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  • Voting 101

    Aight, it seems we got a problem here.
    People not knowing how to vote.
    If you don't know shit about voting...
    Thank god Mr. Urban AKA is here.

    First off, the categories you SHOULD, not have to, but SHOULD be voting on are:

    Punchlines (Punches):
    Multiple Syllables (Multies):
    Overall Enjoyment:

    Things such as Opener, Closer, and stupid shit like that, aren't necessary at all. These are just usin for dickryders who want another category to add so they can get more votes to the person they like more. Openers/Closers all tie in to punchlines and personals and all the things that make up a battle verse.

    Now, I'm going to explain exactly what each is.

    Witty/Creativity line used to insult a person when in battle.
    People need to learn the difference between Punchlines and Disses.
    Disses aren't as creative as punchlines are. Anybody can think of a diss.

    "You fuck wit me, I'll cut your throat."
    "Fuck wit me, and I'll leave ya throat smiling."
    The difference between the to is the fact that the diss is something somebody who just starts out battling can think of. There is nothing spectacular or creative about that. The punchline however is something that you actually have to put some thought into. Here's another example.

    "You're so fat, you can't see your dick."
    "Your so fat and your skills are like ya dick... can't be seen."
    The diss is something an ordinary person would say to somebody. Not only in the punchline are you dissing them about the fact that they are fat, but you are dissing them on the fact that they suck. That makes for an even more better punchline.

    *NOTE* A punchline doesn't hit as hard if the flow isn't on point. Think of it this way. If 2 people say the same punchline, but the other one flows perfectly, and it hits where it needs to hit, which one is going to sound better? My point exactly. Also, if you didn't know, your setup is the line used before a punchline. A punchline hits a lot harder if the setup actually has to do with the punchline that's coming after it. If your setup and punchline are talking about 2 different things, then it won't be as creative as it would be, had you of kept it on topic.


    Personals are used when trying to diss somebody on factual things about themselves.
    If you have a picture of them, use that to your advantage.
    Find different ways to pick apart their name and make a personal about that.
    Look at their sig, their avy, anything that represents them.
    Past conversations, whatever it takes to clown them.

    For example, if someone had an empty sig. You could say something along the lines of:
    "Your skills are non-existant like font in your sig"

    But this is not the best thing in the world. It's ok for a punchline, but it doesn't hit hard. I'll give you another example. If you want to make fun of someones name such as Nebs and incorporate it into a personal AND a punchline, do something like this.
    "And if there was N-E-B-S, it's him and his verse."
    Not only did you clown the shit outta them, but you made a personal turn into a punch, and that's always the most creative lines.

    *NOTE* If you're a newbie to battling and you don't know anything about battling, your best bet would be to do some research on your opponent... look at past posts, look at their sig, look at their avy, talk to them on AIM or MSN, ask people about them. Anything you can dig up, use to your advantage. If you don't have any personals to flip at all, then the only thing you can do, is think of some hot ass punches.


    Multiple Syllables
    When I first start battling, I thought multiple syllables aka multies were all about finding 1 word that rhymes with a whole bunch of other words. WRONG. This is not a multi syllable:

    "I'll hit lips with a brick after I shift sticks wit my dick"
    Or some bullshit like that. That is a sorry attempt at trying to use multies. This is the correct way of a multi:

    "He don't know what the bene-fit-is, I'll finish-this-kid, after I deminish-his-shit, when I leave his lega-ments-ripped."

    This isn't exactly the best multie in the world, but you get the point.

    *NOTE* Multies DO NOT win battles. Regardless of what you heard, multies WILL NOT help you win a battle UNLESS you and your opponent are equally matched with wordplay, flow, punchlines, personals, etc. Multies is an added bonus to a battle verse. If you can't do it, fine. If you can.. even better. But it is not a necessity. Also, do not sacrifice flow to add in some dope multies. Multies is the least important thing in a battle, as I stated before. Anybody can make something rhyme, not everybody can think of a dope punchline.


