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Tennessee -vs- RealJesusChrist (loser leaves the site)

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  • Tennessee -vs- RealJesusChrist (loser leaves the site)

    5 Votes Win
    3 Votes KO
    No Beef or Crew Votes
    Users must have 300 post to vote
    Gotta explain all votes
    AHHHHHHHH this is gonna be one sick battle
    please dont freepost


    Tenn check your vital signs, cuz im known to idle minds for the entire time//
    spittin the kind of lines that make you stop writing your rhymes to admire mine//
    i pack the pestilence, so show some reverance when dealing with this extreme intelligence//
    or i shall obliverate this embicile with the eloquence of testimonial elegance//
    for you to be willfully skilled and considered this ill requires a little more timin//
    the Intangible gets so High, that i need Air Traffic Control clearance before rhymin//
    there¦s a big difference tryin to go the distance wit an mc who¦s dialect you cant distinguish//
    i relinquish rhetorical gimmicks thats capable of being spitted in 6 different standards of English//
    its utterly ridiculous how i beat bitches in order to see tha sickest of images//
    i¦ll have you evacuating tha premises after u see me ¦snatchin more crowns¦ than any ¦Dentist¦ is//
    i get sick of battlin mcz, cuz they dont know what its like to have a show ripped//
    i¦d rather take my time out battlin a ¦Stand Up urinal¦, cuz i know it¦s taking ¦No Shit¦//
    im stabbin teens and i ravish teams when i brandish guillotines, til their left wit scabbing spleens//
    have you wonderin what my laughin means, cuz im hard to picture like the Amish in sagging jeans//
    if u act rambunctiously my arsonal abundancy will ¦Come Up¦ wit sicker shit than ¦Lil Kim¦s stomach¦ be//
    reluctantly there¦ll be little or no recovery after i suddenly take it upon myself to butcher and bludgeon thee//
    your style is at a low quality state like Mase¦s tapes with all treble and no bass//
    i¦ll go as far as makin a mockery of Harlem World with my dick in Baby Stace¦s face//
    im indestructible, and im not reluctant to hit you in tha eye and walk away wit my fist still stuck in you//
    puncture your clavical all the way thru and reconstruct your mandible after i¦ve smashed it with bamboo//
    you¦re facin an emcee with a 22 feet arm reach to harm geeks thats born to fight weak//
    i come thru blastin, smashin bastards with gap teeth and slitting necks with ice sheets//
    XS has been killin cats and spillin raps before yo ass could even rap//
    way back before guns were ¦splitting domes¦, i was literally ¦peeling caps¦//
    im tha type that dont breath air, but absorbs tha vapor then calculates the data//
    your rhymes are weak natured and has a tendency of getting ¦seen later¦ like ¦screen savers¦//
    this ravenous catalyst has hazardous habits of spitting acid on any pacifist that acts on this//
    insisting to throw nine javelins at this so called rhyme activist, shattering his thorax and hips//
    even the most complex brainery can¦t be in the same vicinity when repressin the pain in me//
    its plain to see how i angrily mame emcees till its only my name you see//
    im forever harassing you with lethal gashes when performing this verbal thrashing//
    lashing out at wackasses with everlasting stances when it comes to herbs im smashing//
    even if Tenn is scared to do shit, im ruthless, elusive, and willing to prove it//
    i¦ll kidnap 'Tenneette' and repeatedly sodomize her with the end of a broom stick//
    humiliating and hurting persons on purpose with diabolical brain excursions//
    causing dire epidermal inertia thats unheard of, then flip it in a different version//
    how much more can you take?, cuz like ¦Crazy Cops¦, you¦ve ¦Lost it Jake¦//
    you¦ll hate how i¦ll ¦Sugar Coat¦ your ¦Dandruff¦ and feed you the ¦Frosted Flakes¦//



    (hold on let me write my verse...and wow honestly...props on that line...i dono why you called me out for loser leaves tha site match...but yo...im force to destroy you!!!!)

    .:The Dynasty:.
    It's Like That Sonny

  • #2
    oh oh oooooh! will Tennesse come up with something better than that? OOOOOHhhh lets see...
    |~ill playah in this rap game...~|

    .: We Have No Responsibility For The Damage We Will Cause! :.

    .: verbal assault :.
    .: Lit :.
    .: forc1fied :.
    .: Zen :.
    .: Casper2003 :.
    .: XLrhymez :.
    .: --> Desolator <-- :.

    Battle Record:
    Wins: (12)
    dirtydiabolic, beastX(KO), G-Unit_DLT(KO), SparxxMC(twice), dino, Tenacity(KO), E.C.A.A.T(KO), bouile(KO), lyikal killa(KO), InSoMnIac(KO), Shadow Killa(V. Close)...

    Loses: (17)

    MCPyro(KO), McFader(KO), sniper113, slim_shadyz(KO, Brick City(KO), jeerze head(KO), Jay'anims, Shadow Killa, ShadyGirl(twice)(2 KO), Implicit(KO), DesertTree313, Capital P(KO), G-Unit_DLT(KO twice), D GreE(KO), BKJ(KO)...

