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Gruesome Showdown: Final 'Eyerone Vs. So solid Player'

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  • Gruesome Showdown: Final 'Eyerone Vs. So solid Player'

    Alrite the batte everyone been waiting for,cuz this tourni took a long ass time. Eyerone Vs. So Solid Player

    1) Everyone can vote but you need to have 50 posts or more for your vote to count.

    2) Who ever votes, you will not be voting for one person,,for example VOTE=EYERONE, instead you will be judging both emcees on a 1-10 point scale.

    3) The 1-10 point scale goes as follows, there are 4 categories and they are Metaphors, Punchlines, Rhyme Structure and Creativity.

    4) For example= Metaphors-7,Punchlines-6, Rhyme Structure-9, and Creativity-10, that emcee will get 32 points......

    5) Now when giving the point value for a categorie you must QUOTE A LINE REGARDING THAT CATEGORIE. So your giving a point value of 1-10 and qouting a line from that categorie....

    6) Verses---Each emcee first verse is gonna be a blind verse so remember that....Each emcee will spit a total of 3 verses each including the blind verse.....

    7) The blind verse and the 2nd verse, theres a 20 bar limit for them. And the 3rd and final verse its gonna be a 25 bar and over limit.

    8) When voting do not say which mc verses you liked better just pin point reasons for each emcees verses....And give the point value and dont forget to qoute a line or lines. Thank You

    9) This should be a Great battle too bad somone has to lose.....
    The emcee first to 300 points wins the battle thank you.
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    c'mon so solid player...u are taking forever.......FOREVER!!!! UPPIN FOR SO SOLID PLAYER!
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      come on so solid...u can do it..post a verse...come on..lets get this over wit
      Rhyme & Reason
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        Verse #1

        ‘Enter’ the ‘Prophet’ cuz this battles already been ‘foreseen’/
        I ain’t no visionary, but I can already ‘see’ that your ‘over-keen’/
        I’m hip-hop’s ‘fiend’, steady ‘raping’ you of your pride/
        You couldn’t spit ‘fumes’ if you inhaled ‘carbon Monoxide’/
        Get square eyed, in-depth studying my lyrics on tha monitor/
        You a fake thug, you wouldn’t get hit by a ‘drive’-by if you was a ‘molitor’/
        Violator, cuz I’m ‘cutting’ thru your style like an aggressive ‘spirit’/
        Dawg your rhymes are like ‘anaesthetic’ cuz no-one be ‘feelin’ it/
        Try to knock me off stage? Fuck that I’m hella rock-steady/
        I counterattack like a violent ‘battery’, cuz I’m ‘Ever-Ready’/
        Takin ma time schemin, analysing and plannin your early fate/
        I’m delaying your death, watching you dilate (Die Late)/
        I Annihilate, dress up as ‘Jadakiss and you wouldn’t get the ‘best of me’’
        Your rhymes don’t connect, they couldn’t ‘fit’ if they had ‘epilepsy’/
        Temptin me? Yo that shits drastically bad for your health/
        Retarded, still couldn’t be victorious if you battled yourself/
        You got wealth? Cuz I’m ‘divorcing’ you from your dickryders so you alone/
        Your name reflects on your ‘lost-to’ list, cuz u getting beat off Every-rone/
        Dawg go home, you could ‘freestyle’ while plunging from the millennium structure/
        And it still wouldn’t be ‘off the dome’//

        *Edited to make word bold*


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          I can tell So Solid Player has elevated since the last time i saw his text....good job. keep elevating

          -PhEaR aKa FeArMeNtOr
          ..RhyMeLiFe.CoMz LeaGue ChaMp..


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            Aiiyo......check it... it goes like this.......yo......

