k i dont really care if dont come close to uses or not
but i had to do sumthing!

Cap what that about a anti bullet vest, I spray bullets like it a slug fest
Fill your ass with caps Capital, who says Iím gonna shootcha chest
Hit u in the face, send you to outer space, you better slow down coz this aint no race
Donít worry I reserved your place, so I can knock your fuckin ass all over not leaving a trace
I donít play shitty board games so u can be the king o chess, but that all u gonna be a best
U can be your little natural disease see, Iím a fuckin plague ďyou little tease, oh pleaseĒ
Wipe out your entire fan base , with one swipe of the left hand
Nah that wud be doin u a favour now pick your flavour like Banana
I herd u like that group Ramama, there about as bad as your bum boy Gay-z
I love the way you call me black you must be blind, just like your lyrics are lyrically inclined
Yeh Iím a shadow but Iím touch paper u the light, you just made me ignite lil bitch assís time to fight
Whats this shit about a finisher? Am I supposed to be dead?
Damn dawgs get this shit into your heads, you a bunch a pussyís who get shot up by feds
Iím laughin at you coz they leavin you plain dead
I laughed when that plane flew into that tower, shit I was pissin myself when the other hit in less than a half hour
Sorry was that to sour!!?
Dom we on? Come on get your finger out Caps ass
You can rip out my spleen, Iíll have you spoutin sprouts out yo ass so they start callin u farm
Yeh u Mr Clean but I really reckon u Mr Sheen, do u really luv the jobs I hate?
Do u really luv to masturbate when girls are menstruate, shit u about to learn your fate
An u wernt just in that film now were u Mr Bean, that shits years old to Dean
Man u aint got a clue u got gang raped by Barney an crew!
Domino Iím a eat u like a pizza, who u goin fuck u a creature
Flick Dom like he a Domino watch him Iím a make him fall
Outlaw if Iím deceased I shud cease existin, now u listenin?
I donít call 911 read my shit u idiot ďadd fuck headĒ
Iím a rookie true but what r u doin here to?
See rapping donít mean shit to me, but I beat your ass like Lenox did Tyson on T.V
Damn ladies Rapgame puttin u to shame, u shocked looking like u been attached to the mains
Survival of the Fittest in Rap only the strong survive the Game
These bitches is shook face down scared to look, you bout to get cooked an smoked ďtootsĒ
Rapgame is my name, puttin u 3 to shame was my aim
But Iím done I cant be arsed no more cuttin my shit short

Iíve wasted enough time on u 3 like u did me
Coz in the end we both know that neither of our shit means fuck all
Outlaw the 911 thing I live in England I dial 999