people want me to bring it so im gonna give it so you can hear it/
people want me to sing it so im gonna live it so you can fear it/
i guess theres a million things yall want me to do but forget it/
cause i know if i make fun of you fake cats that imma regret it/
thats it i said it no other thing to mention so i wont sweat it/
but ill help this board by droppin spits that dont upset it/
it seems to get darker as my mind changes like magic markers/
i aint no barker but ill sell one just as well to prove im smarter/
enough of the stuff i write im here to delight words that kome into sight/
but shit seems to get to bright and my hands seem to get tired wen i type/
its kind of a mission whether im catholic or christian to stay with god with no recognition/
im in position to legally put rappers into submission for tryin to step up to my demolition/
skippin through all that im spitten not realizen all the hot shit they be missin/
its kinda funny when this happens and no ones clappen/
its like the mic dont work cause i kant hear the tappen people are nappen/
someone must of pulled the chord cause i kant hear my voice no more/
without my voice who will soar through everythin like i did before/
.................................................. ...........................ah ha got the shit back in/
time to show you what yall been slack~in is my skills which yall are lack~in/
so fuck it im out with this crazyness wanna get out this chair of lazyness/
its not my fault i grew up like this its god's because he made me this/
but i love god and i respect everythin he did for me with no regrets/
yall kan keep haten on me but ill still be here for as long as it gets......

im still sick people kan sumone find me a cure 1o1