    Regardless of what you heard, this plays a major role in clowning your opponent.
    If your flow is on point, then your punchlines hit harder.
    I don't know how many times, I have to stress this. But it's true.
    If your flow is off, it'll make it very hard for the reader to find a correct time to make that bar hit hard.
    After they read your setup line (Which is the line before your punchline) they already expect the next line to end in alignment with the setup so that it flows good. For example this does not flow:

    "When I come to your crib, I blast you with all of my hammers and the nines I have.
    Then I leave your whole family laying on the ground with a toe tag and you're laying in your body bag."

    Believe it or not, I have seen bullshit like this on this website. You have to find a way to shorten your bars and make the flow perfect. Now, I will say the same thing I just said, but it will be worded differently, and it will actually flow:

    "you'll die when I shoot the target.
    cuz i'll put you in a bag than a food in a super market."

    I said the exact same thing, I just added a little wit to it. It wasn't the best thing in the world, but it got the job done. Now there is no question as to which one of these bars were the better of the two. So fuck what you heard. FLOW IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT.

    *NOTE* As I said with multies... NEVER sacrifice multies for flow. If it flows dope, it hits hard.

  • #2
    Wordplay isn't really an important part of battling unless you think of some shit never heard of. Or unless it ties in with a punchline and it sounds dope.
    I won't go to into detail with this, because I'm sure you know what this is. But just incase you don't.. here's an example:

    I used this on my upcoming mixtape (Highschool Dropout--- which you should all cop by the way.. heh):
    "bullet holes turn ya breast to a face.
    and the rest of you niqqaz suck like a breast to a face."

    You said the exact same thing, but it meant something totally different. In the 1st line, it said "bullet holes turn ya breast to a face", meaning, you could get shot on your chest and it would look like a face from the bullet holes. And the second one said "the rest of you niqqaz suck like a breast to a face". Referring to what generally happens when someone puts their breast to someones face... it gets sucked. That's wordplay.


    Which opponent made your jaw drop the most?
    Which opponent made you think more?
    Which opponent said some things that were dope and you had never heard them been said before?
    Which opponent had multies incorporated with flow, punchlines, and personals, and made them all sound dope?

    That is the person, you should be voting for. It's all about creativity. If you say something played, and then your opponent says something new and never heard of, who do you think is going to have the better bar? I don't need to use any examples. You people know what Creativity is.


    Consistancy basically means, did they keep spitting hard lines in every bar.
    Did they keep the flow going the same the whole way thru.
    Did everything make sense.
    Did every single punchline hit hard.

    You want to vote for somebodies who consistant. If someone has 1 punchline in their verse, related to somebodies 8 punchlines, who's going to win? Exactly.

    *NOTE* Depending on the situation of the battle, somebody can only have 1 punchline in their verse as related to somebodies 8 and still win. For the simple fact that if that 1 punchline hits harder than ALL of his 8 than he should get the vote. If the rest of his bars were ok, but that 1 punchline stood out like crazy, he should win. As aposed to somebody who has 8 punchlines that are just good, and not as dope as the 1 that the other opponent has.


    Overall Enjoyment
    Who made you laugh the most?
    Could you read along easily?
    Did they make sense?
    Was everything they said dope?
    Was it easy to flow to?

    Things are things to consider when thinking about overall enjoyment. Basically, it's saying... who's shit did you like more.

    Pop Quiz..
    I'm going to give you a situation and tell you who you should vote for.

    Opponent A:
    Had bad flow, dope punchlines, ok personals, a lot of multies, and very little wordplay.

    Opponent B:
    Had almost perfect flow, somewhat good punchlines, a few dope personals, only multies at the end of a bar, and a lot of nice wordplay.

    Who should win? Opponent B of course. If you don't understand. Just let me know.

    That's all you really need to know. If you don't understand anything, just say so here, and i'll be glad to explain. I made this thread outta boredom and the fact that I'm tired of people getting cheated because other voters don't know what the fuck, they are talkin about. Get your shit together.


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