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USA. v.s. UK/Europe (WW3) (*V*O*T*E*)

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  • USA. v.s. UK/Europe (WW3) (*V*O*T*E*)

    *NOTE* Yo, make sure to vote for who your really feelin not just cuz your from the UK, or the US. Vote for who you really think is better not just because you suportin you country do it for fairness.

    Rulez: 1 verse per team mate 2. All 10 members have to put up there verse before 7/25/01 Wednesday or the team will be disqualified. 3. Cant be really long, if people think your verse is to long go and edit it to a better length 4. Must be 10 members on both teamz. 5. First team to 10 votes wins.

    Team USA

    1. KK~420.
    2. AK47.
    3. Controversial.
    4. HOTAcid.
    5. D.R.K..
    6. GRUESOME.
    7. Supa_Nova.
    8. KW_gaskinz.
    9. Emyhr.
    10. Eyerone.

    Team U.K./Europe

    1. M.I.C..
    2. EMIN3M_2001.
    3. FuGu_187.
    4. DaLux.
    5. XPLICIT.
    6. Narcosis.
    7. DARK.
    8. Lil_mizz_Piranha.
    10. Illrun.
    Last edited by KK~420; 07-18-2001, 11:39 AM.

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    Gets way better towards the end...

    Yo just so you know im NOT hatin on the UK this is simply a verse I apoligise if you are from the UK and take this offensive. I have friendz on this board that are from the UK I have no beef wut so ever wit the UK.

    Just take this as a battle verse and I am none wut so ever racist against anybody.

    Team USA

    fags from the UK/ just a second rate country producing fagz just 2 gay/ just another second rate country behind the US of A/ Poor ass bitchs wit nothin 2 say/ *all right mate*/ god U couldnt amagine how much of those fagz I hate/ just a bunch of sissy boyz wearin spandex while they figure skate/ theyre the reason god closed heavens gates/ sended us to the earth because Adam and Eve ate the fruit a tru Uk thang 2 do tru fagbaits/ you got that mate?/ do you understand/ do you have enough $ to make it on your own man?/ of course you dont your flat broke and on well fair/ daddy going crazy cuz hes wifeless and losin his hair/ so he figures he can get some free food at his company fair/ not a chance they dont let UK fags in there/ so come Em_2001 go shine my shoez/ go home flat broke with $5 in ya pocket and a bottle of booz/ just to tell if you fuck wit the US you loose./ bust my 9 and send you into a deep slumber/ United Kock boyz get dumber and dumber/ funner and funner runnin FEMIN3M_2001 over wit my hummer/ FEMIN3M_2001 look up the deffinition of 1 minute man, your girlfriend runs to me when she's in need of a good bone never U ya fast cummer/ beatin you an every category its me in your sisters dress/ you simply cant fuck wit me cuz you know im that best./ and tell you die i'll never rest/ take these 2 handz grab you mothers chest/ love to harden the nipples of your sister breast/ girls just seem to love the klown killah I would go on to say theyre obsessed/ im the owner of pussy and your not even a guest/ so get outa here you faggot ass pest/ cuz we all know that you are semi retarded/ go eat a fat chicks cunt after she pussy farted/ I take over the pussy clit you guarded/ hesitate that's EM_2001's fate/

    ah thats my rhyme...good day mate.


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      Yo... if you got a verse lay it down...


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        UK REPESENTATION battle verse

        Yo, i aint really a battle rhymer but im gonna rep my country to tha fullest.
        So this heres for all the real HIP HOP fans in the UK, come on motherfuckers get your arses in this thread and lets DO THIS!!!

        First off fuck the yanks cuz they’re just plain soft/
        Can’t even play sport, without crash helmets on/
        They think they’re tuff, cuz they pack gats n stuff/
        But wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a fisticuffs/
        You aint the land of the free, or the home of the brave/
        More like the land of the weak, and the home of the gay/
        You cant play, a mans game but what else can I say?/
        You can’t spell homosexual without U S and A/
        Real *****s catch feelings of the beat im killing/
        While y’all “raise the roof” we break through the ceiling/
        I’m cold-chilling, unforgiving to the U-S-Anus/
        Trust when I bus, the results are straight heinous/
        You can’t contain us. Like wildfire we spread/
        We stand up in our battles while you faggots all fled/
        When we’ve got beefs, we look our enemies in the eye/
        While you choose to settle your battles with a drive-by/
        Bout 5 jump in a ride,get their arses real high/
        Pull the trigger 50 times, but still don’t kill the guy?/
        Why, the fuck don’t you get outta the truck/
        And try your luck, at fighting like a real thug would?/
        Ha ha, you make me laugh talking like your brain damaged/
        You fags cant even manage, to speak the English language/
        Go eat a “club sandwitch” you fat motherfucker/
        Dumb-ass inbred sucker, I bet your Dads ya fucking Brother/
        So next time you diss the UK/
        Remember if it weren’t for us you wouldn’t live that way/
        You’d all be native Indians in bearskins, eating pig balls/
        Instead of battling on the NET you’d be sending smoke signals.

        FO LIFE!!!!

        * wait i mean "fuck peace", told yall i werent a battler! lol
        The only thing worse than the wretched pain in my mouth is the excrement spewing from yours-Stewie Griffen


        R.I.P ~ Tupac Shakur-my biggest musical inspiration…you are missed everyday


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