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  • VOTE_ $o $olid Player Vs Emyhr _VOTE

    Aight no beef emyhr, u know tha rules, lets go...

    Emyhr by choice you better retreat back to the underground/
    Cuz ima spittin acidic lyrics meltin you thru the stage hellbound/
    Like hyroglifix im Legendary, shockin faces with my pro'found' sound/
    My rhymes hound like dogs by Telepathy to reach the deaf dumb and blind/
    Cuz when it transmits, Stevie Wonder's using bonoculous to see me with his autograph book to b signed/
    Like a heat sensored bomb im destined to decapitate my target when I spit/
    Im de-facing you worse than Peter Beardsley, human misfit/
    Like Epilectics im makin Emyhr have an uncontrolable fit/
    Except it aint spontaneous.../
    It's the forseeable result from an overdose of the Player's lyricz/

    Aight Emyhr, drop and we'll get the voting started, LaTeRz
    Last edited by Revenant; 07-21-2001, 09:33 AM.

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    no beef just needed to battle

    Shit im the best on the board, damn u got me lying too/
    10 bar max thats like standing backwards and tieing me shoe/
    Shit i stand if front of u and make tha back of ur head burst/
    I can beat cha wit 4 lines if u had a 3 foot long verse/
    U couldnt be legendary if u died and came back as 2pac/
    One of the best ever u still would get shot like a new glock/
    I aint never went underground except to kill some rappers/
    Uncontroled actors, sworming u like diseased flying raptors/
    Biting the shit out of u flying u back to ur grave site/
    God damn if i dont kill this mother fucking slave might/
    Cuz i dont feed him shit i think his name his dave right/
    No i thought it was so solid player, ah who gives a shit/
    Yo this gun is free of charge and it gives a clip/
    Damn this battle is over i won and gives a pic/


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      time to vote everyone first to 3 votes right so solid player i thought so well if not whatever it is.....VOTE VOTE =no dicklickers,friends or whatever legit reasons people it aint that long so whatever

      so solid i think we just have rhymers vote what u think


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        yeah I forgot that rule, RHYMERS & MC'Z ONLY vote


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          hrm quite good battle.
          solid, loved the peter beardsley line lol.
          emyhr, nice range of hits and i also like the shoe line, and the 3 foot long verse bit.
          i though emyhr hit harder overall so

          vote =emyhr


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            yo my vote

            yo ok this was a good battle for it being so short

            so solid your verse was good i was feelin the blind verse it was tight and for a fast battle it was good verses. i kind of lost the flow near the end.

            emyhr well man i was feelin the flow of your verse and it was alittle bit easier to flow with. i felt it seemed like near the end u ran out of things to say.

            but both tight verse
            my vote goes to emyhr for the overall flow i felt it flowed a little betta. no beef dawgs just speakin my mind.

            vote = emyhr
            kw gaskinz aka scoota

            K.I.D.'s (Kriminalz in disguise)
            bobby kuffs aka konvict
            supa nova aka mumbles
            oldskool aka anonymous prohet
            kw gaskinz aka scoota


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              upping for votes 2-0 emyhr


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                  vote=so solid player

                  He had the wordplay. But I WOULD have voted Emyhr if I took barlength into serious consideration. Solid, shorten some of your barz to come out better.

                  this joke : how many hiphoppers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? .................. three, one to screw in the new lightbulb, and two to argue over how much better the old one was.


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                    "U couldnt be legendary if u died and came back as 2pac/"

                    since this was such a short battle........I decided to place my vote on the best line.......plus, over all emyhr's flowed better, and hit harder........ So Solid Players verse was So - So .......no offence or nuthin, but i've seen way better from you...........so my vote goes to emyhr...

                    --Tha Blunder--
                    Ye Of Little Faith


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                      Thanx for not sleepin on it seein as it was a 10 bar friendly battle...and yeah I know ya mean, I got a problem with bar length, cant fit all the words in what I wanna, i'll work on it...anyway good battle emyhr and thanx for the vote prime...



                      • #12
                        nice.....but my vote goes to Emyhr. My vote goes to him bcuz of the lyrical jabs that he took at So Solid Player. So Solid Player's rhymes were good...but i think Emyhr went for the kill....while So Solid Player beat around the bush. Thats my opinion...good battle...for a couple bars
                        Rhyme & Reason
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                          votin 4sho

                          aight i read thru these twice becuz they were very interesting and good. i really like to see 2 emcees having a friendly battle. emyhr, i understand why you needed this too man. my fav lines were these:
                          emyhr: U couldnt be legendary if u died and came back as 2pac/
                          so solid: Like a heat sensored bomb im destined to decapitate my target when I spit
                          those were tight lines. so solid you came hard spittin first using a good vocab and strong metaphors. emyhr you came hittin harder wit punchlines and just dope lyrics that i thought were unbelievable. so...

                          VOTE :: Emyhr

                          score:: Emyhr 4
                          So Solid 1
                          "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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                            thanks for the vote yeroc but its 5-1 i won this battle good ass shit so solid player all that i ask is can u add my name to ur hotlist


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