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my respond 2 ur wack action sween dawg

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  • my respond 2 ur wack action sween dawg

    hey sween, I don't know who wo last battle, I hope I've done well in my that battle, I'd like 2 battle u 'gain, but this one is 2 long so jus see this one as a freestyle, I'm still a newb so I like 2 get sum comments,
    here it goes:

    yo yo,
    u think u're great u're callin urselve "tha master"/ur shit u spit is what I call "a lyrical disaster"//
    u're scared of seein my shit cuz its blowin ya motherfuckin "mind"/i've only put 3 lines 'n u're already startin 2 see "blind"//
    ur fucked up shit is goin bout lame things like gettin the "hugz"/let me tell u this *****, I love to beat sween "dogz"//
    u jus a shy boy, u don't know anybody, so u'll never be "dominant"/u probably sittin all day behind the pc, it isn't makin u "prominent"//
    I really had 'nough of u, I'll lock u up in my rhymin "zone"/I don't think u still got a big mouth when u're standin "alone"//
    u start whinin cuz u can't find ur wack rhymes in the grim "darkness"/the situation has made u speechless, hopeless 'n "barkless"//
    don't talk shit like I'm the one who's "cryin"/u jus a fag, weak, and u can't stop "lyin"//
    at the moment I'm full of anger, can u "feel it"?/next time don't come with low level rhymes, do u "hear it"?/"as dope as weed" jus spare me that "shit"/I don't care bout those weak lines one damn "bit"//I'm gettin sick of it yeah I really want 2 "trash it"/seein ur face I'll get mad, I'll "smash it"//
    and it's not me but u who's tryin, u always battlin at ur "hardest"/but if u keep on with this shit u'll never gonna be a true lyrical "artist"/and ur rhymes r never gonna be as tough as Chuck “Norris”/so here's ur solution: go take sum dolls 'n play with them in the “forest”//
    the only thing u do is using tricks fo winnin, I "admit"/this will be the last time i'm talkin 2 a lil "kid"//
    probably u're so weak u can't find ur own size only sumone "new"/after u win such a battle u ain't even worth the price:"mountain dew"/and then thinkin u're the winner, while u used ur "dickridin crew"/don't think u can trick me, I don't like such things that r done by a "fool"//
    the only thing u want is insulting newcomers, new "people"/that's cuz u're so weak, you can't even find ur own "equel"/don't act so gay and prick, cuz u're bout 2 meet the true "sequel"/I'll hit u so hard that battlin for u will be "illegal"//
    callin urself the winner while it was draw, I'm "frenzied"/tell u this prick; bitchtalk is the opposite of what i "need"//
    u're gettin crazy, u're the one who's bout 2 "choke"/and now u want 2 commit suicide, u've had an overdosis of "coke"//
    what's wrong with u? did u run into a "curse"?/I don't want 2 take sum time fo waitin fo ur wack "verse"/it isn't worth of readin it cuz it will be weaker then shit from fred "durst"/after u have met me u can betta stay "alert"/u betta know I don't like 2 be dissed by a "pcnerd"/2 be buggered off by a newb, I think that really "hurts"//
    lookin on the board, seein a new thread, thinkin what a "surprise"/u're dazed cuz this rhyme is what u're seein through your "eyes"/this is the consequent of bein busy makin up many "lies"/I ain't a sweettalker so don't think I'm gonna do "nice"/jus wait for the many rhymes which are bout 2 "slice"/u're thinkin the whole time bout my rhymes cuz they "remise"/don't think bout gettin me back cuz that won't make u "rise"//
    \all those battles u've done and still u're "uneducated"/and what would u wright down if your inspiration has "faded"?//
    the next time u're goin 2 do this wack I'm gonna use my real "artillery"/don't forget I'm Nameless, the only one who's your true "mystery"//
    Last edited by nameless; 08-28-2001, 12:23 AM.

    "Put it together, I rock hoes, y'all rock fellas." NaS


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    man that's to fucken long plus sween hasnt been around for a minute
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      that was a whole lot of text...and you didn't really say shit. he could drop 6 bars and beat that.

      I'm a stuck, starving artist.
      Vincent Van Going nowhere.
      Sold my silver souls to the devil.
      Hoping he'll throw up a gold pair.
      Mostly concerned... with my own interests... as per usual.
      Foolishly pursuing the fruit of what's removable.
      Into the full view.
      Do you see me as suitable...
      to prove to the world that my beautiful dream is simply doable?


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