Diabolic Vs Desolator
ok 10-15 lines
no beef votes
no dr votes
I'll spit first

If you look it up desolate means it's boring
so no wonder when you spit you got half the crowd snoring
the only reason you can rap is cuz of condoms
cuz you try to carry flows but you can't, cuz you drop'em
I the next wave a rapper so unique
I demand respective silence don't speak
this hoe needs a good slap in the mouth
then maybe we'll find out what he's talking about
I'm diabolic, devilish with evil skeems
this guys so gay, he thinks of guys when he dreams
I'm above average, your barely below standard
all your friends are faggots like ross joey and chandler
You suck, this guys a fuckin' clown
your flows are like your mama on my dick, UP and Down
fuck you, aight Dirty D don't Back Down

You spits like an animal, to bad ima cannibal
i rip you up from head to toe, eat your flesh picks up my KO
Desolator it's gonna desolate you, leave you out desserted isolated through
you can't know if i'm gay or not, btw, your biceps look hot
i am a clown that visit you at night, i pop in through your window leavin you in fright
you know you don't like pussy, rather a dick, *i wanna dream about boys, but there i saw a flick!*
diabolic you arn't dirty, you're more like squirty and flirty
goes around with skirt, trying to find a handsome flirt
you are new in this, that's why you can't tolerate a diss
i ain't here for fun, i rather stab you and see how you try to run!
you lay down tryin to reach the gun, some one storms the door,it's your own hun(exp. under)
she aims at me first, but she hates you and want to see you burst
so she aimed at your head, pull the trigger off then you lay dead
*this story ends now, diabolic is dead, but how?*