i wanna battle u dawg and u said u wanna battle me like last week so aight!!!

heres my verse

20 bar max, no dickridin, 3 votes to win......

shit spitter back to beefin hitten you up wit a battle/
you either dyin or gettin slaughtered like u had mad cattle/
in this battle u gettin sliced and u better not tuck tail/
cus im sendin your apendiges to your mama via first class mail/
you got ya crew and i know why you stick byem/
cus u always on top of em like ya do here dickridin/
no need to respond to this spit cus i ripped you up/
like when i'll rip your skin of and *bust* you up with my *nut*/
startin forest fires where your family be/
like takin a match and burning down your family tree/
im gunna throw you straight through eight window panes/
then pull out your arteries and strangle you with ya veins/
i just *took down* a hand full of *X-tacy*/
im makin u swallow ya own tounge like epilepsy/
mess with shit spitter and you gettin torn and blasted/
pull ya head between ya legs and make ya kiss ya own ass bitch/
you see those guys suck there own dick. and wonder how?/
after i beat you ill retract your dick and stick it in your mouth/

aight no beef waitin for ya verse....