yo, this is a verse from one a my songs. i aint been on in a few months but anyway,

i want all-a-the-children ta stop talkin-an-listen
now flip a cop off an cop a squat-in-ur-kitchen/
this is for every-teen sellin-weed, wit a
melody-in-their-head, an seventy felonies-in-a-pen/
for those-who's-confused an dont know-wat-ta-do
sik a gettin told-wat-ta-do by people older-than-you/
sik a gettin knocked-down an bossed-around
do the same_as_me claim a fukin bag_a_weed
from the lost-an-found/
stop-an-shout, "im droppin-out", then walk-about wit
a leg_draggin, plagued,_braggin bout cotton-mouth/
an when told ta watch-ur-mouth, throw a piece a
hard-plastic at_the_bitch, an a sarcastic remark-after_it/
swallow-tabs then call-a-cab...ta take ya ta harvard an start flippin off all a the college-grads/
an thats the key-ta-success, other than that jus make sure when u sleepin-in-bed an have dreams u keepin-em-wet/

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