in a world where everyone's smilin
as soon as they here the signal they'll start firing
all at once
let's hope i get out of this trunk
before the first domino hits the next one
i got nothin
i'm strapped
i try to get back
to where safe is at
they're all around
let's pray that the signal doesn't go off
we win the frist round
why is someone playing this game
with the human race
am i the only one that's getting chased
i feel so disgraced
how did i end up in this place
i know they're helpin me now
but when they act like they are hypnotized
i'll have to hide my face
i really think it's the evil genius
that's trying to destroy my race
it's like he's passing from one body
to the next to try to
blow up my face
and when his spirit
passes to one that's
right near me
please God
safe me from fate
it's inevitable ya'll
i feel him comin
it's like a nightmare
i'm so scared
i'm under a mountain
of people chasticing me
and provoking me all day
i don't want to die
i gotta get out
please God make a way
they think what they doin is
like Eminem song
there dead wrong
it's not supposed to happed this way
it's just not
I'm not gonna die with these
i'm just not
when they get their signal
i'll be spirited away
maybe i'll turn into a samurai
and be a warrior
like no other
thats impossible
i was supposed to be a mother
and have a nice life
not be the wife
of this life
that's gonna make me die
sooner than tonight,
i'm tellin you hopefully
the buttons buried
in a cemetery
somewhere deep
long as they don't hear that signal
i;ll be able to be Free!