cobolition faster than a greyhound chasin a female hare at the race grounds/
      let this be a warnin to MC's who talk fake thug shit and they callin'/
      All us white MC's when they just 12 year old teeny's hangin in the mall, fakers quit the bawlin'/
      Coz ya'll gon' b soon fallin/
      Down to yo knees at my feet, prayin to b sacrificed by the almighty one, like you suckin the Player's meat/
      Haters only Envy what the competition Possess/
      Shit that means you need a bitch, house, car, Respect, new setta vocal cords and money beyond your minds wilderness/
      Fuck it son im signin out I couldnt care less/
      Yours truely, So Solid Player...the MC thats blessed//

      Aight no beef to anyone, and this took me fuckin ages coz this house I had to write this shit in is fuckin mad, ask milly for details lmfao...vote people!
      Last edited by Revenant; 07-18-2001, 06:03 PM.


      • #4
        yo that shit had some up points then some down points but sae wit mine but i gve you props. yo everymuthafucka and bitch vote and like i said befo first to 5 no dickrider, cru vote or pity votes juss str8 vote on skill, and so solid haha

        you couldnt knock meout if i layed on tha gound and swoolowed a million kilos of dynomite// im tha unsigne hype// shit dont mtter that white// its like i be on these streets every single day// un like you i get paly instreets and banned from tv an radio// jackin your stero so you cant even play your wack shit// could hire an all star guest team and still couldnt make a hit// dont matter how much money i make i still be broke for life//

        tha Hoodsta Formely knowin as Hoodlum


        • #5
          ha, ya'll cats is nice, and i really cannot give a vote... it's to close to call


          • #6
            my vote

            i read thru each twice, i couldn't make up my mind. i sat and thought about it. i found each to be good, very good. you each used ur own skillz very well. good metaphors, good rhymes, good schemes, etc. burna - dogg i'm very proud of you for this being ur first competition tourny.

            my vote = so solid

            why? becuz i think his verse came off faster, and had more hits. i think they both had the same degree of hitting but his were more prone and direct. fellas, you battle well. good luck to both. you are both my doggs. no beef. i'm out
            "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


            • #7
              VOTE=SO SOLID...

              Because his verse showed better technical skill and a good flow...
              while some of Burnas rhymes didnt go,an some of his lines were just too simplistic...
              both hit quite well,but So Solid just edged this in my opinion..

              peace...The Dark.


              • #8

                Uppin Uppin Uppin!

                So Solid ~ 2

                Burna ~ 0


                • #9

                  my vote has to go with So Solid Player because his verse just hit at you a lot harder and some of your lines D-burna kinda lost me cos they didn't seem to link together so well.

                  think wot u want about dick ryding, just cos i told him he had to drop doesn't mean i'm a ryder, plus i speak to both So Solid Player and D-Burna off of the board, and u know me anyway, i dont do that shit.
                  if i had a dick i know u'd be riding it


                  • #10
                    D-Burna is a little racist wanker anyway.....tellin' me that I'm white trash on MSN....bitch...

                    Vote= So Solid Player

                    WHY??!!?? you might ask...

                    1) The opening 4 bars were some of the dopest rhymes I've seen this cat write

                    Like propecised Player's gon' leave scars on D-burna/
                    Hittin you harder than if 'The Fridge' swung a Big Bertha/
                    My mind state's like Saddam's im an addict to droppin bombs/
                    Except mine aint biological, Mine are recorded on enhanced CD-Rom's/
                    2) The lyrics in So Solid Players verse was more "techinical" then D-burnas....heres an example of were D-Burna kinda "lost it"

                    and you couldnt rule if your name was ja//
                    like tupac fuck all of ya//
                    3) Anyone who can write a rhyme while there grandma is watchin' the discovery channel deserves to win !!



                    • #11
                      For the sweep.

                      Gentleman, sorry to say, this battle wasn't even close.

                      So Solid...mad skills, bro.

                      Do I really even NEED to justify this vote?
                      Just to make sure it counts...So Solid's got the vocab, creativity, flow, and harder punches.

                      Vote = So Solid.

                      Ding Ding Ding

                      5-0 So Solid. We have a winner.

                      I'm a stuck, starving artist.
                      Vincent Van Going nowhere.
                      Sold my silver souls to the devil.
                      Hoping he'll throw up a gold pair.
                      Mostly concerned... with my own interests... as per usual.
                      Foolishly pursuing the fruit of what's removable.
                      Into the full view.
                      Do you see me as suitable...
                      to prove to the world that my beautiful dream is simply doable?


                      • #12
                        Aight, good battle and unlucky D-burna maybe I'll b battlin' u agen soon...now lets get round 2 on the way, and much respect to the voters, thanx for not sleepin!



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                          yo bigg ups so solid u verse was nice and mine really didnt flow tha well so its aight and fuckin xplict i dont fuckin call u racist names lil ho ur just mad lil shady beat in a battle


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