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  • Open Battle

    Yo, who's up for a battle? Go ahead and drop your first verse if you wanna go at it.

    1st to 5 votes wins (or winner after 5 days)
    2 verses each.
    No bar limit.
    No crew or non mcee votes or peeps with less than 20 posts.

    Yo, I come runnin up straight at your grill,
    You think your ill, Give it all of ya skill but still,
    You don't have the power to stop my thirst for a kill,
    Be real, don't be no chump son,
    I'm whippin out dick cuz yo momma wants sum,
    I fucked the bitch good and gave her great feelins,
    Now I'm rich as fuck cuz she paid me by the millions,
    So now I got enough scrill to buy a third world country,
    Neglect to feed em all them make em bomb u cuz they hungry,
    Doin nothing but puffin, eatin' weed brownies and muffins,
    Take a pill and shut up bitch before i do somethin,
    Cuz when I gets up to doing nuthin,
    It's Russian roulette with one bullet in the chamber,
    It's the final shot & my turn now you sweatin' the danger,
    But I'll drop the revolver and whip out the fists,
    Fuck with this and get left bleedin in a puddle of piss,
    I'm so intimidating I'll make you fidget like some midgets,
    When they walk up to a tall ho tryin' to get da digits,
    But it wouldn't matter if you were seven foot four,
    I bet couldn't get some ass if you paid the whore,
    You act soft like the Jolly Green Giant,
    But I'm violent refusin' the right to remain silent,
    I'll find it, your main weakness you can't hide it,
    Fluffin' up your battle raps wit a metaphor you use to bore,
    So wack even the jaws of Vanilla Ice are fallin' to the floor,
    Reject before you put me in check you betta gain some respect,
    Or end up like a paraplegic from a wreak wit a twisted neck,
    Try this on for size and expose the pussy between ya thighs,
    You quiverin' like a bitch cuz I'm aimin' the tech at you,
    I got a needle wit aids ready to start injectin you,
    You can't interject while the coronar's inspectin you,
    YO I stole your bitch too bad she still aint sexin' you,
    I picked up the slut while giving sperm deposits,
    Met her while cleanin' up under runnin water faucets,
    My AIDS infested sperm is producing a retarded baby,
    Givin morning sickness to your first and only lady,
    There went your manhood you just fuckin lost it,
    I stole then sold it to Elton John, the fag bought it.

    word, someone up for a good battle reply back

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    just to let whoever replies know, i gotta be up early to go to work so I wont be able to reply until around 7 central time tomorrow evening when i get home from work. peace


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      Just A Rhyme

      yo yo yo.../im da man da call alive/u wont make it or survive/in my land we kill people for fun/ and not wit a gun/wit our hands because it gives me a rush/then i just wanna crush/anyman who steps in my way/your next BITCH/got anything to say?/ i kill u then hide ur body in da bay/i'll cut u into lil pieces and ship you ups to your moms house/then once u dead ill fuck your spouse/so dont come up in my town runnin you mouth/or u wont make it out

      So my plan is to kill u/and your bitch ass crew/ when i get done chokin u you'll be blue/this sint a game nor a joke/u will choke/then ill snort up you body like its coke/i gotta lay off da rope/ill never quit da cheeba even if it give me this murder fever/now wonder your bitch came to me/now she knows dat you really a she/b/now ur gonna die because of me/and i fucked your lady/is dat shady?/well now u now to keep your thougts loocked up/so u dont end up in a body bag inside a truck/if u smaart u stay da fuck outta my town/because im da king/i wear da crown!

      Peace im out!!(my vote goes to you)
      My shit my way, so fuck off!


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        aight just got home from work. yo alivesoldier was that your reply or what? your topic was "just a rhyme" and you said your vote goes to me, wtf? you battling or just droppin some random shit down that dont belong here? cuz you had no rebuttals to any of my shit, what gives, hit a muh fukka back, peace.


        • #5
          word gruesome, lay it down if he aint tryin to battle. I don't think he is by the looks of his post, wait a couple of hours and if he doesnt reply then post. cuz I think we both know that you are gonna be a harder battle for me than him so it aint like im tryin to skip out on some shit.



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            werd im going out with friends for the night so I wont be back until at least 5 hours or so, but if you've dropped by then ill hit you back, peace


            • #7
              yo GRUESOME, im peace out for the night, i am going out of town for most of the weekend. I wont be back until sunday so if you wanna post your shit sunday morning/afternoon that will work and ill get back at you fairly quickly then for the 2nd cool? aight well talk to you then peace.


              • #8
                yo GRUESOME, im back in town, drop ya verse if you still wantin' to do dis. peace


                • #9
                  my verse

                  aight no beef just battle.

                  eminem 2001, marcel lee and kronic cant vote on this battle cuz thier GRUE haters.

