Too much hate on the streets, too many politicians lying. This is my take on the One Mic track explaining how i feel. Samples in the beginning are from Kidulthood.

Check it if you're bored, it's on my Soundclick page, top song

Lyrics -

All I need is one mic, one mic, known to just kill mics
Grab the damn mic and I say what I feel like
Feels like now, its my time again
Get my lines down first, so I grab the pen
See the fakers run game, but inside they doubt
Full of hate and self doubt, so they run their mouth
Bottles smash, outside and they met their match
Haters won't get far when they're acting rash
This is real, bust mics while I chase the deal
Wanna pop steel? Nah, coz I keep it real
Killings out on the street now who's to blame
Politicans all lie, while they naming names
Fearing death, coz they ain't hear that, they deaf
They ignore all the facts, till there ain't none left
They ignore the stress and they ignore the test
While fam and friends grieve, set their kids to rest