M-LoXTa RaPaGe

Do u really wanna fight me like this/
wait I think I just heard a little hiss//
I think Ill take u on wit a pump shot gun/
the last thing u be doing Is the chicken run//
or maybe even better ill Spray/
using my favorite gun the which is the AK//
but I donít think that will just do/
cause I forgot about ur little crew//
so ill just have 2 use my knife/
to take out ur pathetic little life//
u probably thinking the reason why/
u make me SO mad I donít even say hi//
Its all cause u a little cocky bastared/
what! Do u want me 2-rap faster//
no wait! I donít think I will/
cause ur to dumb watch king of the hill//
the next weapon on my list is the desert eagle/
no itís a waist! u already look like smegle//
u donít kno who smegle is! Itís that thing/
From that movie lord of the rings//
im a crazy little rapper when I snap/
u so scared of me u when I start 2 rap//
im the real thing this here is raw skill/
When u look at me u get these chills//
the only kind u get when u see moe/
cause he so good at rappin like u donít kno//
Ohh Moe is my name but it aint my fame/
M-Loxta is itís the fame but itís also my game//
Im about 2 end this shit right here/
Wit one last shot! man u in so much fear//

RaTe THis FroM 1 to 10. 1 being Real Bad and 10 Being Pro

- MoHaMeD.H -