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World War 4 - Audio: looking for 3 GUYS who wanna take part - COLLABIN

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  • World War 4 - Audio: looking for 3 GUYS who wanna take part - COLLABIN

    With the beat of WW3, by Ruff Ryders. i got the instrumental, so it wont be no problem. i post the ww3 lyrics to make an idea if u dunno the song

    Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders
    Ryde or Die, Volume 2

    Ahahahahahaha it's the second time around mothafuckas (Yeah...)
    Volume 2, Ryde or Die BEOTCH!
    Gangsta *****, and we gon rock this mothafucka
    You gon see baby
    We the square root of the mother fuckin street
    For sure, baby (double R)
    You cock suckin sons of bitches!!

    State your name gangsta
    Big Snoop Dogg
    Where you representing?
    West Coast
    You gon hold it down?
    Best belive me
    Enough said then ***** (beotch)

    (Snoop Dogg
    Let's make this official
    Shine your boot's and load your pistols
    Pull out your best crondencial, cause this'll
    Be be official, from the fake tissue
    Doggy Dogg and big Swisso
    ***** blow the whistle
    Smoking on some bomb be the second hand smoke will get ya
    Hit ya, and make you all get the picture (big risk)
    When was the last time you see me
    Hosted up, what's hosted up, and sippin on some reeme
    Belive me, it aint easy being dizzy
    With these jealous rap *****s
    And these punk ass breezys
    Man, I couldnt remember what they told me
    When I first came in the gang
    Rock chang, then chains
    Call it what you want it, keep the heat up on the East
    Smoke each till California
    Spinning like a tumor
    Banging on the corner
    Like a sauna
    You best will get fucked up
    Or put this (yea) on ya

    State your name youngsta
    Young One
    Where you representing?
    ATL Shorty
    You gon hold it down?
    Damn right
    Well enough said then
    Ease up, *****

    (Young One
    Shorty pop it out, acting like he got alot
    Wit all that fake, ice on his watch
    Does this ***** wanna get gut?
    Coming to my city with all that hot shit
    And his fake ass clique
    Ima put some men and bust his wigg among some thugged out shit
    You better be strapped boy, how you gonna love that boy?
    Hey boy, ima break your back boy, wit a bat boy
    Where you at boy? Hold up, im cold hearted
    Damn right, im dead retardant
    Ima youngen and down hill bitch im the hardest
    Shoot the hoop, high and talk that shit
    Ima stay low, keep it real and shoulder come up
    But when I bite, dont feel that there
    It's real down here
    Watch your mouth boy, you might get killed down here
    Im a ryde or die *****, I put something your eye *****
    Get beside the setup it's "bye bye *****"
    When it come to glock, cockin and drop popping
    Im the first to hit the block
    And go to war with the cops, fuck *****

    State your name youngsta
    Where you representing?
    My motherfuckin self
    You gon hold it down?
    Goddamn right
    Well enough said then *****

    High ho, Scarface and Dogg put in the streets
    Scaring large
    ***** terrorists with this berreta I pledge in my paw
    Im scaring mothafuckas straight with my gorilla tactics
    Guarantee you my enemys die
    It's a world wide ??? ???
    For all soldiers
    Even you Ruff Ryde Ryde motha roll ova
    It's a sick (pick em up) so down on your knees
    Cause im sick of em
    The disrepecting
    You dont disrepect me *****
    Im the one these *****s call on when it goes ???
    The heart hypnotized after they beatin up the bosses
    Make em an offer that they cant refuse
    They dont comply
    When I walk out, they stank these fools
    I guess these *****s think they cant be moved
    Realizing they dont scare *****s like they think they do
    You fuck with me, I got's to fuck wit you
    World War 3 mothafucka I thought you knew

    State your name youngsta
    Jadakiss *****
    Where you representing?
    East coast dawg
    You gon hold it down?
    Why wouldnt I?
    Well enough said then *****
    Let's go
    Let's go

    If you fucking with the Kiss
    You aint gon breath
    Then only time I lick in they ass
    Is New Years Eve
    Sonny from Bronx Tale
    You cant leave
    Get kissed on your cheek
    Then you meant to die
    Cause when the gun start poppin and my temperature rise
    You know my style, 20 *****s wit 40 cal's
    Nine years ago you were hollerin at Shorty "wow"
    Now im in the rap game, twistin these honeys out
    Never left the crack game
    Still on the money route
    I run through the industry
    Lookin for enemy's
    See yall *****s sound sick and jaded the remedy
    Get shot in your eyes and mouth
    Cant see, cant talk
    When you fucking wit the heart of New York
    And that's foul and then swallow and poll
    And dont fuck wit the feds dawg
    You know I push the proud of the court
    Tongues on my lap
    Got the East coast on my back

    How many times must I tell you motherfuckers
    We in the indrustry *****s
    We in the streets *****s
    Ruff Ryders for ever
    Oh yea!
    Now what!

    Ryde or Die, you talk it, we live it, East Coast
    So Ryde or Die, you want it, we give it, West Coast
    So Ryde or Die, you start it, we end it, Ghetto South
    So Ryde or Die, you talk it, we live it, Midwest
    So Ryde or Die, you want it, we give it, Ruff Ryders
    So Ryde or Die, you start it, we end it, BEOTCH!

    Ahahahaha Ruff Ryders
    Double R mothafuckers
    Ruff Ryders

    if ur interested take my msn [email protected] if u dont got msn send a private message n ill respond u bak 3;-)3

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