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I sit back wit dis pen and pape
tryin to create
a masterpiece on a clean slate
my words are hate
incarnAte into a devilish state\
of mind, words of mine, make me remind\
myself, of tha tragities that ive caused
never hesitated or paused\
just did what i did, ta get rid of tha kid
busted his lid just ta make em a skid,
another body layin amongst tha squid
but what did i do, i ran and hid
and forbid\
to do it ever again
prayed for fogivness, and ended, Amen

Got up from my knees, but didn't feel any remorse
but happiness, dat i left ShookBoy as a corpse
used force to do it and in fourths\
4 rounds stuck to his body
tha other two didn't hurt nobody
but i wasn't sorry
i heard his crew was huntin me on safari\
bein a bytch, I stayed inside tha house
didn't face em at all, might as well wear a blouse\
cause i was actin more pussy than a cat
stopped actin like a brat
and got strapped wit my gat
walked outside ready fo combat\
dey wasn't around, but i knew dey was in town
didn't wanna look like a clown so i made a round
around my my town till my niccazs found
me, i told em i made ShookBoy hug tha ground
see, they didn't belive me till dem bytches made a sound\
and just my luck
dey roled up in a truck and stuck out and bucked
we ducked out and ran wearin da old Chucks
my boy got struck, but wasn't fukked
he was aight, when we ran amok\
on dem bytches
now dey all in stitches
some in different figures\