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**vote**Newbie Tourny (RD 3): Peel Junkee vs. Sween Dogg **vote**

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  • **vote**Newbie Tourny (RD 3): Peel Junkee vs. Sween Dogg **vote**

    aight, congrats on us gettin this far. good luck on the battle sween. aight here goes..........

    Yo, Sween there's no chance of us beefin' cuz you just a chicken//
    Walking around cluckin' and duckin at my rhymes but yo shit's pre-written//
    Your styles bittin' I've beaten you before you whore so this should be quick//
    Your rhymes ain't sick they make no sense quit rydin' and jump off tha dick//
    You lil trick I see that your signature list lists who you've defeated//
    Expect to be treated like a $2.00 whore cuz you are about to get cleated//
    But as I read it I don't see a list of who's beat you//
    I'll fuck you up dogg like I already did to sikotik in ya crew//
    Your dreams of winnin' this are quickly sinkin' like Titantic//
    You actin' frantic and startin' to panic like a depressed manic//
    Sween I'm cleanin' you out like the resin in my pinch hitter//
    You got heart dogg but you will never be an ill spitter//
    Like Quitter, this verse is also aimed at ya bitch ass crew//
    I beat you, sikotik and the others when this tourny's through//
    Watch ya gonna do when your bombarded wit 10 megaton lyrical bombs//
    I dropped from my palms to harm you got you prayin' outta Psalms//
    The weed calms, I'm smokin' thats why you are gettin smoked//
    When I choke creativity and bars engulf me wit each toke//
    Yo slow poke, reply to this verse in a timely fashion//
    Your reaction to my verse will be full of fluff, NO ACTION//

  • #2
    uppin for sweens 1st verse


    • #3
      nice verse

      ok, good luck, i've cum this far, cant lose now.

      (1st Verse)

      yo, peel yr fallin faster than manchester united did in munich//
      emcees like u, r easy to roll and easy to smoke, a bit like chronic//
      ur a cocktail, thats only got 1 tail, like gin without tonic//
      who tha fuck r u to tell me i'll never be ill, so wot r u now, my docter?//ur just a thieve, a rhyme stealer movin on by tha name of artful dodger// u move from battle to battle, pickin up lines, yr a fuckin battle lodger// yr sittin there rite in my palm, coz my rhymes r so phat, im goin to a phat-farm// and u, tha men in white jackets, r gonna see u though// see u though, to yr brand new white padded home// yr just a craze, overhyped, like tha millenium-dome// sorry dawg, but this tourney has no room for tha both of us emcees// i've worn u, torn u, u were my best twisted jeans// it pains me to see u like this dawg, yr a fuckin mess// sat their by yr computer, baggs under ya eyes, and wearin a coffee stained vest// cum on peel, i know yr in a unsocialerble, nevous break-down// ur rhymes used to make me laugh, u were krusty-the-clown// u know in lyrical terms ur just over-rated// u know wot dawg, u've just been sween dogg instigatored// if i've suck like titanic, where does that leave u// coz im a take u with me, so u dont miss out on tha big blue// ur rhymes r so untoxic, it will cure sum one with radation poisonin//
      ur my jester, to try to make me laugh, and dont forget im yr king//
      coz 1 step out of line and its off with ya head// i'll stick u in a sive and drain all yr battle cred// and add it to my evergrowin list, of those who hav tryed but Killed In Action// im a divide u into 8 pieces all share every fraction// wots with u man, wots tha attraction// coz all i see is a wack emcee who trys too much//
      i will sufercate u, stick u in a car and take off tha clutch//
      coz i hit harder than tha mitchill brothers// yo dawg i hav a confession, i hav slept with all ya X-lovers// coz u were fuckin imputant, u cud'nt a erection// so cum holla'in at me for a direction// coz u know i'll point u to where u belong, i've just walked though ya defence, to score a try// to beat me, u will need all tha help u can get,coz i pissed all over luke tha jedi//
      and by tha way, how cud i forget, to hit u goodbye//

      ok thats my first verse

      Only a few of us left


      • #4
        i think you may be DQ'd homey. you didnt follow the rules that M.I.C posted for round 3. you had too many bars, I asked M.I.C so we will see what he has to say, whatever happens happens its up to him. here the original rules dogg,

        arite ya all battles hav been decided in round 2 so heres the next round line up.




