kind of fucked up to see your boy get decapitated/
and now im laughing cause your crew is devastated/
shortly before the fight he knew he should have skated/
but stupidity sank in thick while he stood and waited/
irritated just because his whip will never be navigated/
so there he stayed shaking waiting to get obliterated/
look in his eyes showed he never been hated or degraded/
after i that i told him that my knife was serrated/
he tried to call my bluff then he got double bladed/
obvious ur flow is out of style and looks sorta faded/
id teach you my style but it can't be demonstrated/
even though most of these rappers are way overrated/
i stay kicking this shit even though im underrated/
cause i know im the best and it can never be debated/
im tha pimp cause i fucked every single girl he dated/

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