            Im the only ***** that can stop time/
            Think forward yet hit rewind/
            *****s freak out the way at my amazing skills at spittin blind/
            U need to clean up ya act son, im grabbin the broom/
            bottomline u talk to much, i seen u in chat rooms/
            Where did u get ya name, u aint no So Solid player/
            I got words that get under ya skin like hair penetrating thru ya epidermic layer/
            Prophecy says i got the road to greatness paved for me/
            Then i read in chat that u got some rhymes saved for me??/
            Thats bullshit and im exposin u now/
            7 times eleven crimes get on ya knees and juss bow/
            U aint no real thug, u dont even fight for ya self/
            Prolly sittin in a house wit butlers countin ya wealth/
            This du prolly soft as fuck, i got pockets fatter than lard/
            His computer is like a porno tape, he puts it on and turns *hard*/
            Im fatherin u, u spit a bad rap and now im gonna lyrically spank you/
            U think u ill? the *nicest* thing u say is "pleases and thank yous"
            I'll punch in ya sternum so hard u'll feel ya lungs spin/
            And next time u kiss ya gurl, think of where her tougue's been/
            Rhyme & Reason
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              see how much you asswholes pay attetion i man fucking read the rules and get off dicks even if all 3 verses where done ur fucking votes still wouldnt count sorry ////DELETE THAT SHIT


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                Verse #2

                Eyo, I've had shit to do for the past few days so thats why I'm postin late, lets do this...

                Put weights in your glove du’ cuz they didn’t ‘connect’ like ‘magnet faces’/
                Just when you thought they ‘locked’ they came un-done like ‘rubber laces’/
                Fuck races, this white MC’s teachin you techniques, putting you thru your paces/
                You ain’t packin ‘punches’ if you put deceased people’s clenched ‘fists’ in suitcases/
                Embrace this, I’m defacing your name from the rap game in a 3 verse abyss/
                Defeatin me is useless, like playin ‘scrabble’ against a crew of ‘dyslexic’s’/
                Match this, you said your last verse was concentrated on ‘stating facts’/
                Realise this, I’m ‘melting’ your foreseen victory like a fire eater dieting on ‘candle wax’/
                Thought you could relax? Nah I’m persistently ‘annoying’ like ‘senile’ bingo ball callers/
                Rippin the ground from underneath you is the only way your gunna b flawless (floorless)/
                Weightless, MC’s say you ‘hit hard’ yet I collapse your verse ‘spine’ like I’m ‘Ecstasy’/
                I’m slappin you around so much it’s like your verse is a bitch lyin in bed next to me/
                I embarrass amicably, shits tighter than a virgins pussy un-locked and un-touched/
                You Could rob and throw a freestyle competition in a treasury and still not make the bank-erupt (bankrupt)/
                You fucked up, have a few battles and you already give yourself the status “Rap Vet”/
                Wrestling with a cripple in a ‘harness’ is the only way you gunna win ‘on the net’/
                My minds-set, I’m raining down on you so much my style could be called ‘Sub-Terrainian’/
                Eyerone your shits played, you couldn’t ‘turn heads’ if in a morgue you analysed ‘craniums’/
                I seen yo shit repeated multiple times, rhymes are ‘pre-set’ like a marriage that’s ‘Iranian’/
                Once again, your last line of punches weren’t ‘hard hittin’…it’s like your pen inhaled ‘Helium’//

                *Edited to put the word "You" at the start of Bar 14*
                Last edited by Revenant; 08-11-2001, 08:49 PM.


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                  ...Verse 2

