16 bar blah u know the rest

lets do it

skipper what the fuck are u a kangaroo / stab u to death and then hangyou too / hung drawn and quartered, limbs collapsing / u a mess like when eminem sings not rapping / u a rookie skip, u messing with a master / in my hood messing u get blasted / kaskets coming home with a kangaroo corpse / break through ur house using my hands and brute force / lookin for ur momma to add to my list of rape / leave ur dead, damn that bitch a state / im victorious and i aint battled u already / u cant move in on my space im too heavy / truly deadly, my styles clapping off on contact / to kill unsigned rappers with no contracts / skip u wont be able to reply this b a str8 KO / but lets see what u can make AI YO /