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**M.I.C's Newbie Tourney: Sween Dogg Vs Peel Jumkee Vs Lyrikallylost***

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  • **M.I.C's Newbie Tourney: Sween Dogg Vs Peel Jumkee Vs Lyrikallylost***

    here we go the first round battle.
    good luck, heres my verse

    I'ma srangle both of u at once and watch u both weither in pain/
    weitherin like a slug caked in salt, and i love it, coz im insane/
    i hav no heart for the likes of a couple of fags, who try to play my game/i will sew u together, coz face it, ur both the same/
    i will tread on u both, like ur a couple of spiders/
    u think ur ill coz u win a few, but thats just yr dick ryders/
    i will drink both yr bloods, and imagein their a couple of ciders/
    u think ur big timers, livin a life of luxury, when ur just a couple of fags, who gets looked after by a couple of child minders/
    listen to sween dogg, i'll teach u a lesson/
    coz i will munch on u like a delactesson/
    now get out of my way yr both a obstrucstion/
    ur both now a part of my defeated production/
    i will smoke this tourney like a fuckin reefa/
    then maybe celebrate with a trip to ibiza/
    ur both as wack and shit as eack other/
    so if u want, i will give u the nickname of my step brother/
    coz he's shit as fuck, he would even lose to my mother/
    i cud stab u so fast, that i get no blood on my handle cover/
    1 by 1, sween dogg will advance up this mutha fucka/
    coz i create laughs and class, like that actor, Chris Tucker/
    now i welcome u both to Tha sween dogg cooker/
    so i can fry ur arses, u will go up in smoke/
    i will after wear protection from yr fumes, coz i might choke/
    hard lines boyz, u've just hit tha ground/
    now welcome Sween Dogg, to tha next round!/

    I Think that sud do it, hopefully

    Only a few of us left

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    UPPIN for the other verse's

    that is my verse

    good luck
    Only a few of us left


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      Only a few of us left


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        Killin' 2 Berds Wit 1 Stone

        good luck to both of you, this should be a good battle. much succes to the victor.

        i'm layin down like dis...............................

        Sween you aint strangling shit cuz I got two bullets marked for ya name/
        You ain't insane or bringin' pain let my verse be the one to explain/
        I'm the boss got you workin like a dogg wit Lyrikall but yall ended up lost/
        Snow bit from frost cuz my hits are so cold they got you prayin to the cross/
        Where you learn to floss? You wasting time its just a lost cause/
        Yall think you full grown but yall some puppies wit small paws/
        Rugged raw revvin back to sock you both ya in ya fuckin jaws/
        Like Santa Clause I got a gift to lyrically pound you with/
        Some shit that suprised you like yo mothers pregnancy did/
        She never meant to have you kid don't feel bad you that an accident/
        You'll always be spittin' wack ass shit just lispin' that an foreign accent/
        Sween you packin shit right up Lyrikally Lost and since/
        You from Tha Dogg Pound obviously wit ass you failed at abstinence/
        You couldn't teach a lesson if you had it laid out in front of you/
        What you gonna do when you have to look up a word that blasted you/
        I'm still winnin' our last battle it's gonna be over my tomorrow/
        Leavin' you grievin' in sorrow outta ya mind on heroin like Dave Navarro/
        So I guess we both junkies but Lost has got Sween's cum beads dryin' over crusty/
        Trust me you need take heed cuz I've always busted caps never been rusty/
        It's like killin' two birds with one stone then lyrically I'll be know/
        As the one who took this battle in the first round and ended up on the throne/
        My rhymin' words are like a draining toilet suckin up ya turds/
        Both ya slurs sound absurd I'd still beat you wit 10 bars if I deleted 2/3's/
        You couldn't stab or nab me if was half dead asleep stuck wit an IV/
        I be the emcee passin' you by in my Bentley you cant catch me wit ya 10 speed/
        After this tournment you learnin' shit from me that gives you envy/
        Like Moses I'm parting both seas and send it crashin at both ya knees/
        Next time you twp post you need use better english and make ya lyrics grow/
        One of you needs to be extinguished cuz ya hairs singen' from my flow/

        ~Peel Junkee~


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          Uppin! for Lyrikally Lost's verse.


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            UPPIN' FO' LYRIKALLY LOST' verse. if you wait til the last minute i see it as only hurtin' you.


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              Peel Junkee...one question..how the hell are you 1-2 in battles?

              I'm a stuck, starving artist.
              Vincent Van Going nowhere.
              Sold my silver souls to the devil.
              Hoping he'll throw up a gold pair.
              Mostly concerned... with my own interests... as per usual.
              Foolishly pursuing the fruit of what's removable.
              Into the full view.
              Do you see me as suitable...
              to prove to the world that my beautiful dream is simply doable?


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                i dont know what do you mean by that?

                STILL UPPIN' FOR LYRIKALLY LOST's VERSE!!!!!!!!!


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                  Cum On uppin for lyrikallylost's verse.
                  he got til tomorrow 5pm or he out and me and peel advance.
                  its in the rules, if the thread has been made and 1 of the emcees involved in the battle does'nt reply in 2 days, there out.
                  times runnin out

                  Only a few of us left


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                    UPPIN' for Lyrikally Lost's verse.


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                      ok lyrikkaly lost is out becaus eof the 2 day responce rule.sorry dawg but u need 2 read the rules .sewwn and peel r through go put ya names in the origonal newbie H.Q thread then deleat this thread please prepeare 4 the next round it will be 1 on 1 so it will be better
                      Respect to lil ells for hosting my pic

                      Originally posted by M.I.C.
                      I quit this battle, this is CORRUPT!!!!!

                      M.I.C you and everyone on this board is Corrupt!!!!!!
                      M.I.C. WAS LOOSING OUR NAME BATTLE WITH 1 DAY TO GO SO HE QUIT. he is no man and i have lost all respect i had for him.


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                        yo sween you posted this so delete it, i tried and couldnt. peace


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                          whut up guys? yo, mah computer has been actin' like a fuckin' bitch, yo. listen, y'all needs to gimme a 2nd chance, find a new newbie and i'll battle him. i reallie need to do this y'all. u gotta understand. mah computer's been actin' like a fuckin' prick, dawg. so gimme anutha chance. holla at me. peace!
                          Lyrikally Lost aka Fidel Kastrator



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