        RULES: ok in this one its 2 verse eatch around 20 bars.


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          yo sween im sick of waiting on M.I.C so how about you spit your 2nd verse next with 20 bars and then ill spit my 2nd after that with 30 bars like AK47 suggested. I figured thats the most logical thing to do. I aint tryin' to dodge you man, good luck. let me know if this is cool witchu?


          • #6

            2nd verse

            hi im back, to crush u once more, im more genius than tha man of shawshank redemption//
            u can run but u cant hide, from my ultra rhyme compelextion//
            i will finsh u in a coulple of mins, so i'll relive ur tension//
            coz im sick of u, tryin to get me disquilfied//
            how tha fuck can i finsh off someone who has already died//
            i will rush though u so cool, it will be like tryin to hanglide//
            easy as fuck, not much too it, jus hittin u with dope lines//
            i've got u coververed, all rapped up in my rhymes//
            my rhymes r more tighter, than a fuckin bunch of vines//
            so shut tha fuck up and stop ya whinein, coz now i've smoked u all up. i want to carry on climbin//

            ok, a short verse, u add 12 more bars than me, then its fair
            Only a few of us left


            • #7
              final verse

              aight, im glad we got this settled, good luck sween.

              I guess you didn't remember the rules cuz your brains absent-minded//
              You need a see-and-eye dogg cuz your lyrical instincts are blinded//
              I'm grabbin' you by the throat and I got you beggin' on ya knees//
              Smackin' the fuck outta you til the corner of your mouth begins to bleed//
              The greed I have to win this tournament put me on a path of wrath//
              Lifes a pile of shit and your the toilet so do tha math//
              I gotta laugh cuz you buried six fee under I'm leavin you in a casket//
              Da wack shit is that you are still alive startin' to scratch it//
              Nail's screechin' against the wood as you was screamin "LET ME OUT!"//
              Now who's the one scared now you lil trick ass bitch//
              You lyin' wit ya wig Peeled in a ditch after a lynch//
              Police found you lyin' under a *bench* it'll always be the same//
              Even in death you ain't a *starter* you *dispinsin' water* lackin' the *game*//
              While I'm reapin' the fame moving onto round four//
              G' style galore I never wanted you DQ'd I just asked you fuckin whore//
              I've beat you before quit breakin' ya necks to see what crazy shit imma say next//
              And imma keep bustin' the techs whenever DRUG MONEY acts in disrespect//
              You all will not know what to expect from this genius intellect//
              This trek is going to effect all your spinal columns as they disconnect//
              From the blows in my flows and the gun I was weildin'//
              I hope your prepared cuz I'm gonna kill all ya future children//



              • #8
                My vote...

                sween dogg



                • #9
                  hey dumbshit your not a judge, its M.I.C, Prominant and Yeroc. even if you could vote it still wouldnt count cuz thats a hate vote, hahaha, your a dumb bitch Marcel.


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                    uppin for judges votes


                    • #11


                      • #12

                        yo imma make this short and sweet. i njoyed both emcees verses. nice shit. something that caught my eye was this tho.

                        Yo, Sween there's no chance of us beefin' cuz you just a chicken// Walking around cluckin' and duckin at my rhymes but yo shit's pre-written//
                        that line outta everything showed creativity, nice rhyming, variety, and metaphorical usage. i thought it was mos def nice. sween, ur second verse was one of the best i'm seen outta you. nice improvement. but i have to give this to junkie.

                        VOTE = Peel Junkie
                        "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


                        • #13
                          thx for not sleepin' on this any longer Yeroc, I see Prominant is looking for a replacement on M.I.C, thats good to hear.

                          1-0 PJ



                          • #14
                            ^^^^^^^ for Prom's vote and new judges vote.


                            • #15
                              nada prob.

                              uppin this biznatch.
                              "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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