                  Im comin into this verse to afixiate prepare to go into post mortem........... paralize like rigamortis, the skillz i use to drill donald trump couldnt afford em./// Your aids infected needle ? fuck a lil prick im goin midevil............. slap you on the torture rack *listen to the cheers 4rm the people*./// jolly green giant? shit Ill purate you like a posessed kitchen appliance........... extract your vocal box now your forced to remain in silence./// Your stuck with a 80s lyrical style come into the new mellinium........... muthafucka Ill process your un escapable fate quicker than pentium./// Im spittin toxins than make your flesh glow so hit the light switch........like lime diseased ticks im imbeding your jugular with this rusty icepick./// You say you got heart ? well ill pry open your ribcadge and donate it to the needy........... fuck it ill put the other organs on the black market cuz GRUESOMES greedy./// You lack lyrical protien, no wonder your skillz suffer 4rm a growth heavily stunted.......... your the type to go into witness protection every time your confronted./// How you gonna run with the big dawgs when your about to be spaid.......... cuz your a bitch whos true identity is showin, yep youve been made./// You complain about fancy metaphors so notice thier not being used............ theres 187 ways i get hookers like you shocked and confused./// How you gonna grip a gun when your trigger fingers slippery with semen........... jackin off to rupal movies while im out sqeezin off rounds like a spider steadily creepin./// Your velvet soft your mouth is the only thing you pop off........... your bouts to be gridlocked like 2PAC and tim roth./// Ill end this spit right here and wait for your second verse............ like a ghetto fabulous lurch im prepared with a full tank in the hurse.
                  Last edited by GRUESOME; 07-29-2001, 03:52 PM.
                  Battle Record 25 - 6.
                  Official Winner of FT1.
                  A coward dies a thousand deaths,
                  a soldier only dies but one.


                  • #10
                    yo dogg i left before you posted your 2nd, i just got back from the mall, ill drop here in a few, peace


                    • #11
                      that was only my first verse, we got one more each.

                      Battle Record 25 - 6.
                      Official Winner of FT1.
                      A coward dies a thousand deaths,
                      a soldier only dies but one.


                      • #12
                        2nd verse

                        Like an incarnation of Vishnu they call me Krishna,
                        Gorilla strength fill ya wit pain while I diss ya,
                        Bitch wait, don't hate who the fuck you about to afixiate?
                        I'll lacerate your dick til it falls off so you can't masturbate
                        Oh shit I forgot that you dickless like those two bitches on my shitlist,
                        I hope AK, Con and Blunder know you ain't the one bringin the siccness,
                        Don't let the wrath of my bad half bust caps and write yo epitaph,
                        "In loving memory of GRUESOME, who always took it up the ass"
                        Speakin' of the 80's lets take it back to where it started,
                        Yo momma spreadin eagle gettin fucked barenaked on the carpet,
                        Nine months later you the one gettin sold on the black market,
                        Suckling from the nipple it took plyers to pry you apart wit,
                        And what appliance you speakin of a toaster or blender?
                        It don't matter I'm makin meals outta ya flesh because its tender.
                        Apperances are false since I'm transformin like a Gremlin,
                        This cold war is over bitch, you crumblin' like the Kremlin,
                        Like Timothy McVeigh I'm blowing things into a million pieces,
                        You left in the rubble chillin' still you gotta pay the leases,
                        You ain't a lyrical mass murderer you postin online,
                        Come back to reality and you'll be doin just fine,
                        I don't even grip a gun I got plenty of hitmen for hire,
                        Ready to fire on sight at any SICK SIDE liar,
                        They just blew off both ya legs now who's the one stunted?
                        You rollin' around crippled while my ass is gettin blunted,
                        And as for a heart I ain't got one the shit froze,
                        And turned black from backstabbin friends blows,
                        Like four point surround sound I'm hittin you from all sides,
                        High from the lines and pullin you out further like the tides,
                        Your gettin pulled under and your gaspin for breath,
                        Your life is flashing before you this is your death,
                        Now its over not business left unattended,
                        Lungs full of water its splendid that you winded.


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                          uh..........no dood. sorry read the posts man this is between me and gruesome


                          • #14
                            My vote

                            Yo my vote goes to GRUESOME cus He strait ripped peel junkie.
                            his second verse wont even be enuff to bring him back cus Gruesome used a lot of orginization of wordz and similes.Peel junkie jus rhymed simple wordz together like still, kill,grill, but tha thing that he lost my vote was because he used ''YOU'' four times in a row on four strait bars.U cant rhyme tha same word four times or it will make tha whole verse bad man.

                            "Ive seen it all,did it all.......most of yall will pop for a minute..spit a sentence,then the game will get rid of yall" - Nas

                            "Im tired of you new jacks...im tired of *****z sayin they bout to blow,unless you a girl,i dont care if you bout to do that" - Royce Da 5'9''

                            "A few hot shells outta tha chrome,will leave you there,wit a funny smell,like gun powder cologne" - Jadakiss

                            "Ive been poppin,held true to my fort....im like bin laden,im bout to change the whole view of New york" - Joe Budden

                            "Im NBC,News time,blastin 8's..keep ya cool before you lose like....half ya face..run in ya house,cover ya mouth with maskin tape...let my chick strap on a dick,his ass get raped...everybody gotta die,why procrastinate?? you get put in a casket,for makin trashy tapes" - Cassidy

                            "if i pass you bass,and u spend my gravy?? then i ask for my papes,and you pretend you crazy?? i put 10 in ya AV,and pretend you payed me...leave you stuffed in a dumpster...like brenda's baby" - Cassidy

                            Just remember..Virginia's for Haters


                            • #15
                              aight first off i think everyone knows GRUESOME is a dope mc, so i aint tryin to argue with no votes or what not. however you still a bitch prominent and you need to take my shit off your MIB list you lil ho cuz you know i wasnt missin on shit


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