if u ain't got game u ain't fuckin' playn'
while i'm sprayn' everybody prayn'
i'm just sayn' that i'll start layn'
dead body's all across the floor
massmurderer whitey with a knife infront ya door
i'll slith yo troath so fast u didn't even noticed that it was a siccors
4 chizzo my wizzo i'm makin' u so dizzo
with lyrics i slith troaths until i go so crizzo
u mist oh
2 bad now it's my turn
pull out this flamethrower & make u feel the burn
until u crivvel & turn
until i feel that urge 2 emerge & rise back up
out of the dead (that's impossible) shut the fuck up
the longer u tease me the harder i squeeze ye
u won't get fuckin' payd 4 talkin' so sleezy
u c i'm like speedy, gonzalez
giant set of balls 2 rap around yo neck
so betta check yoself
b4 u reck yoself
take this doubble barreld & some fuckin' bullets from the shelf
this shit is over
this shit is done
wanna come back 4 mo
next time i'll won't aim 4 yo lung