    Respect to:
    TheRealPlatoon, Tennesse, Shadow Killa, sniper113, R-iZZY, dalet2k, lilmagician35, ShadyGirl, SparxxMC, verbal assualt, Capital P, V 9 1 9 V, G-Unit_DLT...

    My Goodbye Thread


    • #3

      I got this man-pushed in an-am-bush to de-cin-i-grate-christ's-brains
      For everlasting pain as my frees-spin-to-create-slices-to-veins

      I'll sprinkle lambs blood over your body so i have something to loose-this-bitch-in
      I'm about to end your holy career before it starts, so i result to more than cru-si-fic-tion

      I'll watch as your mind-de-cap-i-tates as my lines-define the term rhymes of rappin-great
      I'm at a Baptist church smackin-apes, i though you had-the-fate, but your capped and now your back-is-lackin-weight

      As you read-this my verse is feedin on a fetus, as i'm beatin' your weak-ness, until your breathin is sleepin, affecting your readin'
      I sprinkly holy water on this demon as hes screamin' at the screen to redeem his soul as his bodies bleedin'

      Your text-flows will ex-plode to leave your neck-cold, so your iced-veins-flood-sickles
      I'll bring you mis-un-fortune and torcher until christs-drains-and-blood-trickles

      until your mumbles-ripple like crumbled-temples, i'll scribble on script-ures until i rip-yours-to-shreads
      His punches come up to short, thats why when he writes a verse, hes inspired by a pic-ture-of-legs

      You've never seen a stand up urinal, so stop tha shit, we all know you got-to-squate-to-piss
      He got balls for challanging me, so he went ahead and baught-a-cock-to-miss

      I'll rip your ass-in this kat cussin out "asprin", its tha only time he "med-i-cine"
      He gave a blowjob to the 10 prophets, but it aint wut i ment when i said give head-to-Tenn

      I'd have to go through serious ad-vers-ity for your raps-to-hurt-me, it looks like you never planned-to-rhyme
      How you gonna speak in tongues when i just ripped yours out, i guess i can help and hand-you-mine

      With blowed gums and busted stomachs with tums to keep your from turnin dumb just take-two-tab-lets
      I'll speak in forein languages to beat the great one..i dont have to use english to break-you-with-rap-spits/

      i'll make your ass leak and pour till you develope rows of soars from flows that leaves you tore and lacking oxy-gen
      Vocabulary and shit, if you aint got punches, you lack in both departments when i got alot-of-them

      I'll rip 6shots after 6 punches with 6 blows and divide the sum by eleven
      hows this kat droppin text on a net forum. do they have cable connections in heaven ??

      I'll set fire to graveyards so i can watch your body rot-and-drop-wih-in
      I robbed an Indian of his shoes, so you can say that ten-did-moc-ca-sin
      (Moccasin = indian shoes, Mock A Sin)

      You athiest bastard, go back to hell, i just clowned this kat, he got completely whored
      You make tha 2nd dumb emcee to challange me to a loser leave match, so with sincerity, get off my board!!!!

      Last edited by Tennessee; 08-13-2003, 04:46 PM.

      .:The Dynasty:.
      It's Like That Sonny


      • #4
        uppin this ish 4 votes

        .:The Dynasty:.
        It's Like That Sonny


        • #5
          hey yo,umm. i aint gonna front i loved both verses,tenn ya flow was off the hook,jesuse ya flow was tight but not as tight,jesus,you had alil bit better vocab,but not much,but tenneys was alot easier to understand the flow an the opunches he had was off the hook/

          vote tennessee/

          need any more reasons why i picked him let me know


          • #6
            nice...thx 1-0...

            .:The Dynasty:.
            It's Like That Sonny


            • #7
              yo both nice spits but tenn overall better

              so jesus gets my vote (gets free pass to heaven)

              j/k tenn gets my vote

              46-4 (33 KOs)lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll

              " crabs betta than bloods betta get dat out ya head, yea jordan wore blue to but he was a star in red"


              • #8
                lol...2-0 uppin

                .:The Dynasty:.
                It's Like That Sonny


                • #9
                  Please my sons.... dont 'Phallus Love.' Be honest when voting!
                  'I have returned my sons'


                  • #10
                    shut up...2-0 uppin haha

                    .:The Dynasty:.
                    It's Like That Sonny


                    • #11
                      what/??????the fuck does that mean.break it doewn for use jesus


                      • #12
                        i dono...but yo after i get this 3rd and final vote does that mean that both Jesus have to leave...or should i beat the other jesus ??

                        .:The Dynasty:.
                        It's Like That Sonny


                        • #13
                          Do not be fooled my son... it is simply the devil playing a trick on you!
                          Last edited by RealJesusChrist; 04-22-2003, 05:14 PM.
                          'I have returned my sons'


                          • #14
                            hmm okay...NEWAYS...uppin lol

                            .:The Dynasty:.
                            It's Like That Sonny


                            • #15
                              sure what evr jesus


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