                  Fact is, u couldnt *hold down bars* if u were a prison inmate/
                  Ya ass must be *pregnant* cause ya last verse damn sure came *late*/
                  Fuck smokin the weed plant, i even smoke the *pot*/
                  With this lyrical sword, u shoot at me and i'll deflect all ya shots/
                  Spray 20 bullets and watch the forensic scientists play *connect the dots*/
                  So i state it now, fuck u, ya friends and ya wisely mothers/
                  The flow is straight *contagious* and it wuznt made from the *Isley Brothers*/
                  My words is as powerful as a tec-9, but u try to fight it/
                  Last verse u delivered wuz fuckin weak and it took u three days to write it/
                  We shoot real bullets, when u seem to waste duds/
                  Came to ya house and covered your tongue in weed so u could *tastebud*/
                  U a little bitch, son, never been involved in no crimes/
                  My question is "who is ya *ghostwriter* cause *i saw right thru ya rhymes*/
                  Deep thoughts and wisdom *on time* for cats who *clockin* me/
                  My *philosophy* dubbed me *Saukrates* and ya style?its mockin me/
                  My rhymes are *fresher* than a candle wit *scented* wax/
                  All your fuckin rhymes are as *hardcore* as the porno on cinemax/
                  When Eminem got famous, u juss hopped on the boat/
                  I should hang u wit rope, gay ass should practice droppin the soap/
                  U beating me is far from the truth, u'd like to learn fables/
                  *Exorcist* rhymes, keep *heads spinnin* like vinyls on turntables/

                  ok..i might have went over the bar limit by one...wow....keep this shit going. And for those who dont live in the US and dont have Cinemax......Cinemax has some softcore porn that airs late at night....so on that one bar where i mention cinemax, i wuz being sarcastic.
                  Rhyme & Reason
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                    hurry up So Solid...i got a lot of shit to say...i might get banned soon..so hurry the fuck up with this verse man....u need to write this shit when u first get online man.....HURRY THE FUCK UP
                    Rhyme & Reason
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                      Last Verse for Tourney: FUCK SO SOLID PLAYER

                      ok......this is my last fuckin verse.....check it

                      The Prophet shine bright and leave the mic glazed
                      *****z packin Glock 9's, double barrels and AK's
                      Makin *****z hit da floor becuz of the gat sprays
                      Young and thug ***** Va born and thug raised
                      And for the record, Prominant dont whine, he up and about
                      And by the time u drop a verse, my ***** Shyne will be out
                      If this is my last verse, im leavin wit all my grudges
                      U shouldnt have gotten past the first round, u paid off the judges
                      Fact is u only *Two Thirds* a man
                      Make u REALLY type a blind verse with this mixture of salt and sand
                      This faggot would reply sooner if he typed with both hands
                      With ya fuckin wacker than Mase rhymes i cant stand
                      After this battle im leavin u silent like a dead mime
                      Speak of judges, i've smoked *Purplehaze 2701* times
                      Deliver 1 shot routed to straight up collapse ya lung
                      and the second u open ya mouth, i put *D-burna* to side of ya tongue
                      My dick is like a red carpet when its fully unfurled
                      EYE, the kid wit *exterrestial rhymes*, son they *outta this world*
                      In about 10 years, So Solid player will be buying a Eyerone CD
                      If i wuz ya dick, and u wuz a hand covered in lotion, u wouldnt be *slick* enuff to *beat me*
                      I swear if u win this battle, u better praise the lords
                      My nickname should be "Shaq" cuz i be *beasting on the boards*
                      What is on ya mind? Im a nasty motherfucker
                      Cause even when i *RUSH* i last an *HOUR* and im not Chris Tucker
                      How u gonna go the distance when ya car motor's spent
                      So Solid Player?I've seen longer lasting *solids* on a deodorant
                      If u wanna do this shit in person, son, juss meet me
                      If u chopped off a foot of mine, u still couldnt *defeat* me
                      Fuckin wit me? and i leave heads leakin like faucets
                      Natural disasters, i caused it
                      You get ya faggot rhymes from outta the closet
                      Face it, im the winner of the Tourney, its what the Prophecy reckons
                      Girls say u'd be a minute man....if u could survive the first thirty seconds.......
                      Last edited by Eyerone; 08-14-2001, 05:18 PM.
                      Rhyme & Reason
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                        for votes


                        • #13
                          Fuck it...i won. Thats the bottomline. im sorry it went down like this.....but.....i am the winner of the Gruesome Tourney......du to So Solid's absence...when du had time to post a verse but didnt......its all good.
                          Rhyme & Reason
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                            he's away for 2 week's


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                              hahah he still hasnt responded
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