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Desert Tree313 v.s. Pawl Derty **!!Votes Needed!!**

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  • Desert Tree313 v.s. Pawl Derty **!!Votes Needed!!**

    Okay....the normal rules....

    No beef/ crew votes
    first to 3 votes is a KO
    First 5 wins...


    {Desert Tree 313's Verse}

    {*Intro Like ĎHail Maryí*}
    Come with MEEE, my impression of Mak-a-veli
    I'm goní kill yíall aní Pawl Der-ty, I'ma make U C
    la la-la la la-la la la-la laa

    Witness Urself gettiní stomped by the troops from Beirut
    Decreasiní Ur health as Ur romped like tha Iraqiís who feud aní loot
    My rhymes R Derty like Pawl that bitch who thinks he can expand U
    Iíll have Ur face imprintiní a wall, legís wide as some faggots ram U
    See Ur racesí extinction as U fall, beg Ďtil U died as they dick cram U
    Thatís jusí a starter, itíll get darker than when Jesus woz crucified
    Like Shawn Carter, Uíll get humiliated like ĎPac did 2 him B4 U died
    Uíve been deprived cuz U canít get none but U want some pussy
    U gotta beg 4 it on Ur knees but itís true, Uíll neva shush me
    Change Ur pic oí B.I.G, he a different level aní I know Uíll mention the 313, fuck it Iím jusí a rebel
    Ya bitch ass donít need a bullet in ya dome, Uíve already been kicked
    Like Hussein but no picture in my home aní the punishment will B moí strict
    This shit iz hard 2 predict, not even Nostradamus couldíve
    But cuz most donít like U I donít think he wouldíve
    U tha only pussy in this place so U goní B fucked
    Fucked up muthafucka cuz we all know U suck
    No luck cuz U gettiní pissed on like the bitches wití R Kelly
    U rush Ur bullshit like Kelly afta she had 1 shit hit wití Nelly
    Iím still dissiní the fuck outta U while U standiní there filled wití rigger-mortis
    U died in the 1st line so Iíma grab the Desert E so I can stop this
    Iím lost so Iím blowiní out Ur traitorous muthafuckiní balls
    U deserve 2 get gunned down unlike ĎPac aní Biggie Smalls
    Load up my Desert Eís, Magís and AR 15ís
    These R a selection oí guns to get rid of siblings
    Iíll leave U mas-sa-cred, murdered aní burniní like The Source
    B4 this Uíll B cas-trat-ed, hurtiní aní observiní death like the Holocaust
    U got less discipline than a free Iraq-i enforcing Anarchy
    Ur still listeniní as much as an olí Iraqi forced upon aní panic-ky
    This Big wannabe from NY, well 4 a minute Iíll let Ur dream come alive
    U B Chris aní Iíll B ĎPac, HIT ĎEM UP muthafucka my shits 2 hot
    Watch U rot cuz I liked U a lot, but how can I respect some1 who rides cock
    U so jealous U greener than fuckiní dolla bills
    U envious, yíall shoulda seen HER as she swallows pills
    Thereís so much shit thatís bitten itís all the same like waves
    U on crunched ships shittiní while giviní brain like slaves
    Iím as sharp as blades like Makaveli this is my Better Dayz
    U donít understand wot I say, Ur lost like in a maze
    This Tree spits so Iíll spit hot shit on Ur open grave
    Ur names beiní pushed aside like the lilí crimes U commit while my names engraved
    U coward shouldnít even reply, dog donít even try
    Like Biggie, bitch U should B ĎReady To Dieí


    {Pawl Derty's Verse}


    Since my birth ~invaded~ da U.S. ~frustrated~ critics ran//
    Now its time to let ~lyrics slam~ like "Flesh Eating Pests" on this "Englishman"//
    Leavin' his face hard to be ~distinguished~ from stabs//
    Wit' his brain surgically ~disected~ in Satan's lab//
    Death is one ~path~ dat suits you perfectly//
    ~Versin' me~ is like ~ergently~ flushin' yo life by hands fo' eternity//
    This bitch is from da U.K. and expects to be a ~platinum~ rapper//
    Dats pro'lly why your ditched, your fate is to be da seconed "Adam Sandler"//
    My bullets turn and twist your fuckin' flesh 'till your jaw ~disconnects~ automatically//
    Leavin' ~masses~ of ~acid~ to ~burn~ ya ~plastic~ face to da ~fullest~, like yeast buildin' ~its nest~ dramatically//
    My words are ~100 %~ ~toxic~, like killer ~pesticides~ on "Desert Trees"//
    I blaze ya like ~thunder bent~, easy to pick which ~sock fits~ and affect it ~like~ a "Terror Flea"//
    You damn right I'm as ~green~ as ~dolla bills~, but not from jelousy//
    But coz your ~queen~ ~holla's at Bill~ to legalize da "homo sex" policy//
    Its "London baby!" about to be ~abandoned~ daily//
    "Hey! you rock 'em Shady!", your pro'lly anotha groupie, wishin' you was Hailie//
    You sit ~back~ tryina ~step in wit' crappy-rap~ construction//
    Dude ~stitch ya trap~, its aparent your as fake as ~Iraq's weapons of mass~ destruction//
    Don't try to ~im-prison me~ coz guess what? I'm "Free Son Free!"//
    So drag yo ass "8-Miles" back to your ~country~, and quit reppin' "Three One Three"//
    If there eva was a seconed ~hell~ it would be America//
    I'll introduce you to ~shells~, 'n spread your blood fasta than da "Cell Replica"//
    Now let me answer da ~question~ in yo sig//
    If I died after da poinson ~ingestion~ I'd wish I'd be followed by a "Desert Tree pig"//


    I am The Exorcist. Thou have bewitched.

  • #2
    damn, damn, damn.
    must say...very tight battle boo's.
    ima have to go wit pawl, yours was short and sweet, with harder hits.
    dessert, yours was tight too, but i couldnt feel tha flow. kept loosin ya, and tryin to find rhymes reading the lines over. wasnt one of ya best, but again - tuff choice and good battle.
    If you on this list...you got knocked thaaaaaaaa fuck out!

    1) Hava Gess ~ 3-0 TKO
    2) mcjq ~ 3-0 TKO (fuckin faggot)
    3) JNR ~ 3-0 TKO
    4) DirrtyJ ~ 3-0 TKO
    5) Full Clip ~ 3-0 TKO
    6)VenniVettiVecci ~ 5-1 KO
    7) DesertTree313 ~ 5-1 KO
    8) bad_boy_rapper ~ 5-2 KO
    9) Thug Grl 23 ~ 5-2 KO
    10) McDean ~ 5-2 KO
    11) Scitils ~ 5-2 KO
    12) YoungGottie ~ TKO

    -- "haha...yall *****s gonna make this alot fun for me."
    - 50 cent




    • #3
      My Vote goes to Desert Tree 313's Verse

      It's simple. Both u cats came hard. But Desert Tree 313's Verse had 1)a more easily flowing rhyme scheme, andmore rhymes. 2) u could feel his anger in every line, whichis perfect for a diss track. 3) i really like how he was consistent on the pac thing, he calle dit hail mary, and mentioned pac throughout. Consistancy rules.

      Aight people, please vote for sniper113\/desolator battle, it's under the "ill ass battle" post
      No beef, peace.
      Snipe's MySpace
      SONY BMG


      • #4

        I am The Exorcist. Thou have bewitched.


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