Match me

Bell rings, fists swing, three to one*, lets brawl,
hit pause, drop jaws, lay u out on the flaw**,

Free-stee, like WWE: tryin 2 bout with a fake n>i>g>g>a,
like jigga, 99 probs, but this bitch: I jus won’t consider***.

Delayed word play****, like vamps***** u should have been slayed,
cut u like a switch blade******, dogg u should have been spayed.*******

Denial, like 8mile, drop tha mic like Iraqi missile,
no room to reconcile********, you’re jus a nail, bitch I’m a file.*********

murking ezaby , easy, jus one of ma click’s standard procedures**********
Even if u were jesus***********, goin to heaven is the closest ur blanks will eva reach us************

*the count down to him being launched into space cause NBA are so high in this game, he’ll need 2 get that high to reach us. also three against one, I had 2 write for 3 battles and I asked ezaby fo time, 2 do ma thing, but he thought he could jus get an easy win by pressuring me and making me look scurred…………..

** it was a mistake answering ma call out.

*** hes got weak rhymes and no flow, hence he is of no threat 2 me,

**** I put off the battle with him 2 be the last one, cause it would be the easiest.

***** Vampires jus bite and feed off other people to survive, if u don’t get that then view another battle.

****** Blade, the vampire slayer. I’m like him, killing off vampires (people who bite their rhymes)

******* stop him from fucking around, either way it wouldn’t make a difference cause he shoots blanks with his rhymes already.

don’t even wanna hear his shit or even respect the guy for accepting the call out………

********* Nails disappear when they hit by a file, so this bitch battles me and he’s gonna be ghost for a while………….

********** most of my crew murked him b4, so am sayin its natural for us to do dat.

*********** he’ll need a miracle to murk us hence jesus.

************NBA are in such a high league even if he went to heaven after me killing him his punches wont reach us