Listen here im gonna start with the basics/
im kickin the illest flow from my head down to my asics/
Im gonna rap fast and get straight to the point/
so you can vote quick and start to appoint/
Dan the rap president/
but you askin me whats the fuckin relevence/
well im the rapper with rhymes up in my chamber/
im shootin them at you leavin no remainder/
and if u fuk with me ill leave yer body in the ocean/
add you up then divide bitch leavin no fukin queotient/
so put down yer lotion and listen to me/
my raps like moses when im splittin the sea/
And Im Dan G, the most influential rapper/
turnin MC's off as if he was the clapper/
im the lyrical cruxifiction/
so check out what im fixin/
cookin up a word dinner for MC's special pickin/
and thats all im kickin, the fanciest of the rhymes/
im gettin in yer head, messin wit all yer minds/
infectin yer insides like a disease called lime/
and thats what i do with this style called mine/