i did the battle on another forum, and they cant vote or they dickryde. So im posting it here.

AJCz Verse -

im comming back in this zone right outta retirement,
and write my name in this bitchs back like fresh cement,
just so u can learn a lesson and mah name in the hardest possibilty,
cause ya cant even impress a retard kid with ya shitty flow and creativity,
and you've got so many gay dickryders youve gotta have AIDS,
so i guess you are ILL, but im the ace of [email protected],
but i gotta give ya some credit cause u keep on tryin',
and more and more of these disses to you are just multiplying,
if u want em to stop, well u stop talking shit and trash,
cause you've given this forum a infection and its turned into rash,
and why you dissing the dude that telling u the truth, phatchance,
your just jealous that his style and skill is just more advance,
disses all us aussies and showing your nothing but a scribe clone,
just like him, rusted and busted , but im shiny just like silver chrome,
and your structure of rhymes and word are full of deformities,
everything u spit at us is just boring us true emcees,
definetly a shit head like u should be place in emcee solitude,
because someone like me has gotta snap u outta that attitude,
thinking your the shit but your going to a place of no return,
try and compete with this if u dont crash and burn,

MCNeffyNefz Verse -

For an introduction, i step up to the mic with a multiplying assumptions
i'll just stay cunning while your iq remains in productionz
When i responded to the callout i thought i'd battle an eMCee
Little did i know he's a homo with contagious STD's
Wanting to bust in my ass instead listening to ya wack beatz
do you think everyone in the forums are dickriding peeps?
No. Shut up. I thought you had skill but you ain't got none.
silver chrome fuck that, think before u speak, cause your retarded on this form
shit i left AJC at the bottom of the battle board
my subject matters spit raw,strong like this rhyme my shit is hardcore,
this cat will get lyrically beaten
more than i step on a floor board
mimicking the battle between Nef and lil ajc
strong like iron, like this element, he should be retiring
my fighting techniques have you reading verses of me
your rusted and busted incomplete and discrete
i'm about to fuck u up with ya 2 left feet
your the type who makes too much noise but fucking annoys
i'll destroy you, as i deploy words as that don't annoy
time for collateral damage, your the 'mc' that cant manage
i'm creating the type of scenes without no deformities
but i'm not nice, verbal schemes that keep the mind clean
powerfully designed aces that are brighter than the hulks shade of green